A Twelve-Step Program for Couples

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The Twelve Steps of Recovering Couples Anonymous

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RCA – 12 Step Recovery for Couples

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Show 22 More Show Less. Show 28 More Show Less. Verified by Psychology Today. A nationally recognized individualized treatment program for drug and alcohol rehab, Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center's PaRC Intensive Outpatient Program in San Antonio offers adult and teen patients personalized attention for alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

Patients receive confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental care from a highly qualified clinical staff. You have the perfect opportunity to work several of these steps right in your own relationship. Building a successful journey in recovery as a couple is a unique challenge, but you can do it. Untying the knot? Sharing everything As the flu spreads, so addiction spreads. Predictors Like the couple in NYC, couples who share an addiction often do love each other. Vicious cycle of substance abuse and violence More times than not, substance use is the center of the argument.

Thankfully there is hope, and a way out of this downward spiral. How to deal with addiction as a couple, together and separately The first thing to do is seek a treatment program. Focus first on your recovery The first step in A. Individual therapy is the starting point for anyone with an addiction—married, dating or single.

Incorporate recovery into the relationship. You are both recovering from the same disease, addiction. Help each other. Encourage each other. Receive help managing conflict. Learn how to focus on your recovery without having to ignore the relationship. Your relationship should never trump your recovery, but the two need to co-exist peacefully, not exclusively. Differentiate between unhealthy codependency and healthy interdependence. Interdependency is being able to express a healthy need in the relationship and expect a response from your partner. Incorporate recovery into your relationship Maintaining sobriety as a couple is different from maintaining sobriety individually.

You need to find a balance between recovery and relationship. Care about your spouse and share your day-to-day experiences with each other. Keep up with each other by committing time to listening without judging. The positivity in a relationship needs to outweigh the negativity; this will keep the emotional bank account balanced and out of the red. So what does this practically mean for you and your spouse in recovery? It seems all good on the surface. Then you begin to live together, have normal couple stress, maybe have a child together and things begin to go south.

Why would you be surprised that you might be having problems with someone you met in AA? Think back about where you were in your sobriety when you met your wife. Did she really do that? Or was she a wonderful distraction that kept you from working on your problems or from working the steps you needed to get through to get to the bottom of your alcohol problem? Your love affair becomes your drug and you put all your energy into that instead of into your own mental and emotional well- being. Sound familiar?

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This is the same thing we do in addiction. We only think of the one need as being thing that makes us happy. No one person can save you, no relationship or marriage is the answer to your addiction. You go into recovery because your life is out of control. What makes you think you can control your emotional life?

Make friends and develop a strong support system.