Cheating on Valentines Day

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Using a mobile phone, the owners of the gadgets can log in and see exactly where a lover's car is going. They have to get it off their chest and find the best product for what they need. But in relationships where the thrill is gone, it's far from wine and roses. Worried that a spouse or significant other is cheating, many people spend hundreds of dollars on products and services that help them catch their mates in acts of infidelity.

The businesses that assist them with their detective work — from those selling surveillance devices to private investigations firms — often see an uptick in business this time of year.

Cheating Girlfriend Gets a Valentine's Day Surprise And it's So Awkward!

Communication is the key to all relationships — even relationships ending. That may be so, but many people default to other means of figuring out if their mate is untrue.

One reason people tend to focus more on their suspicions around Valentine's Day, she believes, is that all of the fanfare around romance tends to make it more apparent when a mate is less than enthusiastic. Often, Valentine's Day carries more significance for women than men, say vendors in the space — and they can be the biggest consumers of investigatory products and services around the holiday.

About 60 percent of Walton's customers this time of year are female, compared to the rest of the year, when the purchases at SpyGuySecurity.

PI: Valentine’s Day Ensnares the Cheater

Many customers of both sexes, fearful their purchases will be detected, are just as surreptitious as their sneaky spouses. They insist on paying with gift cards they've bought with cash, Walton said — even though a generic electronics company name would appear on their credit card statement if they made a purchase that way, he said — and often have purchases delivered somewhere other than their home in the nondescript packages he sends.

At GlobalIntelConsultants. And a lot of them have money where they can just sit home. They end up with the personal trainer or the pool boy.

Females Are Caught Cheating More on Valentines Day Than Males!

It sounds completely ridiculous, because it is like the movies, where you see the wife going to the gym and finding a trainer, but we see that over and over again. It doesn't shock us anymore.

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But it's not just stay-at-home spouses who are cheating, she added. More women are meeting men through their work, too — "just like the husband used to do the typical secretary thing," she said. To catch cheaters, Cohen's firm relies on old-fashioned detective work, in combination with modern technology. Around Valentine's Day weekend, many cheaters take a couple of days' vacation with a lover, in the guise of attending a business conference, Cohen said.

Her investigators will sometimes surreptitiously trail an unfaithful spouse on an airplane flight to meet a lover in Las Vegas or somewhere else or, if the spurned spouse knows where they are going, show up at the hotel. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Privacy notice Enter email Subscribe.

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Most Romantic Foods EVER?! (Cheat Day)

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