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Filed under Guest Author. William Montclair, the only child and heir of the Earl of Ashford, is determined to find a wife who will bear the children he needs and accept what he has to offer—marriage without love. When her circumstances change, Georgi must decide what she wants in her life. Too late, Will discovers what he needs most in his.


He mounts a campaign to court and win the love of his life. The brandy burned as it spewed out his nose and sprayed his spotless cravat. He gasped for air, then choked, laboring to catch his breath. It was several moments before he could speak.

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You yourself have chastised me for my exploits as a young man. But his father had held him responsible and punished him accordingly. Before you left for the Peninsula, you were a favorite of the ton. The matrons practically threw their daughters at you. Since your return, you are seldom at home and never at the ton parties. Thank God his father was not the meddling sort. He could not say the same for his mother who gloried in gossip and intrigue with her friends from her school days in Paris.

For that very reason, he had decided to approach his father in the one place in the house his mother refused to enter. By tradition and mutual consent, his father smoked only in the pool room where he and his influential friends and acquaintances were free to gather, smoke, and determine the fate of the world. Rest assured that you will see me out at every opportunity.

I do not plan to take an inordinate amount of time to make my selection. This is a case of if it is to be done then let it be done quickly. Tariq the former harem master is as loyal as ever to Emmy and Will but maybe a bit distracted. The villains, and there are several, are really the nasty sort. I am SO excited. His Obsession is released tomorrow. Sure enough, when I hopped over to the Siren BookStrand site, there was my name, a bio, and the book was available for pre-order. On sale, no less.

Below is a short blurb and excerpt, followed by a Buy Link or just click the cover. Small for my taste, perhaps, but perfect. Some men find that very desirable. My son does have good taste in his women. He had just said that, but she was still a bit groggy. She must put her fear aside and gather her wits, then discover his intentions. His men had thought nothing of murdering Jacque. Was he toying with her before she met the same fate or worse?

The English nobility were very particular about who their offspring could and could not marry. The earl cocked a brow. The heir. He did not tell you? I thought you were a fortune hunter looking for a wealthy protector. I am not looking for anyone. I will return home to my family next year.

Her future was neither bright nor secure now. The man was evil or insane or both. And he controlled her fate. Rita Bay. Love my cover. Perfect choice of models, too. Emmy is small but feisty — a student at an elite finishing school in Paris, and Robbie is a champion fencer, a nobleman on his Tour of the Continent. Pilgrim Wheels Neil Hanson. Avery Cara Marsi. Across the Line Kate Willoughby. Dragon Wife Diana Green. P rodigal Gun Kathleen Rice Adams.

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