2012 Ascension Journey: Into the Fifth Dimension

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We can simultaneously participate in all dimensions as we make this shift together. This is why is is so important during this time to connect to our communities of light all over the world to stay connected to high vibrational energies that will allow us to transition through these dimensions with ease and grace. In this place you live in a moment by moment awareness of the bliss and Eden that exist already here on Earth. As we transition into the next dimension of living we are less and less connected to who we were in our old realities, but are not yet fully grounded in the new.

Ascension is not something that happens overnight. Although you can have a powerful experience overnight that can catapult you into awareness of the next dimension, ascension occurs over the course of your lifetime and never stops as you pass through this life into your next. We each hold our own ability to ascend into the New Earth at a time that is right for us. Ascension into the New Earth is both the rising to a higher level of consciousness and a process that involves the death of many different aspects of your life and the resurrection of your highest self.

Ascension occurs in an infinite number of layers, you can be ascending into a new relationship, into a new career, into a new perspective or way of seeing your current world, or into new physical surroundings. These times are often disorienting. You can feel out of it and disconnected. You may find yourself disconnecting in your physical life to things that you once took comfort in.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

You may find yourself angry or very irritated at conditions and behaviors that you previously accepted. These are all symptoms of being in this gap in between dimensions. This gap is one that takes time and energy to cross, but your journey through it is an experience like no other. If approached with open-hearted curiosity, it can be a time full of excitement and hope, exhilarating as you surrender at each twist and turn, trusting in the magnetic pull of spirit to guide you through to the other side.

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The New Earth is a place that you can imagine as a lighter and better feeling place than where you are right now. This place will feel more like love and less like fear. It is a place to which we are all headed, and what the Mayans and other famous prophets described as the end of the world as they knew it.

Nostradamus described an explosion of energy taking place at precisely this moment in time. As the fear is slowly released over time we begin to vibrate into higher and higher dimensions of living, and through a combination of our own focused intention and the natural tendency of our beings, we will naturally move into lives that are more filled with a love for ourselves and all others beings on this planet. Here are the strategies that my spiritual guides have shared and continue to share with me. I feel that living in full awareness of the bliss of existence on Earth will occur collectively over lifetimes.

The primary shift that needs to occur in order to fully let go of all that is no longer serving you is to release two central beliefs. The first belief to surrender is that gaining recognition, status and external things will bring happiness. The second belief to surrender is that you are less than a perfect and innocent creation of God. These thoughts are part of the old structures that are no longer serving humanity as a whole.

When you seek love, status, recognition within a job, or thanks and appreciation in order to feel good, it puts you in a place of seeking your happiness in the outside world. When you seek for life to provide for you on the outside, you will always be left seeking. Any discomfort or struggle you experience will most likely be tied to holding thoughts connected to the 3rd dimension.

As you release a need to seek anything in life on the outside, you will naturally move inward, where the true love, riches and reputation lie. A deep relationship to God is cultivated through religion, spiritual practice, and solitude in nature. A deep relationship with God will guide you through every relationship in life, everyone and everything else is secondary. This love is so great and is embodied by so many different parts of your life, it can be overwhelming once you first start to really pay attention to it.

When your goal is to move into alignment with your highest self and gain a deep sense of self-love, all else in life will come from this place with ease. Living this way is a lighter feeling, a higher feeling, a feeling that we can seek to cultivate in our own hearts. Residing in these high vibrational energies for longer periods of time will allow us to more fully come into connection with the highest parts of ourselves.

This process is one that we will be observing over our entire lifetime, patience with ourselves and all others as we move through this process is of the utmost importance. Trying to know everything and control your surroundings are strategies that calm the fearful mind. As we move into higher vibrational realities it will become much easier to stay in a state of appreciation for the present moment. As we begin to manifest at faster frequencies in these higher dimensions, the fruits of our labor are coming to us in less time than any that have come before us have experienced.

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This is truly a magical time in history, when we can disconnect from the fear that dictates much of societal structures today, we can more easily allow our own actions to be guided by love and not fear. This is a gradual process and not one we should expect to achieve overnight or to judge anyone else for. The greatest challenge and reward of these times is to open ourselves up to the truth of who we are and what we are here to do. The void is a time to till the soil, fertilize it and to plant the seeds for the first harvest.

It is a time that will require patience and grace as the unexpected forces of universal love pulls the rug out from underneath our feet, only to be replaced by something far greater, far richer, a far more beautiful life to live. The crises that arise in our life are being reflected in our earth right now. Each crises brings with it an opportunity to make a new choice, one more grounded in self-love, integrity and a sincere desire to achieve the greatest good for all people that are in our lives. As we move through this dimensional experience, we will always have security in this world if we can find a deep love for ourselves.

Practice seeing deeply into the life of another and choosing to focus only on the love that is present for we are all reflections of one another, and the country and world we live in today are filled with an infinite number of reflexive connections. As the world shifts into higher and higher dimensional frequencies it can no longer hold the lower vibrating frequencies of fear as they now exist.

The future as it has been predicted is here, we can choose to fight it, or we can choose to surrender and help each other along the way. Ascension comes with many conflicting energies. So many things are up in the air. You can see the glimpse of some great opportunity ahead.

You have changed so much, you have had time to find a newer center, one filled with a little more harmony and balance. This is a time of shifting. In my question to the extraterrestrials of what I should do in order to enter in the fifth dimension, the answer was to continue doing what I am already doing. When finally I asked them again what I am already doing today, they gave the following symbolic vision.

I was on the one side of a big precipice in the third dimension, while on the opposite side of the precipice, I watched the feast of the fifth dimension, and there I could also see another part of myself. Then I saw a huge ice bridge to be formed bridging the gap of the precipice, with soft snow on its surface, where I started walking together with many other people, directed to the side of the fifth dimension. Then two ethereal flying creatures approached me, taking each a big ball of snow that spread it above me, and the snow fell upon my body as golden rain.

Then my skin began to shine and I began to fly towards the other side, also taking balls of snow and spreading them above the people around me, which they also shone and followed me towards the fifth dimension. NOTE: The chapter about the problems of Greece until has been transferred due to its volume, from this position that previously was, to a separate new page II.

From what the extraterrestrials told me, Greece, Israel and the Philippines are the three countries with the people with the lower vibrations in Earth, and for this reason they send them continuously energy in order to increase their vibrations, so that they can enter easily as well the fifth dimension. Even a ''master'' from Peru that visited Athens said that Athens is one of the cities with the lowest vibration, so he came to raise it in order to remove this large difference with other cities.

Please note that Greeks are very resistant to accept these new ideas and to take off the blinders they wear. Therefore while I am a member of several foreign internet communities dealing with the fifth dimension, I considered pointless with very few exceptions to sign in the corresponding Greek internet communities, because I thought I would lose my time in vain.

Nevertheless I believe the Greek people, that sometimes in difficult moments can achieve miracles, should finally wake up and do something to address the upcoming whirlwind, by assisting the Earth Allies when they will intervene, regardless of when the full assistance of the extraterrestrials will come. The danger of not being informed, is compensated by the fact that if there is something I need to know, somebody informs me about it in time.

Equally great damage i. However the damage with the low vibrations and the promotion of the ''noble'' principles of ''hate'' and ''revenge against our enemies'' has already occurred, over several months or even years. So let's not rash to exaggerate with punishment and revenge, and let us bear in mind and what the Christian religion suggests. Also, thing that I have started long ago , I systematically avoid any personal contact with public services, banks, Inland Revenues, assemblies, etc, by sending to them individuals to representing me, giving them the necessary authorisations.

Finally, while some time ago I was a very social individual giving parties and receptions, now I have limited my contacts mainly to telephone communication, while my everyday interactions are limited to individuals which, independently education and social or economic level, have a positive aura that gives me positive sentiments.

Anyway something that comforts me and fills me with patience and optimism, and I believe that it will comfort and those who believe, even as a probability, that we will pass soon to the fifth dimension , is the fact that in the fifth dimension each of us will take the place he deserves. Then their subconscious will lead them to leave i.

Even the Pleiadians have provided of a place in their own world, for the ''undecided'' who have not taken the final decision whether or not they want to enter the fifth dimension and these are mainly the powerful people on Earth, Illuminati etc. If however they will insist to live in the third dimension, will be transferred according to the universal law of free will in another solar system of the galaxy, that remains three-dimensional, to take their chances there.

THE N. Here it is worthily to mention an agreement between the extraterrestrials and important governments especially the U. When in a peace agreement was signed between the forces of Light Galactic Confederation and of darkness Saurian, Anunnaki, Gray, etc , and the Anunnaki left, mandated to their earth collaborators Illuminati, etc.

The very few Greys that remain are those working in secret projects of certain governments. However, most of the Illuminati did not obey because they do not wand losing their privileges. Therefore the ''good'' extraterrestrials pressed them, by various means not always legal , and through them pressed the basic key governments to which the extraterrestrials had previously given significant technology , to sign the NESARA agreement in for USA and until for the other key governments , which agreement the governments did not revealed.

To delay the implementation of the agreement the Illuminati secured in with fraud elections the government they wanted in order to create in with the help of the CIA the new Pearl Harbour, that is the attack to the two towers in N. D , just before the implementation of the Agreement. But now the time is ripe for the gradual implementation of the agreement which contains, inter alia, the following six key points:.

Even a significant proportion of existing wealth and income in the meantime, will be available for humanitarian purposes in order to meet adequately the needs of all citizens of the planet. In the mean time there are additional more detailed agreements signed, that create a complete legal background defining the relations between citizens including entities such as companies, corporations, organisations, etc , the relations between citizens and state, and the organization and functioning of the state.

These agreements are awaiting the right time to be announced, and start urgent implementation. In order to enable a smooth and complete implementation of the agreement, will be essential to disclose the hidden technology that major governments have about the free clean energy, the propulsion of vehicles overtaking gravity, about food, about health etc. Many of these governments received these technologies from the extraterrestrials and keep them confidential, with the excuse of the state security, but in reality because of the interest the dark forces Illouminati, oil companies, etc.

The agreement, as I learned recently May from the extraterrestrials, will now start according to the most probable scenario from the official announcements of some governments which will take place possibly in , admitting that the extraterrestrials are here, are benevolent and friendly, have given us technology and are trying to help the planet. These announcements will be supported by the massive and for long time explicit appearance of their spacecrafts, which will follow the announcements.

In addition in my question whether President Obama will participate in the upcoming changes, the answer was that he will announce his resignation and he will depart. The benefits of NESARA have become a part of the general changes, and embodied in the plan that we are working to now. Debt has been deliberately forced upon poor countries as a means of control, and taking their assets in the form of oil and other precious commodities. In a similar way Man himself has been subjected to laws that have often been illegal, and have ensured that he is only able to live with financial help.

Thus both the countries and their populations have been kept in debt. Therefore steps are in place to reverse that situation, once your existing governments are replaced. It has only been through the decimation of the Laws of your Constitution that it has happened in the U. However, the financial controls and problems arising from them have permeated most of the world, and that must change to bring about a fair and just distribution of wealth.

Hunger and lack of adequate water facilities have caused much misery and death amongst them. Their quality of life is artificially kept low, as there are sufficient resources upon Earth to ensure everyone has a decent standard of living. Before the end time there must be upliftment all round, and a bringing together of all people so that they become as One. You are already souls of equal status having come from the Source, and you all deserve to share a happy life where lack has been eradicated.

As Ones with the capacity to be all loving, would you really have it apply differently to your other brothers and sisters? We believe that you are recognizing your Divinity and see life differently to what it was previously, and can see beyond the outer physicality. As you are working towards Unconditional Love to become a Christed One, it is never too early to put yourself to the test. It starts with compassion and the ability to be non-judgmental. Such experiences are not a stain upon your character that remains forever, and the opportunity is given to everyone to make them good.

There is no such thing as condemnation that damns you forever, and if God can forgive you is it not for Man to follow suit? Our individual energies and the energy of planet have direct interdependence and influence considerably one another. With regard to in the energy of Earth her magnetic field is undergoing an accelerating change lately reduction of his intensity , that will reach its peak in Also the frequency of the pulses of the vibrations of Earth increases from the 7.

This makes the more sensitive of us to feel that the time is accelerated and that the day is shorter, while it creates the sense that something important is going to happen. The researchers asked a relatively small group of citizens in each city it was proved that the critical mass for the system to work was less than 0. Then they realised that during this period the crimes, the robberies, the clashes, even the accidents, in these cities were decreased considerably, while when the experiment finished they gradually came back in their previous levels.

A similar experiment, but to a larger scale, took place in the beginning of eighties in the Middle East during the war between Lebanese and Israeli, referring to violence and terrorism there, with the same as above results. Thus for Greece of 12 million people takes less than The experiment shows the tumour in its original condition, while next to it the supersonic scan shows its size within three minutes only to diminish and the tumour finally to disappear.

D5 , since a small presentence of people properly placed in the planet, using their feelings are able to influence the entire planet, and help all the people to face the interim period and to enter the fifth dimension. Therefore, it would be of most importance the creation of such groups of persons in all the nations and places of Earth, where a few hundreds of such persons would be enough in order to influence positively cities of hundreds of thousands residents.

Naturally the more they are the better the results. Thus the persons of these groups, cut from what really happens around them, as this is presented by television and the other media, that like to focus, search and present the worse that happens around us , they should, as in the previous two experiments, to feel that they live in an ideal world, where both within themselves, and around them prevail the feelings of love, peace, compassion, health, joy, abundance, etc, which I think would be the easiest although indirect way to deal with the transitional period until I added the previous paragraph mainly in order to persuade my unbelieving technocrat friends while those dealing with metaphysics already know the above , for the effectiveness of the method I propose hear, to help ourselves and the Earth in the smooth passage to the fifth dimension.

In this effort, instead of been alone, I recently signed up free of charge to 62 internet communities ning and others , that have now in total more than 2. D7 , will be also valid in general and for us. These are the following:. D2 , which are people usually incarnating on other planets and now they have chosen to be incarnated on Earth in order to help with our ascension to the fifth dimension, and afterwards, they will transfer their experiences about Earth to their home planets.

This category also includes those Star Seeds that have recognised their mission. They are the ones that, at the appropriate time, will put pressure on the governments to reveal the existence of extraterrestrials, their benevolent intentions for Earth, and the technology they have provided, while they will take part in the NESARA treaty, which I analysed previously, and in the caretaker governments, which will arise.

They comprise, in other words, the attack squad for the overthrowing of the dark forces, which oppress us, and this is the squad all of us should assist so that the overthrowing takes place as swiftly as possible, without causing extra pain. Note here that the extraterrestrials consider as a prerequisite, if everything goes smoothly , the commencement of the enforcement of the NESARA treaty before they land and provide us with their help in an ordinate manner without scaring those of us who will not be informed, unless of course force majeure such as long delays enforced, or crucial dangers for the planet makes them to intervene immediately, regardless of the above-mentioned prerequisites.

D , thus creating the human race on Earth. These extraterrestrials have come today in billions, following the decree of the Divine Hierarchy, to help Earth and our entire solar system, in general to enter successfully the fifth dimension, in They are in their spacecraft around the Earth and around the Sun and in the bases they have in Hollow Earth see page II. D7 , the Moon, Mars, planet Uranus, etc. Noteworthy that since we become fifth dimensional, there are many constellations in their galaxies, who would like to know how we managed to do it, in order them to follow our example, under the instructions that will give them, we the earthlings, which we will then play the role of their teachers.

The steps taken after the landing of their spacecrafts and the assistance they will provide us with in our transition, are discussed in detail on the next page II. It is worth mentioning that certain extraterrestrials have been among us for years, without us being able to tell them apart from our fellow humans, in order either to collaborate with and guide their Earth Allies, or as scientists on various research projects mostly governmental , helping and solving the problems of earth research scientists.

D7 , and have already entered the fifth dimension and they consider us to be their brothers, some of them, indeed, come from the outer surface, like Lemuria etc. They isolated themselves from the outer surface in order to avoid the wars and turmoil that were taking place there, while they wait for us to enter the fifth dimension so that we can be reunited in a global nation the Earthlings.

Some of them wander among us incognito, transferring information and collaborating with the Earth Allies. D2 and II. Such Beings are e. Saint Germaine, Hilarion , Serapis Bey , etc. D , as well as angels carriers of the divine will who will help each one of us. All six categories the first three of which are made by us, the Earthlings , will have to cooperate harmonically and effectively towards the fulfilment of the divine decree, that is for the Earth with the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants to pass successfully the fifth dimension, which is something that has been set for and cannot be further delayed, nor there is a risk of failure.

Our mission also entails to inform and persuade as many people as possible about the imminent events, so that they are prepared. Another matter of utmost importance is the increase in the number of the Light Workers, so that it reaches a satisfactory level critical mass , in order to achieve the rapid acceleration of the developments. Finally, I asked Gabriel an extraterrestrial from planet Altone of Andromeda, who is with his spacecraft here on Earth to help us, and we communicate through his sister on Earth Sharon Sara , see my page II.

D10 , in order to verify whether the above article includes all the categories of our allies, and the answer I received on I would like to add that things are progressing very rapidly as events are moving much quicker then we thought they would. The Earth is intent on making its shifts faster then we had calculated. It is funny that no one earthling or extraterrestrial like myself can fore see just what mother earth is going to do. She has her own time table and no one is going to slow it or make it go faster. We believe that man by his mishandling of mother earth or Gaia, has effected the changes that are happening right now.

Mankind has been anything but kind to her. It's funny watching your scientists with their calculators and expensive equipment to try and figure out the next move, or say that all this is just a flack and it will pass, that people are making to much of these things. They will be the ones saying "Oh my God, how did i get this so wrong". This year is the year that everything changes, the way people think and the conclusions they draw, this is going to make it so much easier for us to appear and be of service, so we can get going with the work that needs to be done before things really start to change.

Your article will help many people understand what is going on and who the ones are that are here to help. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your Friend Always Gabriel. Hold your head high as it is almost over. In addition I asked Gabriel to verify what many people have asked me, whether, when we will be fifth dimensional, we will be able to communicate with the people that are dead especially relatives and feints , and the answer was: Absolutely, what would hold you back.

You will be able to go and see them and they will be able to come and see you. Don't think for a minute they already haven't come and visited you they look forward to your being able to see where they have gone as they are proud of their home on the other side. Here I stop this elementary tour in my unusual and incredible experiences. These people know what is going to happen and try desperately but without success to delay our passage to the fifth dimension, keeping with our fear and our anger our vibrations low , so that they do not lose the preferential positions they possess.

Among these actions are the sprays they are pouring upon us with various chemicals in order to influence our health, our psychology and to control us. The epidemics they create from time to time and the killing vaccines that follow see my page II. The lows that prevent the use of alternative medicine homeopathy etc , the use of vitamins and food supplements, in favour of the Big Pharmaceuticals. The local wars and conflicts they provoke, together with supposed terrorist actions and physical destructions, in order to intervene with their army where they have their interests, as well as in order to pass lows that gradually limit the freedom and the human rights of the people.

The dirty games with the economy in order to collect all the wealth and leave the masses in poverty. Finally the hidden truth about various events connected with the cover up about extraterrestrials like e. For the latter I have to say that the flights were made possible only with the help of the extraterrestrials, and especially with regard to protection from the lethal radiation from which the vessel passes to reach the Moon.

Even as the flight of Apollo 13 carried a plutonium atomic bomb, the extraterrestrials considering it unacceptable blocked the systems of the vessel and led the surviving capsule with the astronauts to one orbit around the Moon, and then brought it back to Earth by opening by telekinesis the parachutes for the falling in the ocean.

Later they banned any manned flight to the Moon, and that is why the Apollo program stopped a little later. Still I am ready to add much more of my experiences, when the criteria I have put, such as e. In this case, it will deserve my time and effort to deal deeper with it and write entire books, so that the people who read them will be prepared to make more easily and painlessly this big jump of humanity, which we hope that will soon happen.

Finally I would like to kindly ask from the visitors of my site that might have similar experiences with astral travels, or contacts with extraterrestrials, or curious changes in the energies that are surrounding us, etc, to contact me and many have done it in Greece and abroad in order to exchange and cross check our experiences. This fact may lead to certain useful conclusions, and I thank them in advance for their response.

I thank you all in advance for your effort. Even to show a favourable effect on the optimism created by this e-mail to the majority of people who receive it and have the patience to read it bearing in mind that dew to the nature of it, there will be many who will ignore or reject it , I quote a recent 3. Koemtzopoulos good morning. I wanted very simply and humanly to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the good that you did to me with this e-mail I have received, and I read your site every day since then, simply because, quite simply, you have put an order in my mind for all the things I was thinking and bothered me, and just I could not understand.

Let God always give you the strength and love that so generously you offer to others. I hope and believe that all will be well for all of us. Thank you again. With love. I elaborated on the great abilities we will have as fifth dimensional beings, etc. Perhaps that is the reason they decided not to air my interview. For all interested to read the interview which I already announced by e - mail to several people. I hereby present it with this e-mail. I recorded the interview separately, because as I told the crew I predicted a lot of editing, omitting the crucial points, as they did with my previous interview.

Furthermore, the reporter who accompanied the crew, was kind enough to record the interview on paper for the most part and e-mail it to me. You can also read it completed, on my website www. D2 in said site. Note that in my page II. D1 , I will enrich the text of my interview with additions at times things that were not recorded , which will give further clarifications and will answer the questions which I will be receiving. Another previous interview I gave to the same TV channel, from my home, focused on the dangers to our health from the H1N1 vaccine, which was promoted by the dark forces, in order to attack our immune system and keep us dependant on the big Pharma products which are a means of control.

So, I was forced to hire a company who sent D9 to doctors etc, with specifics I gave for the vaccine, so that -with the team effort of hundreds of my compatriots who acted accordingly- the population would be protected from the vaccination, thus limiting the harmful substance to D9 in my site www. In the Winter of , another wave of vaccinations followed, and with a misleading change of the label, the swine flu vaccines appear as seasonal, with the result that thousands of individuals, and in particular children, take the deadly vaccine, thus weakening their immunity system for the remainder of their life, for the profit of the pharmaceutical companies, while afterwards the vaccinations in the end of started the swine flu in the beginning of I do not believe!

Therefore I mention a part of the many emails and publications that circulate. They Planted the virus in thousands Greeks. We became the guinea-pigs of the Pharmaceutical industries. They hide from us elements. When did begin the expansion of the new flu? Last year, but also this year, with the massive vaccination!

They made us guinea-pigs without our will! From 1. Finally, the Ministry of Education recently released the disreputable circular despite last year's fiasco internationally , returning indirectly to the vaccine now rotting in warehouses , forcing a child in order to enrol in the school, to present the health card, or instead of it, a medical certificate that is contraindicated, for medical reasons, this child to be vaccinated.

Also , governments and multinationals manipulate the media by the commercial choices they make, especially those media that have financial problems , while the larger media belong already to the representatives of the dark forces, so that they control them. Finally, as a culmination of shame of censorship is the arbitrary silence on the eve of municipal elections, the television channel "Contra Channel", because those that it was revealing disturbed the status quo and because it speaks against the memorandum with IMF International Monetary Fund.

Thus prevented the channel to present news and reviews, created interference in the broadcasting and imposed fines, which angered the numerous listeners, the people in journalism and the political parties opposed to the moratorium. And the story continues with Cyprus on There in a spirit of pessimism and catastrophe of the previous speakers, when I said that things will be evolved very optimistically, speaking openly for the existence of extraterrestrials, they started questions for how I received such information that reminds scenario of scientific imagination.

When I finally began to say something about , they interrupted me asking if Greece will pay back her debt, and if the Turks will leave Cyprus, etc, and they suddenly closed the telephone connection saying that they will come back. Next day when they telephoned to me and I was waiting to speak in the TV, the line was closed before to start speaking and they justified it later that there was a problem in their telephone centre. This is a clear gagging of somebody that opposes the dissemination of fear, that the dark forces of the elite attempt in order to dominated us, and they insist in the coverage of the existence of extraterrestrials which are the only entities that are afraid of.

Next day I asked the Andromedians about the incident, and they said that the channel is controlled by the Archbishop of Cyprus that does not wish such subjects to be disclosed. Having completed this unpleasant introduction, I will now continue with the very pleasant messages, as they are presented in my interview below, regarding , which will inspire us with courage and optimism in this difficult time we are going through globally.

University of Athens. Koemtzopoulos , what can we expect in ? The great disaster, the end of the world, or the evolution, the joy and the uplifting? D1 which includes my interview with all new clarifications. This change occurs because the Divine Hierarchy commands it, and that is why it is supported by about 50 constellations in our galaxy, which were assigned to help with this transition, and the Sirians are heading this as they are the ones who mainly colonized the surface of the Earth in order to form the human species in Lemuria.

Note that these constellations belong the Galactic Federation of Light, which includes approximately So what will happen on planet Earth exactly? However, they keep the greater part of this technology for themselves, as that would damage the interests of the oil companies etc and generally of the dark forces, on the preface of national security reasons. The extraterrestrials were visiting Earth also long earlier, as evidenced by the huge spacecraft discovered intact in Antarctica under the melted ice in , by a Russian satellite.

When the Russians visited it, they found by the samples of ice that the spacecraft had come 24, years ago. The key-members of these organizations, are chosen and steered according to their interests. Noteworthy e. Note that the total remaining debt to repay for the countries who took loans, with the compounded interest which became enormous due to the high fluctuating interest rates, is now more than the double of the initial borrowed amount, and the lenders prefer, instead of the pay off of the debts, to perpetuate the situation and enjoy the high interests.

They look very much like us, in fact some of them are from Lemuria or Mou , and they went there, before the sinking of the continent which existed in the Pacific, long ago. They created the city of Telos under Mount Shasta of California which is a high energy point. The Americans and other inhabitants of this planet, are having ceremonies every year at that mountain. Some of these people are visiting us at times, and living among us, without us realizing it, so as they are informed of what is happening, they will be ready to help us when the time comes.

The hollow planets were created by spinning air masses of high temperatures, which were extracted from their suns and by gravity and centrifugal force created, when became colder, a solid crust with large caverns inside it, and with openings at the two poles of rotation, as well as a large central ''sun'' which collected the heavier materials.

The population of the Hollow Earth, is about one billion, plus many millions extraterrestrials who have their bases there, with spacecrafts, laboratories, houses, etc. D7 in my site. Finally, many changes will occur and this surface will take the form it had That means that the sunken continents like Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria in the Pacific, will emerge from the waters again.

Flora and Fauna will be like they were Their colors and scents will be much more intense, and there will be an abundance of energy, which will revitalize and create a state of tranquility. Even the oxygen ratio in the atmosphere will increase significantly, thus reinforcing the new eco system that will be created.

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Finally, the north magnetic pole will move south and will eventually cover the entire outer surface of the Earth, while the south pole will move inside to the Central Sun of the Hollow Earth which will become brightest , and so the planet will externally appear as monopolar , like all the fifth-dimensional planets. These are some of the basic changes in the outer surface. Noteworthy however that Earth is already one from the most rich planets of the universe in flora, fauna and minerals, while exist planets with only one species of animals, and with only two or three species of trees.

The Earth Allies of the extraterrestrials will pressure the governments to accept certain changes which have already been agreed upon with the NESARA treaty, see the related chapter in my site , like the abolition of all tyrannical and unpopular laws etc. All corrupted governments will be replaced with transitory governments of prominent figures, including the Earth Allies in each country the transition governments are already on stand by for many important nations which will truly work for the citizens and not for themselves and the big interests.

At the same time, all the wrong or inadequate systems and practices that are badgering us today, will be rectified by means already developed and programmed while all citizens will be encouraged to take active part in the course of things, with their actions as well as their ideas. Those new governments in which the right people will be in the right places , will be collaborating closely with the people, who will become active and will form many comities on a local and peripheral level, and will undertake and handle all kinds of problems and requirements, while they will coordinate the solidarity and help between citizens, reinforcing the weak and those who are in need.

Also , these comities include training the citizens in their new obligations and duties required for the smooth function of the new systems. These transitory governments will work for 6 to 8 months in order to ensure the essential changes necessary, and afterwards they will be replaced by others that will derive from free elections. With regard to the NESARA Treaty, homonymous organizations have been established in major states in order to speed up its implementation internationally, especially with regard to replacing the governments with temporary governments, to global peace and to the debt forgiveness.

But this was not happened because the control centre of the treaty was on the second floor of the World Trade Center Twin Towers of New York , who fell down a half hour before see below details and video of this crime of the CIA , while the headquarters were in the adjacent Building 7, which collapsed mysteriously and without any apparent reason. Phase two. As I said, these governments kept all this knowledge secret, to serve their own interests for them, any technology is useful only when it produces profits.

The 84 min. These revelations and their implementation, will raise our standard of living and economical situation. Note that banks may lend up to ten times the money they really have i. With the overflow of money created inflation, economic overheating , initially the banks encourage customers to take big loans which usually can not repay, and to overcharge their cards.

Later the banks close the ''lending tap'' deflation, economic downturn , forcing with this trick the borrowers to repay the loans with their homes, their properties, their cars, etc, thus lending money they do not have i. But when they go too far, surpassing the capabilities of the people to cover the loans with their assets bad debts , then it becomes a boomerang that strikes back on the banks like is the case today , leading the banks to collapse, and in order to survive even temporarily are receiving by the governments i.

A system of home and land ownership will also be created , for the metropolitan as well as the rural areas. Specifically on the matter of land ownership, there will be a collective and interdependence on the ownership, based on the principle that all the land belongs to the planet, and people are only temporary owners of each piece of it, and they ought to manage it taking into consideration neighboring plots, and with respect to the subterranean resources.

Note that the amount currently available for this purpose is only in U. A large portion of the huge estates will also serve the greater good, while people will start feeling responsible for their fellow men, helping and supporting them. Furthermore, a network of interconnected companies will be created , in order to facilitate the adequacy and proper distribution of goods. Finally, the taxation system will be revised as well as the legislature and the way it will be implemented.

Phase four. The mainstream media TV, press, etc, together with speeches, interviews, etc, will provide the appropriate education for this coming events , so that their arrival will not cause fear and disruption. Noteworthy that the first announcements about the existence of extraterrestrials in our planet will start already from the first of the above-mentioned phases, so that will begin the domino of the changes, and it will be completed in every detail in this fourth phase.

The first to come and help us will be our brothers of the Hollow Earth. Certain of them are already among us, working with and helping the Earth Allies, collecting information about what is going on in the planet and maintaining continuous contact with the extraterrestrials, but we do not distinguish them because they do not differ substantially from us in appearance. However during the above four phases their number will continuously increase reaching a maximum after the official in detail announcements of the governments about the extraterrestrials and the role are going to play for the planet, and from this moment they will circulate uncovered.

Their mission will be, using their skills and experiences, to ensure that all these changes that I mentioned before, will be performed at the best possible way, in short time and successfully. Recently Still I create a team of friends for Greece, who are also offering accommodation in their houses for an Agarthan i. This is the normal scenario, to which the governments will be forced to yield due to the pressure of financial collapse. Besides, they will be protected by strong energy fields, during landing. Messages from the Sirians. In order to support and explain further the above I include parts 4 recent messages from the extraterrestrials, while the complete messages, with a lot of other similar messages you can see in my page II.

D13 of my site. The first two are from the Sirian council through Dr. Quisey see his site www. First message Once in power, the new regimes will take into custody the members of the previous dark governments. This will free up the 'airwaves', allowing a true and open dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the incoming new reality: general debt forgiveness; distribution of tax refunds; delivery of prosperity funds; new monetary system; creation of global peace and nuclear disarmament.

After these are thoroughly explained to you, the subject of us, the Galactic Federation, must be discussed. Indeed, the end of the 'UFO' cover-up is a major issue all by itself. We will be introduced alongside the revelation of a whole slew of secret technology. As you can see, a great deal of information is to be released to you in a relatively short period.

Also , most of those who were incarcerated for non-violent crimes are to be released after a review of their cases. Lawyers will be retrained and the entire court system overhauled. The new institutions will be people-oriented. At present, governments, banks, places of work etc. The daunting task of our Earth allies is to turn this attitude on its head and transform the dismissive indifference of your social institutions. We have talked long and hard with our Earth allies on this one subject alone.

Special transitional organizations are needed in order to move from authoritarian and hierarchical institutions to decentralized and people-friendly ones. Some of your more forward-thinking corporations have adopted this approach, and this is a good start. However, we favor a complete reorganization of governance along these lines.

Living in Between the 5th & 3rd Dimensions | Dimensions of Light

The average citizen must be able to provide input and, where appropriate, be able to monitor and oversee the changes agreed to. This can be a start for employing fluid group dynamics. Interaction between government, institutions, and citizens needs to move onto a decentralized footing. Interpersonal communication is set in general to change immensely. Not only does your environment rely heavily on electronics and the Internet, but once abundance sets in, this too will change the way you relate to each other.

Further, you are in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness. To top it all, we are about to be added to the mix, and this will create something unique. This coming environment is utterly different from your present one. Moreover, it will be based on one simple fact: personal sovereignty, with full unalienable rights. These various rights cannot be abridged! What we are asking our Earth allies to do is simply to make your organizations user-friendly and environmentally responsible.

In a nutshell , the new regimes are to change how governments, banks, and corporations respond to you. The goal is to create a prosperous, informed, and concerned citizenry. This diversity can solve any problem that comes up. You are to receive great wealth, astonishing technology, and a super-abundance of information. Plus , you are approaching the point of becoming fully conscious! We are here to monitor this and to mentor you when needed; however, the bulk of the responsibility stays with you.

Each of you possesses innate wisdom and Heaven's blessings. Your future is bright and the sky is literally the limit! You have enormous resources and a living planet to protect. Included in this is the vast realm of Inner Earth. The Agarthans are part of your world, and like you, they have a huge reservoir of wisdom.

Come together to make a wondrous new reality! Second message Right now, some breakthrough developments are taking place around your planet and a new series of meetings has brought us to the brink of your deliveries. These meetings are setting the stage for the events marking the start of the changes we have all been waiting for so patiently. Ever since we arrived en masse above your world, we have been waiting for the global changes that are the precursors to first contact. These much-needed events are getting ready to be presented to you.

Federation personnel who are at these meetings have informed us that the last obstacle is being worked out, and at the same time, the delivery schedules are being finalized. The change in governance and the deliveries need to be synchronous, and it was the inability hitherto to achieve this critical timing that resulted in the seemingly unending delays. But now , the dark cabalists have been given to understand that their future safety may be in jeopardy and this has caused some of them to alter course.

We can also report that several of their associates have been forced to step aside. This breakthrough has much heartened our Earth allies. The dark cabal has been able to keep a number of nations and their respective banking systems from joining the growing movement for a new global financial system, and the recent developments have put this movement for banking change back on track.

Further, a number of new criminal trials are close to happening, which will put these obstacles to rest once and for all.

You’re Not Alone: Emotional Symptoms of Ascension

Indeed, it is the threat of these upcoming trials that triggered this most welcome change of heart, and we look forward to seeing a sequence of progressive events roll out like a domino effect. The prospect of the looming economic disaster proved too much even for the dark and its cronies to contemplate! This scenario would have pulled the rug out from under the present system and led to an unbelievable rise in global chaos. In short, the change of heart was induced by the twin specter of unpleasant legal repercussions and a financial crash that would bring no relief to the dark's present dilemma.

We stand at the edge of the precipice! Several adjustments in personnel have been made to the composition of the first cabinet of the interim President. It is important that the caretaker government be able to operate cohesively in carrying out the programs announced in the official broadcasts. We are pleased with the way our Earth allies are using the remaining moments to prepare for the grand charge.

Angelic Messages:

The first month in office requires that the scheduled agenda be dutifully and quickly brought into being. We see that each of the departments of this new government is prepared to institute several new precedents on policy, and this applies to many other governments worldwide. A global effort is underway to establish a policy of debt forgiveness, new banking and finance, and even worldwide cooperation.

These initial policies will be followed speedily by a full disclosure of our existence and benevolence, which will lead to our full cooperation with these new regimes in bringing out formerly suppressed technologies. These new technologies are to lay the foundation of a new paradigm, beginning with the sciences, which will turn over a new leaf for humanity and reveal the truth of your origins. We watched as numerous individuals in the physical and social sciences pioneered new directions in scientific research.

These forays into new methodologies, initially pooh-poohed by their peers, are now being recognized, and we respect these pioneers who were courageously showing the way to a new science. We are putting together a series of educational broadcasts that will introduce these heralds to you by name, thus pointing the way to a more spiritual science. This will be the prologue that will introduce you to the science that we use every day in our monitoring and upkeep of Gaia.

As your responsibilities grow, you can rally to the challenge of developing a science of consciousness, which can enable you to pick up the slack in taking care of your global society and the living planet that sustains you. What is happening on your world is not only a quiet revolution in governance and finance; it is a revolution that vaults you into full consciousness! Just think for a minute what this implies. You are moving into a realm filled with spiritual responsibilities. These things constitute our prime reason for existence. Physical Creation is a most special part of the infinite heavenly realms.

It exists to provide many unique experiences that are vital to all spiritual Beings, the most important of which is the concept of 'time. All things in Heaven are immortal and each moment simply a given. Time is an element needed for physical Creation; it is time that regulates the process that turns inter-dimensional Light into matter, and it is matter that shapes all of physical Creation.

Third message Yet for all of the frustration and waiting the process of Ascension has proceeded uninterrupted. At times it has seemed that progress was held back but in spite of all the delays, the original goal is still within our sights. Most importantly those of the Light have continued to keep focused on Ascension, and helped raise the consciousness levels on Earth.

The important changes that you have been anticipating have now become compressed into a shorter period of time , but will be none the less effective. They will fulfill your expectations and have already galvanized many people into action. You are seeing the results beginning to materialize around you, as the world responds to the energies creating change.

It causes unrest, demonstrations and even violence, which is regrettable, but nevertheless is a sign that the people are restless and demand change. We wish that everyone were informed about Ascension, as that would negate the need for violence of any kind. Then the energies would remain positive and put to good use. We of the Galactic Federation are more active than ever, not that we would expect you to necessarily be aware of what we are doing.

With what is tantamount to the last big battle between the dark Ones and the Light, we are supporting our allies to ensure that matters do not get out of hand ….. Many of you volunteered to take an incarnation on Earth to help mankind through this very period. It has meant dropping your vibrations to do so, and losing the memory of your background. You have invariably brought some knowledge and skills, most important for helping those who are awakening and choose Ascension. For some of you your best work is yet to be done , and you will come to the front after disclosure.

From that time things will move forward with leaps and bounds. Do not despair if you are anxious to help in these end times, and do not yet appear to have been called.

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If it is part of your plan to be involved you will be for certain, as everyone is known by us for their abilities and experience. It is not that we are without adequate personnel, but we want Man to be an integral part of the projects that will commence in the very near future. We should say that it is your planet, you are the guardians of it and responsible for its present condition. By karma you are therefore expected to play your part in helping Mother Earth to recover.

It will be a happy task as so much is owed to her, and she has so to say also been the Mother to the Human Race. Forth message The new approach to the financial side will be far reaching, so as to avoid any repetition of the recent collapse. Banks are to be accountable to the people, and the gambling syndrome will not be allowed. Money will once again have real value and interference with the markets for pure speculation will cease. The most important changes will be in connection with the sharing of wealth so that everyone benefits, and there is no longer such a distinction between the poor and the rich.

We have to say that there is more than enough wealth in the world to comfortably achieve our goals. It seems quite extraordinary to us, that so much needs to be changed in your world. However over millennia of time you have been led into the current situation, and almost reached the point of no return. The erosion of your rights by increasing controls over you, and the misuse of your taxes has brought about a near collapse of your civilization. In any other circumstances you could all by now have easily been living a comfortable life, with all your needs provided for.

You will taste the freedom we talk of very soon and by then you will have contact with us, and a guarantee of your right to choose your own future. It will of course mainly come within the plan for Ascension, but an alternative path may be chosen. Your role at present is to be a calming affect on those around you, and do your best to eliminate the fear factor. In the long run nothing will really matter, or have the ability to deny you the opportunity to ascend. It is thus written and so it shall be as promised, as the dark Ones have failed to achieve their aims for world control.

The chaotic conditions will be cleared up and total peace declared, by silencing the weapons of war. You are to witness a great wave of love and joy sweep over the world, and barriers between people will quickly come down. Most of you seek the same things out of life, and with the return of your freedom you will achieve success.

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Are there unforeseen factors? So the Grays, the Annunaki and all those who badgered us in the past, have gone. There are still fortunately not for long the human collaborators of the Annunaki which are the core of the dark forces and, although their extraterrestrial bosses have left and they ordered them to stop, they continue the efforts to retain their high privileges, the power and the wealth they have gained.