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The choice of a sonnet is again ironic— sonnets, of course, being traditionally associated with love. The poem is not necessarily a traditionally structured sonnet, however. There is also, unconventionally, an even more pronounced turn that occurs in the final three lines, as the shocking ending turns from British women to the German mother.

The poem turns from romantic images of men prevalent at home to the true actions of men in war. The contrast between the thoughtful domestic scene and the utter savagery of a human head being stood on is horrifying, and meant as a corrective to the illusion that dominates the poem. The brutal truth, Sassoon insists, is a factual corrective to delusion. This poem of Sassoon is well written but disliked by me! Women at the time of world war one were not protected from the horrors of war but the poem hints they were.

Here is a poem by May Herschel Clarke which I would like to share; my heart cries tears of blood every time I read it.

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And here is another poem that proves that women were even effected after the war. BTW this poem was written in so after the war. Dulce Et Decorum? For we, that loved him, covered up his face, And laid him in the sodden earth away, And left him lying in that lonely place To rot and moulder with the mouldering clay. The hawthorn that above his grave head grew Like an old crone toward the raw earth bowed, Wept softly over him, the whole night through, And made him of tears a glimmering shroud.

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To my suprise i actually really enjoyed this poem. I think that many people while reading these poems forgot about the women, just because they were not on the front line does not mean they were not invloved because they were!

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  6. Good Essays words 5. She elaborates on what the intent and purposes are, and how they would fuel The French Revolution. Huet argues that the ideology of the normal everyday lifestyle has been overlooked, and that revolution with violence is the key idea for the attitudes of revolutionist during the time period of and years later.

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    She explains the comparison of how everyday lives and ideologies of the scientific reason and enlightenment made the people of France have the will and courage to establish a new regime Good Essays words 1. Housman contradicts those beliefs. He does so by presenting this through the eyes of a speaker with a pessimistic view of life.

    Although a sad reality, according to the speaker of the poem, dying young is not as bad as it is naturally perceived Remaining accurate enough to appeal to those with backgrounds in the field of history while still being entertaining enough for the masses is a difficult task. One that can often lead to disaster. The film Glory is no exception to this attempt at maintaining an equilibrium of fact and fiction.

    Even Herman Melville, a man starkly opposed to the idea of God, had questions for Him. In Billy Budd, Melville asks one of these curious questions.

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    The novel suggests that both ways of approaching life are flawed. The lieutenant cannot see that his zealous idealism may well create as much harm as it does good a danger to which the history of political revolutions in the twentieth century gives ample testimony. And the priest as a representative of the church is of course a badly flawed figure. But the fact that he constantly indulges in an orgy of self-reproach about his own sins may raise questions for the reader about the value of a religion that leads its representatives into such an overwhelming, soul-destroying sense of guilt.

    After all, the priest does his best in extremely difficult circumstances. The Meaningless of Life? Although the priest never wavers in his belief that as a priest he has the power to save souls, and to communicate, through the Mass, the essence of God, the novel is so bleak that it raises questions about whether God is active in the world at all, or even if He exists. The question is posed through imagery of insects, which are mentioned frequently in the novel.

    In one incident, the lieutenant sees a tiny insect racing across the page of a book in front of him. He crushes it with his finger. In another passage, beetles rush around aimlessly and get crushed or injured; insects seem to be everywhere. The imagery seems to raise the possibility that human life has no more purpose or value than that of an insect, and is easily crushed by a superior power.

    At least in part, this is what the lieutenant believes. The episode with the dog abandoned by the Fellows, in which the dog and the priest struggle over a bone, shows life reduced to its essentials, the struggle for survival. This is not a pretty world—everything in it is in pain or want of some kind. Log in or register to post comments. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

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