Eleven Months of Hell

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It said the contractor was also instructed to dispose of asbestos waste at the site due to its hazardous nature. Noting that the smell had reduced significantly, he said that efforts had been ongoing to manage the waste there. However, he added, because of the high cost of removing the waste, the company had appealed to the authorities to bury the garbage instead.

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Follow us:. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Latest Issues , News. The smell from the trench dug to drain leachate from the dumpsite near Taman Kinrara Mas has residents fuming. Published 5 June To their dismay, the vacant lot next to the residential area had turned into a dumpsite.

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During a visit to the site on Monday, The Star saw dark, foul-smelling water in the trench. Related Articles. Latest Issues. Authorities detain two more AA suspects in Mrauk-U. Signature campaign: , back Hong Kong extradition bill AsiaNew Indian, Pakistani troops to participate in SCO counter-terror exercise Most Read. Aung Yell Htwe murder case to be retried with 22 plaintiff witnesses.

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Mitchell had threatened to kill her and her family if she called out or tried to escape. Once, she tried to run as Mitchell and Barzee argued, but she didn't get far. She was threatened and tethered anew. Eventually, the trio began to journey into town. Smart wore a veil, and they went to restaurants and parties. She was ordered not to speak to anyone, and Mitchell kept her close. If anyone approached them, she said, he put his body between them.

They ate at a salad bar, where a waitress noticed the robes and the new addition to the table, but didn't ask any questions.

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Once, when they ate at a Hard Rock Cafe, Smart said she scratched a plea for help into the paint of a bathroom stall. Mitchell began to speak of going to California for the winter, and in August they walked to the library for maps. Someone called the police, saying Elizabeth Smart might be at the library. The caller said he thought he recognized her eyes.

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Although he considered the lead "a long shot," he asked, repeatedly, to lift the young woman's veil. But Mitchell said it violated their religious beliefs for anyone but the young woman's husband to see her face.

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Richey testified that it would have violated her civil rights to lift the veil if the story about her religious beliefs was true. And Mitchell's calm demeanor didn't set off any alarms for him. He said that when he learned about six months later that the girl he'd tried to question was Smart, it left him "traumatized.

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Smart testified that as the detective left, "I felt like hope was walking out the door. She added, "I was so mad at myself. Mad at myself for not taking the chance. I felt like it was so close. I felt terrible that the detective could just walk away. He wouldn't be the last. But from that moment on, Smart testified, an additional veil shielded her eyes because, as Mitchell told her: "The world wasn't ready for that light in my eyes. The close call hastened Mitchell's resolve to travel to California, where the bearded man and two veiled women were hard to miss as they walked "like ducks in a row" along the streets of Lakeside.

The man glared at Ogilvie in a manner "so intimidating, so encompassing, it stopped me. Her eyes were blank.

Just dead. Ogilvie stopped a sheriff's deputy a couple of days later and got him to approach the three. He wrote something down in his notebook and he left. Frustrated, Ogilvie contacted the trio on her own, and the man put his hand up and spoke to her in a biblical way. She said the man had "a personality that is much larger than anyone I've ever encountered. Adelia Harrington also noticed the three several times at the Lakeside branch of the San Diego public library, where she worked.

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She described them as "just not a happy group. Mitchell spent a week in jail after tossing a brick through a church window. Smart and Barzee grew weak from hunger as they awaited his return at their makeshift mountainside camp. Mitchell used a false name when he appeared in a San Diego courtroom on February 18, He told the judge that he, his wife, and his daughter were staying with friends, and that he was a minister who had fallen off the wagon.

Yet another close call gave Mitchell the urge to move on. Smart convinced him to hitchhike back to Utah, saying God had suggested it to her in a revelation. The teenager "had kind of a grayish wig on and a scarf around it, sunglasses, and a look that I'll never forget," he said. The man had a hold on the young woman's wrist and led her around.