Creating A Beautiful Little Christmas

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He was so excited he ran to the stereo to turn it on. It was sung by kids. We all must have laughed for ten minutes. When the laughter died, he asked if I would do this every year because it was such a blast. I have. That seventeen year old boy is now 29 and is bringing gifts to put in the basket, as are some of the others. It was decided on that first trial year that we enjoyed being goofy and playing with each more than getting lots of gifts. There many other games and variations that we have done over the years.

Have fun!!! What a beautiful story and I am definitely going to do this game with my family. Thank you for sharing. I love all of the ideas, and the Christmas stories as well. This year, extended family will be receiving home canned apple butter easy peasy in the crockpot. We have a beautiful dinner and open presents and our kids can enjoy Christmas morning with their families. No matter how many desserts are made ,the grandkids favorite part is the birthday cake for Jesus, they always help me make it, simple red velvet cake with white icing and we sing happy birthday.

Angie, thank you so much for mentioning the reason for the season! When my 8 children were growing up, we always sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus in the manger before we opened our gifts. I love these ideas!

30+ Best Small Christmas Trees - Ideas for Decorating Mini Christmas Trees

Here are some things we have done on tight budgets. Look up events in your town to go to. Craft fairs, church events and plays, ir walk through the mall people watching together. This was my favorite in high school. We would make up stories for the people passing by… Who they were buying for, what they had in their bags, where they were off to next. Make it positive because this will teach your kids to be aware of other people. My friends and I always went ice skating and sang carols through the mall. I did a scavenger hunt through the mall near Christmas for my youth group and they loved it!

Some stores hand out pins and candy, give them a dollar in quarters and have them get candy from the machines, count how many snowflakes are in the window display at macys etc etc. My family planned things to do for others like, hand out candy canes in the mall, sing at the convalescent homes, make ornaments my fav. We would go to the snow with hot cocoa and plenty of snacks a camp stove to heat up homemade soup was perfect after we built snow forts and threw snowballs.

Spending time with childhood friends for no other reason but to eat or make cookies and hot cocoa. These are my best childhood Christmas memories. Make your magic through life experience but do it together. Merry Blessed Christmas to you all! We have five kids, and one year we went crazy with gifts, thinking it would be the best Christmas EVER!

The family gift was a combination of grandparents, siblings, parents and friends. It was a great relief for grandparents and extended family not to have to find something for each kid and instead just make a small contribution. There was a time when I had very little money and had to scrape by. Purchases in bulk and breaking the gifts to singles always made the most of a frugal Christmas. We always made cream of wheat and mini MnM pancakes for breakfast.

That was our first thing to do in the morning. We always love going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. I always make at least one homemade gift for everybody. We still go Christmas light viewing in the family car, and I still get lost each year! Love doing simple trinkets for the stocking, and yes, we wrap them all!!

We take our mini daschund to the local nursing home to visit the residents. These people have had to leave their precious animals to live there, and seeing Diggy brings such a smile to their face. My favorite Christmas memory with my grandma was when she pulled me around in a sleigh. We also make a birthday cake for Jesus each year. Yes, my fondest memories are those made with those I love.

Gifts are such a secondary thought. I just want to spend time with my family and eat your homemade Christmas meal. Praying that all families have a blessed Christmas this year! We even noted when one broke Typically each year the ornaments are similar. Then, when we graduated and move do out, my mom boxed up our individual ones so we had enough to start our own tree.

And it also makes decorating the tree that much more fun.

How to create a magical Christmas when you have no money!

They love to reminisce about how old they were when they received it. And, once again, they each will have a box full when they start their own adult lives. Oh, my mom also included a color photocopy of the list when she passed them on as a constant reminder. We did the new ornament for our Daughter every year while she was growing up. She is now Every year I tried to get her to take her ornaments. She never wanted them. Last year she said to throw them out.

They are now gone.

But I understand. My Mother had all her ornaments match. I did too. Thank you so much Lindsay and all the comments yes I read all of them lol for all the tips! I absolutely love this list, especially wrapping each item and decorating after the kids are in bed. I thrift most of our Christmas gifts so our dollar stretches much farther. I was looking for a bit more then you could provide but there are good ideas for people with little money, not NO money.

Have a Great Holiday. Pam, there should be an organisation like a church or charity in your area that will be able to at least give you a little help. I hope things work out for you! I found that getting the kids involved in making their own gifts was more fun for them especially when they saw the person they made it for opening it than anything…even if it was just a picture they drew. If you have crayons and paper you can make a book for each person.. One year we were especially broke. LOL We have 8 kids, and had no money to buy gifts.

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We did two things that reallty helped:. We talked about it as a family, and we started at Thanksgiving… each morning we would pray together and thank God for our blessings… and then each day before we prayed we took turns reading a scripture about gratitude… when it was our turn, we would find a scripture, read it, and then say something we were grateful for. With our large family we each got three turns before Christmas time… then by the time Christmas game, our hearts were really full with feelings of gratitude.

It made a warm happy feeling that carried into the second thing we did. We CATALOG shopped as a family… meaning, we looked through catalogs and cut out pictures of the things we would give each other if we could! It gave many happy feelings to see what people wanted to do for you if they had the resources! With the catalog shopping, people could see what we really wanted to do, and felt the love!

It was really a warm loving happy Christmas. Other times we have written letters, letting experiences together that we treasured. I can tell you than things bought from the store usually fade from the memory. Gifts of love last forever! Make it about love! We have chosen to limit Christmas gifts this year and make it more about acts of service. However, we still have small gifts — everyone gets new socks and underwear favorite characters for the littles. As far as stocking stuffers go, there are a ton of cheap to free ideas. For example, Kroger has Free Download Fridays.

Love coupons are always great, too. I make these for most holidays and it never fails to amaze me how excited they get when they open these. I love this article! When I was a kid, my Mom wrapped everything in the Sunday comic page of the newspaper, and we made all our own ornaments for the tree including string popcorn. We even made very basic sugar cookies for Santa. Mom would put probably watered down milk out with them. We had very lean years for most of my upbringing, but I was never disappointed. A few years ago, she bought all of us remote controlled cars! Even though I was almost 30, I felt like I was a little kid.

We all went outside and drove our cars for ages. I still have that car and treasure it. I could go on and on…. I lost my job and hope to be able to pay the rent at the end of the month while still feeding my two children. I feel like I am really letting them down. We have no other family, so we are going to just have to push through this difficult time. I would appreciate any suggestions you have for me that will keep Christmas from being a total disaster this year. Good for one dinner of your choice…Good for ride to friends house..

If you have girls, why not have a spa day … you probably have stuff in the kitchen and bathroom that can be used…lots of ideas on line. I had teen age boys…. Mom never put any of our gifts out until after we went to bed Christmas Eve. Any gifts from family not attending were kept for Christmas morning. My mom always wrapped everything including stocking presents. Mom would bring us our stockings while we were still in bed.

We were allowed to open those presents Willy nilly It also gave mom time to start coffee and dad got the camera set up to catch our reaction as we came into the living room. I continued the tradition by making stockings for my daughter, grandkids and great grandkids.

76 Beautiful New Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

We start with the youngest and they pick one gift, look at the tag, thank the giver, and then gets to open the gift. Then the next oldest does the same thing and on around until it is back to the youngest. My mom said she started this to make the present opening go longer.