Breaking the Silence

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Why do so many Israelis hate Breaking the Silence?

Dear Kid revolves around guilt and responsibility. But without any proof she faces a dilemma; to make an accusation of the worst kind, or to ignore a child who is possibly getting abused. Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, USA, explores the relation between memory, recollection and abuse. When sexual exploitation from the childhood becomes a silent secret, it turns into a memory that affects a young woman emotionally and mentally as she faces the present.

After moving from Iran to the US, Leila spends a day at the suburban house of her uncle Reza who she last met 13 years ago as a young girl.

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Reza, his daughter, and his colleagues get together to welcome Leila. Please contact us if you would like to use Break The Silence. We look forward to hearing from you, info changeattitude. Break the Silence Break the Silence is a unique project bringing four Cannes-awarded film directors together with the purpose of using film as a tool to break the culture of silence around sexualized violence against children. By Marcy Oster.

The Problem With Breaking the Silence

AG rejects right-wing appeal against Breaking the Silence. Activist group Ad Kan had asked to investigate the anti-occupation NGO on espionage suspicions since , but state investigators found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Breaking the Silence

By TOI staff. By Jacob Magid. Dutch ministry calls on Jews around world to criticize Israeli occupation.

Breaking Benjamin - Breaking the Silence (Audio Only)

By Cnaan Liphshiz. Breaking the Silence leaders arrested at West Bank outpost. Activists were visiting Mitzpeh Yair, where 5 members of a Jewish-Arab group were reportedly assaulted by settlers last week; police release them after several hours. Court okays eviction of Jerusalem art gallery that hosted left-wing events.

Judge says that while municipality decision was motivated by politics, city within rights to reclaim its property; Barbur Gallery vows to appeal.

Jews of Hebron face off against Breaking the Silence over Eurovision tourists |

By Alexander Fulbright and Sue Surkes. Right-wing activist arrested for punching Breaking the Silence guide in Hebron.

Knesset okays banning groups critical of IDF from schools.