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Creative visualization occurs when you use your thoughts to manifest reality. In fact, everyone uses creative visualization techniques to some degree in their daily lives. Our imaginations are powerful forces that can tap into our subconscious minds and utilize a unique kind of energy.

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World-class athletes, business leaders and celebrities have all talked about how important this process was to creating their success. Creative visualization should be based on something you are trying to achieve. For example, bodybuilders will typically set weight-lifting goals and first-place trophies as their goals. Your goal should be something that is achievable and help you live a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. At this point you will spend time creating an image in your mind of you achieving the goal.

Close your eyes and let the positive feelings move through your body as you imagine the feeling of accomplishment. Try to include all of the five senses as you do this: touching, hearing, tasting, seeing and even smelling what this reality is like. Are there other people there to congratulate you? Where does it take place? The more vivid creation is, the better. The third step of the process is practice. You should repeat this visualization on a daily basis and add to it.

Include more vivid colors and sounds as you add depth and detail to the picture. As you repeat the process, you will be training your subconscious mind to associate this image with your own reality, therefore you want this image to feel natural and real with enough practice. Choose a time of the day where you are not distracted, like right before bedtime to practice this step. In this next step of the process, you should evaluate how close you are to your goals.

Write down the things in your life that may be preventing you from achieving success and then add solutions to each individual problem. Now, when you practice your visualization, you should imagine what it feels like to overcome each problem individually. Include these accomplishments to your image. The final step of the process occurs when you have turned this image into reality. As you accomplish new goals you may find yourself using creative visualization techniques to tackle new obstacles in your life!

Once you have gotten the basics down you may choose to add some of these advanced techniques to your process. These will include more creative and positive emotional responses to help reinforce your manifestation. As you develop a clear picture of yourself accomplishing the goal, you may try painting this image or writing a bit of prose about it.

The more creative you get with this step, the better. Countless studies have proven the effectiveness of meditation and you may be surprised at what it can do for your creative visualization. When you include positive thoughts like this into your process you are using your emotions to reinforce the idea. Visualization can work for relationships, either romantic or platonic.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Don't give up if what you want doesn't come in a few days or even months or weeks. The Secret inspired many people, but let's face it: if you're starving in Africa and you visualize food coming, or if you are serving a 10 year prison sentence, visualization and belief and you might just get a lot of frustration.

If you visualize yourself flying, you probably won't fly. Try to do this once a day for minutes - but even a few minutes is better than nothing.

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Remember that action is also part of the formula for getting what you want, and sometimes receiving what we want will also require some learning on our part, and that can take time. Instead, take some B12 already! Likewise, if you are often single because you dress badly, ask your friends how they think you could dress better. Summary: visualization is powerful, but it won't make you 'God'. Let people around you support you, take action, listen to your intuition and visualize. There are many more tips in books on visualization or meditation that can help a great deal.

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To begin your visualization, you might picture yourself somewhere beautiful. This can really help us relax and opens the heart. Imagine yourself in a beautiful meadow You are the creator of your life. Visualization is the part which take to your future Warnings Remember, you can't attract a goal you consider impossible unless you work yourself to believe it's possible. Edit Related wikiHows.

Did this article help you? The main belief with creative visualization is that by changing ones thoughts and perceptions, you can change the outer world. Many successful, wealthy and influential people in the world believe that by visualizing specific behaviors or scenarios, you can change energy patterns to bring your goals and desires to you more quickly. Wallace Wattles wrote about the power of visualization in his book The Science of Getting Rich , published in Virtually everyone with an interest in the power of the mind has heard of him, and most likely has read this book. The Science of Getting Rich is one of the most studied success books of all time.

Nearly years later, it is still a favorite of millions of readers the world over. In The Science of Getting Rich , Wattles shares his insights into manifesting riches, or anything you desire.

A Crash Course in Creative Visualization

Wattles introduced the idea and use of creative visualization to the world, and he created a movement of creative visualization. He was a major influence on later self-help authors such as Napoleon Hill, and was a direct inspiration to the popular book and movie The Secret. This creative visualization practice stems even further back, from the Hindu Monistic Theory of the Universe. This book is definitely worthwhile for everyone to read. The links above take you to straight to Amazon, and I have a link to the book on my Resource page as well, along with many of my favorite books.

Check it out! Live in the new house; wear the fine clothes; ride in the automobile; go on the journey, and confidently plan for greater journeys. Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership. Imagine an environment, and a financial condition exactly as you want them, and live all the time in that imaginary environment and financial condition.

Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich. Everything has evolved from thoughts. We live in a thought universe. Whatever you think about consistently expands and will materialize in your life. If a person can communicate his thought to original thinking substance, he can cause the creation or formation of the thing he thinks about. Stay focused. That is the great secret. For many it is difficult to stay focused on the goal until their desire is attained.

Creative Visualization Explained

Continue thinking on it and accept it as your reality. Once you have decided what it is that you want, claim it as yours. Have faith that whatever you want is actually on the way. Place your order with the universe and persistently think on the reality of it and it is certain to come about. Know what you want and want it enough that it is easy to continue thinking about it. Ignore present situations and circumstances.

These are nothing more than manifestations of past thoughts. Be grateful for everything. Gratitude connects you to Source, whether you call it God, the Divine, Spirit. It is this energetic connection that facilitates the manifestation of all things.

"You Can Manifest Anything!" - Guided Visualization Exercise!

Gratitude raises your vibration and puts you in a state to receive. All things have contributed to your advancement; therefore include all things in your gratitude. Creative visualization is frequently used by athletes to enhance their performance. A golfer may picture in their mind the perfect swing over and over again. This will mentally train the muscle memory. In a well-known study on creative visualization used in sports, Olympic athletes were separated into 3 groups.

Group 3 had the best performance results.