Je suis devenue le jouet sexuel de ma bonne: 435 (Les confessions érotiques) (French Edition)

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He took Su Mucheng with and go home willingly to learn something useful. Years later he become a doctor and applied in Glory HQ's medical wing In the end he truly can't be too far from Glory. And the other pros suddenly found themselves always 'sick' in the HQ after seeing the hot doctor. Our New Home by general yumi reviews Ace, Sabo, and Luffy are playing in the woods on Dawn Island when slave traders captured the three. They were soon bought by a noble and, after a year, are losing hope of ever being free from the life of slavery.

Until a group of pirates appeared and freed them from their living nightmare. Whitebeard Pirates raising ASL. Warning: Contains curse words! So how did this upstart manage to drag out his emotions with a smile and laughing sky blue eyes? En mieux. Professor Stark and Doctor Strange finally go on a date. Professors Barnes and Rogers are engaged. Wanda and Natasha are international students. This is an Avengers AU. Each part will focus on one couple, and the stories will be ongoing, and will link together in different ways.

Deux minutes by Sagace reviews Deux minutes. Deux minutes. Roger, the Late Mage King. Before the Kyuubi attack and just before the birth of Sasuke and Naruto. Female Sasuke x Kakashi. Episode of Roger by P. Ave reviews What if Roger's alive? What if Roger escaped his excecution by his friends help?

'Deck of Death'

What if Roger formed a new small crew and following Ace's piracy life? Gol D. Roger had a chance to be a father. This is some stories about how Roger deal with Ace and how Roger annoyed his friends about his experiences being the father of a certain hot-headed fire logia super-rookie and his brothers. Roger, Ace, Whitebeard Pirates. Pauvre Nouveau Monde. True Love is a beautiful thing by Sode no Shirayuki reviews Zeldris shows his lover how much he means to him every day but some things need to be said aloud.

Pointless one-shot. Wouldn't want you guys thinking any of these actually had a plot. Zeldris x Arthur. Vous n'aimez pas le chocolat? Ou pour je ne sais quelle autre raison. Recueil de ficlets. Bref, la Moby Dick se transforma en garderie pour les Mugiwara DeVanto reviews The Dark Spear was possessive. But than again, so was Raizel. Cypresses by Mikauzoran reviews Haibara refuses to go to an art exhibition because she's afraid of being recognized now that she's the same age she was when she shrank.

Conan finally convinces her that the danger has passed with the fall of the Organization when they bump into someone who does recognize Miyano Shiho. But then again, she's only human. How long will she be able to resist a Malfoy's charm? Fluff, angst as well as mischief and mayhem will occur. Luna Lovegood and the Arithmancy of Explosions by suyjuris reviews Luna, Dumbledore and Voldemort have one thing in common: They are not who they seem to be. Their paths cross in the ministry, in a clash of careful planning, devious traps and embarrassing incompetence.

Can the fourth-year Ravenclaw prevail against the most devoted followers of the Dark Lord—and Hogwarts ever-falling safety standards? Or: After the war, Merlin takes it on herself to be just about the most mischievous person in the history of the world. Add Estarossa and Zeldris to the mix, let simmer and watch the fireworks. Collaboration between writing addict and Galfridus, cover art by Tumblr's littlexesta. Just Greeaaat Or: A Flashlight? Which is just greeaaat for one Peter Parker, who's trying to keep the extent of his involvement there under wraps.

In a place where everyone knows you, your classmates don't believe you've even met anyone, and where you actually do end up having a job to get don D Sway the Waves of Time by rose7anne reviews Damn him to the fiery pits of hell! The Roger brat did it again, sending him here. TimeTravel AU. Read notes at the end! Cover image by YametaStudio.

Rayleigh, Whitebeard, Whitebeard Pirates. Peter just wants everyone to stop poking him with pointy things. His best friend just looked at him, his face impassive like he'd just been asked what the weather was, before he answered him with a shrug. Chapitre 7 out! Adventures in the past! Let's find out! Alive Sabo. Time travel fic. Could contain slight BxB. He's My Intern? Three by Yuna Yami Mouto reviews Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki one day are assigned by Konohamaru to write a report about a great ninja they wanted to become like. Little did they know that they would meet some of the greatest ninja the world has ever seen in the process!

The Hidden Prodigy by mapplepie reviews Somehow sent back into the past, Kakashi is given a second chance to relive his childhood. He is determined to make the most of everyday and to fix the horrors of the future, but sometimes simple determination is not enough to save everyone. And this too, shall pass by sllebswap reviews EiRin Post! Regiment Shokugeki revelations.

In the aftermath of it all, he was…confused. Origins by Idle. Inkling reviews Through the cracks of Kakashi's dimension, time reverts back to where it all started. Surprisingly sober, Tsunade is left bewildered with her predicament. And, to her surprise, alcohol is not the attributer to any of it. Circuitry and Sentiments by Laryna6 reviews Raizel wants Frankenstein to get some rest.

Collaboration with qdeanna. Two Snakes by falconer54 reviews Salazar Slytherin never hated Muggleborns. But the noblest of intentions can be warped by history. Quest Fulfilled by Alsheon reviews In a meet and greet event, Ye Xiu is forced to hang around despite not joining the event at all. Whilst loitering around, Ye Xiu met a fanboy and made an unlikely friendship with the kid. Accident happened and the boy can't join the meet and greet, Ye Xiu decided to take his place. The pros are all speechless, why is Ye Qiu lining up in Tyranny's booth?

Spidey Pool! Earthly Concerns by xelay reviews Hell is other people. Or, in this particular instance: a phantom thief, a junior detective league, and five hours buried alive together. The essence of time by Avalayn reviews Luffy had just left Zou. Ace had just died in Marineford. But for some reason, they both wake up nearly 25 years back in the past. What happens when Luffy runs into the pirate king and his crew? And how will Ace deal with his biological father and his adoptive one, who doesn't even know he exists right now? Join Ace and Luffy on their crazy adventure as they search for the truth.

Padahal baginya hari itu tak ada ubahnya hari biasa.

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Namun Valentine hari itu berbeda, sebuah coklat unik membuatnya ingin balas memberikan hadiah dihari White Day. Siapa, ya As We Share Our Wounds by NebulaWrites reviews Ever since he was young, he would experience 'ghost pains' or 'ghost wounds' at no specific time nor specific day. Some would say that he was imagining it, or that it wasn't important, whereas others would simply say 'If you weren't hurt by someone, it's your soulmate that got hurt. Tony never noticed or thought about what Peter's real life was like. He knew his Aunt May raised him, but he never put much thought into how hard it would be to make ends meet for them, until one day Peter collapsing from hunger made that pretty clear.

But Blood is Thicker by xxfiretigersxx reviews Gakushu Asano never met his mother. Gakuho Asano was forced to let his son grow up without him. Karma Akabane never knew his father wasn't really his father. After finding out that he is the son of the Board Chairman and Gakushu Asano's twin, Karma is sent to live with them, but can these three actually learn to act as a family and get along? Now, getting a present from the great Kaitou KID was one thing. But a present representing love Shinichi is trying to comprehend that.

Fickle Fates by Autumnnight99 reviews A hopefully different take on the well worn time travel fanfic. Flirty He tian by Mavsvermillion reviews Just a continuation of 19 days Chapter , because we all know, that chapter is not enough. Traditionally Innovative by Raw Garlic reviews Shuri thrived off of innovation. It was the adrenaline rush, the euphoric high that made her feel valuable. M'Baku revered tradition.

It was a firm foundation, a map that made him feel secure. When a treaty becomes a possibility, can innovation and tradition learn from each other to create something new? Or will these values have to remain at an impasse forever? Bonne lecture! Sick He tian by Mavsvermillion reviews Just a fluff story after chapter of 19 days.

A Dangerous Request by The Mysterious Banana reviews Natsu got into another fight with Gray, only this time, they agreed that one of them should leave. Natsu attempted to attend a dangerous job to force Gray out of the team, but ended up returning as a girl. Now, Natsu must break a certain man out of Impel Down to reverse her curse. Luckily, Gray is there to help out, but will she want to change back, once a relationship is built? Pick me Up? Inspired by Chapter and 's Valentine's Day Special spreads.

Que doit-il faire? Now I want the best. The cream of the crop. Please read and review! Yaoi plus de 18 ans. Hitsugaya, Ciel P. What tricks does the younger Kiryu twin have planned for the participants? And why does Kaname Kuran seem eager for the dares ahead? It was only for a split second, but in that tiny moment, his heart twisted and his breath caught in his throat. With what, he didn't know.

It couldn't have been sadness. He'd become numb to it ages ago. Slight VadosxHit. I'm Sorry by CeruleanShockwave reviews Lisanna is back, and Natsu is spending as much time as he can with her. Problem is, she's trying to make a move on the oblivious-as-hell Natsu! What she doesn't know is that Natsu is already secretly dating Gray. Being the jealous boyfriend he is, Gray gets majorly pissed when Natsu forgets their anniversary. How will Natsu make it up to Gray?

The Fourteenth of February by lickitysplit reviews It's February 14, and Ban has forgotten exactly what that means. But now that he is a Holy Knight of Liones, the memories of past Februarys come back, some welcome, and some not. ASL Together! They decided to set out together to sail the seas. When they get capture by the Whitebeard Pirates they have to decide stay and join or leave. Follow the ASL as they have adventures and fun with the Whitebeard pirates.

Sleeping Beauty and the Useless Crewmates by JuHuaTai reviews There's a fruit that emulates a folklore, where the person who ate it goes into deep sleep and can only be waken up by a true love's kiss. And of course, someone, namely one Portgas D. Ace, was dumb enough to eat it, and Marco might just found himself to be the most reluctant 'prince charming' in the world. I will grow up! Little snippet for Byakuya's birthday. Lavender Oil by AllABoutYaoi23 reviews Draco comes into his inheritance and he's forced to help his mate deal with a few dark hidden secrets, with the support of some of their friends and family.

This story will be Slash. Draco Mate! Harry Warning: Non-Con, but not descriptive. Dumbledore, Ron and Arthur Weasley bashing. Don't forget to Review, it'll make me upload faster. The Extra Oil is a side piece to this. AU, In which, "You can't physically lie to your soulmate," but apparently, the rule is not a dead rule. So Ye Xiu is stuck missing his soulmate for almost eight whole years, if only he didn't try to lie to cover his condition. Apparently, Han Wenqing is not the type to lie around either.

Return of a rival by Naoki Ichigo reviews A new event was added to the program of the All Star Weekend, during this event Han Wenqing meets an old rival. A Forbidden Love by 3ntitylvr reviews Sasuke has a boyfriend and Itachi doesn't like it. Itachi's past lover shows up and Sasuke is, jealous? Love is a tricky thing, especially when it is Forbidden. Let Bygones Be Bygones by Dawnstorm reviews "Most don't resort to murder, either," Loki pointed out, tugging his hand free of Heimdall's. Scarred by invalidprophet reviews Ban wanted to know what was so special about the Captain's sword.

It went everywhere the Captain went. After a mission, Ban tries to steal Meliodas' sword and is left with a neck wound that isn't healing properly. As Ban deals with the healing process, he must make amends with his Captain. Basically, what happens before Ban is left with his wicked scar and how he got it. One shot. Matchstick Affairs by YokaiAngel reviews In a world where Minato Namikaze lives and Gaara's father, Rasa, is actually an alright dad, Naruto loves messing with his own.

Mon premier amour. Marco Bott. Mais je l'ai fait pourtant. Parasite by Neechu reviews Deux ans passent. When Fugaku Uchiha and Hizashi Hyuga meet, a web of secrets starts coming out. This is the sequel to Kletka Ptichka.

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Coming of Age by lickitysplit reviews Merlin is determined to unlock the mysteries behind love, so she goes to an unlikely person for help: that annoying demon, Estarossa. Rating for explicit material. Crackship, oneshot, pre-Holy War. A witch's thoughts by Raramses reviews Short pieces on Merlin spending time with her comrades and thinking of them. Contain spoilers of the recent chapters. Two Time Lovin' by blackstardragonlover reviews Karma's bored one day and decides to skip class, he stumbles across an interesting victim to have fun with and possibly torture playfully; Akashi is having a bad day today, going from headache to dealing with a brat who he just can't seem to shake off.

Part 1 of the Blood Red Family series. A Foxy Nine-Tailed Titan by arawiguM reviews The tailed-beasts have gone their separate ways after their containers die off.

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Kurama settles down in a hole in the ground and occasionally awakens to observe humanity, watch as Kurama wakes up in a backwards arse place and attempts to make sense of what appears to be cannibalistic, giant, nudists, while dealing with humans. My first summary, forgive how bad it is. Little Brothers by RaizelScarlet reviews "So, let me get this straight. You're pregnant? For the first time, they deal with each other with no lies to hide behind. Already in residence are a secretary and a pair of crooks who are up to no good. The horrid old man ends up dead. Can Inspector Merlin solve the case?

This murder mystery is based on a number of Agatha Christie novels. Cover Art by Lickitysplit maybeishouldwait on Tumblr. There's food, fighting and, of course, a secret Santa. Merry Christmas all! Genius Has Its Limits by southernbookgirl reviews Instead of meeting and becoming a family out of an L. From the Decks of the Sunny by Stelra Etnae reviews Unbeknownst to the Straw Hats, there were a lot more than just 9 crew members sailing aboard their ship.

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  2. Los mares de Wang (Spanish Edition).
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  8. After all, they say that the ones who we love never truly leave us. Join the unseen crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates as they watch over their living loved ones and maybe sometimes run into a bit of adventure of their own. Roger, Yorki. Quel est le tarif de l'heure pour une nounou Saiyenne? So it's all good now right? Peter may need help from Wade's roommate, Harley Quinn, and her girlfriend, Ivy, to figure out what he did wrong. Cause fine never means fine! Spideypool oneshot. Sequel to Starbucks and AirDrop, but can be read as a stand-alone. Though on the battlefield she met him, the enemy that kept the war going for two years longer than it needed to be.

    A Warm Impression by Hiiraeth reviews Minato is only seventeen years old, and in no way prepared to face Konoha's legendary White Fang. Particularly not if it involves explaining that his five-year-old son got hurt during an innocent training exercise. Or, the one where Minato meet Sakumo and finds something unexpected.

    Unadulterated fluff and family feelings. Background MinaKushi. Takumi and others. What kind of skill comes from delivering tofu? What skills lie within Takimi Fujiwara, a rookie who stands among the best Of racers?

    Friedrich NIETZSCHE - Le Gai Savoir - Livre audio SOUS-TITRES, Saperlipopette

    As she starts out from the bottom and catches the eyes of the infamous Takahashi Brothers, will they be able to bring out the true potential within her? And will Takimi want to see who her true self is? Allait-il y arriver? Finding Sabo! The Whitebeard pirates are on the hunt for the two running brats as well determined to meet the brat that caught Shanks attention and possibly get a new brother. Sabo can't get rid of the panic and fear constantly running threw him as all he can remember is fire. The Marine top-tiers are full of slacking drunkards and the Yonko are obsessed with rice crackers?

    Just what kind of chaos will unfold in a world such as this? A role-reversal AU where everything is upside down and no one is quite sane. Drabble series. Roger, Garp, S. A boy named Gildarts Clive. At his wits' end, Makarov sends the boy to Tenrou Island, where there is no one around for him to hurt - or so Makarov believes Amour Fraternel?

    A Promise for Eternity by Stelra Etnae reviews When he first met those half-lidded eyes and saw an old, old soul, he almost asked, how many captains have you lost? Bad decisions and the art of teaching AI's to lie by wolfypuppypiles reviews He knew that, logically, he should tell Tony, because he'd been told off a million times for hiding injuries, because stab wounds were dangerous, because he was fifteen and shouldn't deal with those things on his own. But of course Peter didn't tell, and the evening got a lot worse.

    One Too Many by mapplepie reviews When time-travel has a fixed point and Kakashi is the only one who has copied the jutsu, things get a little confusing. Thankfully there's a return jutsu, and Kakashi knows better than to meddle with time. Brotherly love. Voldemort fait un pari avec Luna Les feux d'artifice by SileneSong C'est une nuit ordinaire, sur la terre. III] OC. Dear Master by Alsheon reviews The god-tier Glory's pros are mysteriously invited into a building for various reasons. They didn't even aware of the others got invited. Now, they're facing a huge crisis where they all had to find out what's this all about.

    Might be their only answer Rayleigh, Straw Hats P. Echange by Yuuko Takashi reviews Un poisson magique et pouf! Comment est-ce qu'ils allaient se sortir de ce gros bordel et regagner leur corps? How would the guild react? Find out! When a boy meets his match by ynius reviews Title may change.

    For as long as they knew each other, they were together through thich and thin. Now it was no difference. Conan and Ai tranfer in a certain magician's class, wreaking havoc. Of course, Ai enjoys it all. Not for anything. Unfortunately, his boyfriend is dead-set on changing that. Hurt and shunned by almost everyone, help comes to Clark in the form of a certain Scarlet Speedster with a crazy idea. Reviews and constructive criticism are loved! Le plus magnifique des spectacles by Hinanoyuki reviews La magie. Elle existe sous toute forme possible. Et c'est pas Daniel qui peut dire le contraire.

    Et si on allait le frapper pour voir? Le concours de cicatrices by Toady reviews Qui a la cicatrice la plus glorieuse de l'univers de One Piece? Island Beach by BFHwantsblood reviews Frankenstein takes Raizel and the children to an island beach, that may hold more memories for Frankenstein then Raizel realised. Namjoon est un peu trop proche des filles. Namjoon est jaloux. Le petit ami jaloux by Arthygold reviews Cela fait deux ans que Aomine et Kise sont en couple. Seeing by MaelstromUchiha reviews She saw him fight and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

    The Only Exception by Eyto reviews Parfois, les mots ne suffisent pas pour exprimer ses sentiments. The Mermaid of Brigan by lickitysplit reviews Merlin is curious about the legend of a mysterious mermaid, who has the power to heal anything. So she asks her guardian, the goddess Elizabeth, to take her to investigate the truth. Experiment by BFHwantsblood reviews The latest experiment on himself leaves Frankenstein with a blood craving. Dysfunctional Family From Hell by woundedowl reviews They had all been a family, once. The higher demons, the blues the red, the grays, the queens; once they were all just a kingdom.

    Their people and their king. The clans and the clansmen. What might have been the royal family before the war destroyed it? Part of the group prompt with BettyBest2 and Lickitysplit. Ran and Haibara's Dangerous Shopping Date by Muphrid reviews Growing suspicious of Conan, Ran decides to take Haibara out to ask some questions about Conan's behavior and intelligence, but their shopping date turns tense when Haibara sees Gin's car idling nearby.

    Tenrou Pirates by CRUDEN reviews When the island of Tenrou appears in the East Blue the wizards of fairy tail that were participating during the annual S-class trials find themselves in new world a world of pirates, marines, seakings and adventure. Come along as Natsu and the others fight their way through the pirate world and make a name for themselves this is Tenrou Pirates.

    Storm by Kuroshi44 reviews Because even across the seas he would find a way to let his child know he cared. Mending the Leaves by Alsheon reviews Han Wenqing remembers that stunning female character, always been dutifully beside One Autumn Leaf striking through any obstacles with teamworks no one can measures.

    Of course he recognize it when it reappeared in the fourth season. Ye Xiu smiled sadly, "You still remember? Assault by Galfridus reviews Meliodas is in an extremely bad mood. Enough to go into assault mode, and there are no enemies in sight. He needs a good fight. His younger brother and brethren oblige. Spoilers through to Chapter They were wrong, Kakashi mused to himself. He was just a History Professor with a rather inappropriate attraction towards a graduate student named Sasuke Uchiha. That was until Orochimaru began his experiments and people began remembering their past lives.

    You don't get to take him from me this time. GoM and the Golden Trio by its. She did not realize that many players would actually take her word for it. It wasn't because the little fairy hated him. It went deeper than that. Ban was too oblivious to notice that King was avoiding him more and more everyday. Just a short little oneshot. I do not own Seven Deadly Sins. This contains no more than yaoi fluff. Warning: Violence in the future.

    Tout le monde a compris? Confidence by MaelstromUchiha reviews She was a Genin when they met for the first time and he suggested her promotion. The second time she was a Jonin and a hostage, while he found her pathetic. Chibi Parents by animeloverhomura reviews Conan and Haibara have a bit of a parental relationship with the detective boys. Watch how that impacts the people around them. La dispute by Gunjiin reviews Deadpool et Spiderman sortent ensemble depuis un moment maintenant mais il y a peu il y avait encore des secrets entre eux. Don't go there by Kindred01 reviews Peter has a problem.

    I command your breasts to grow! Roger, Straw Hats P. Envies et paresses by Isadora. Why random time-hopping is dangerous by ShiiroiKitsune21 reviews Team Minato will never know what got into their sensei's head — because, really, a time-hopping scroll? That was just impossible, wasn't it?

    Randomness, seriousness, face-palms and sad attempts at humor ahead! Ripples in an Impossible Sea by regenengel3 reviews A single pebble makes hundreds of tiny waves and a butterfly's wings can start a hurricane. What would three brothers on an endless sea of impossible adventure do, if given the chance?

    Yeah, right! What's high school without stalkers, fights, rivalries, crushes, lust, violence, and good old-fashioned teen drama? Read to find out! Aujourd'hui, il y en a un de plus qui se manifeste. To make a victory, you break something mighty and rebuild it piece by piece. To make a life, you glue the pieces together and hope for the best. Kurama's still getting the hang of this 'human' thing, but since he's 30 years back in time with a blond brat to save, he'll have to figure things out on the fly. What if the fairy sphere had a flaw?

    What if not all of the members were safely frozen in time for 7 years? What if some of them had devil fruit powers? What would their existence change things? Frozen in Place by friendlyneighborhoodfairy reviews When Natsu heard Mirai Rogue's accusation against Gray, he didn't believe it. One year later, he still doesn't. Except when he meets up with the ice mage, something isn't quite right. And just when he wants to ask Gray out, they encounter Frosch Manga spoilers: post-Avatar. Grossesse by Miss Cactus reviews "Satsuki, tu es enceinte?

    La Demande by Love-Fiction reviews Voila bien longtemps qu'ils sont en couples, mais Grey la perd S'aimer en secret by PetitPandad'Amour reviews Hermione et Drago sont ensemble, dans le pus grand secret, depuis un an. Heureusement qu'il a des bons amis sur qui compter King by xuesea reviews The Straw Hats never really understood the meaning of King. Madararui Prison by Otakufanlover reviews Nanba Prison is unlike any other.

    Not only because it is the securest prison in the world, but also because of something else. Things…don't go as expected. Read and find out! Never have I ever by Kyra. Wasp reviews Have you ever wondered what could happen between two drunken geniuses? Walter O'Brien and Happy Quinn have drunk more than the count and the inhibitions begin to disappear, they begin to speak more of the account and at some point they lose the course of their initial intentions. Le pourquoi de ton ignorance by ObscurObsession reviews OS. Ne savait-il donc pas qu'il ne fallait jamais ignorer un Malfoy?

    Et surtout pourquoi est-ce que cela le touchait-il autant? Trouble at the Market by Colt reviews Tentative title. Kakashi refuses to allow Minato to accompany him to the market.

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    Minato wants to know why. Une Juvia en pleure. De la pluie. Toujours de la pluie. Just a Girl by divenire reviews College AU. After the women's soccer team humiliatingly gets cut at Trost University, Mikasa joins their rival school's team as her brother Eren to prove that girls can play just as well as boys.

    What she didn't sign up for, however, was falling in love with her roommate, Levi Ackerman A Broken Soul by raendown reviews Kakashi was born with a counter just like everyone else. But his was different. His was broken. Too bad that the man who wins didn't realize what he was fighting for! Will they be able to reconcile or end up killing each other? Papa, pourquoi tu pleures? Mais c'est dur d'apprendre la trahison. Il doit partir Hitsugaya, R.

    Derniers Commentaires...

    Matsumoto, K. Zaraki - Complete. Who knew this anniversary would be one of the best days of their lives together Maid Sama! Le poing d'Akainu vient de transpercer Ace. Garp fait un pas. Une toute petite seconde. Notre cher Harry aurait-il quelques soucis? Or so the citizens of Earthland believed. A vicious twist of fate has scattered Fairy Tail's mages into an unknown world where the concept of magic is laughed at but phone snails and power-granting fruits are an acceptable every day thing.

    A Devious Secret by thekatthatbarks reviews Kakashi looked back to Madara with a growing smirk. Nouveau Cycle by La plume d'Eowin reviews La vie est immuable. Mais certains n'ont pas cette chance. Amongst the Elite a squad is clearly distinct, ruled by popular Seniors. Mikasa is particularly intrigued and infuriated by a particular squad member, the leader, who so happens to be the School hottie and Basketball captain, the infamous Levi Ackerman Simple Decisions by Nifawiwa reviews Due to a certain string of events, the Phantom and the Emperor find themselves placed in the last place one would expect: class 3-E.

    Needless to say, chaos is ensured. AkaKuro and light KarmaGisa. Rated T for Akashi and Karma. The Part-Time Player by ardror reviews With the team still reeling from their Championship win, Kuroko drops a bomb on them. Apparently, there is one more Teiko basketball prodigy out there Kagami wants to beat. Unfortunately for Kagami, all this guy wants to do is swim now.

    How will Fairy Tail and the rest of the Magic World react to the presence of this young woman who's the granddaughter of two of the Seven Deadly Sins? A different kind of Lucy with a bit of her canon side. Expect some OOCs just in case. L'histoire de deux oiseaux by Dioxygen reviews Ou ce qu'il se passe quand une harpie un peu trop entreprenante vient squatter le nid d'un faucon. Ever Have I? Never by kiboeme reviews Meliodas forces his Seven Deadly Sins into some Via booze and a drinking game, of course!

    Holy Knight Sins, pre-exile pre-fish pie. People wanted me to write NnT fic, so I did. Not only had he been killed during his fight with Pain, granted it had actually been his fault, but he had been brought back to life. Under normal circumstances, Kakashi would be more than happy, but being reanimated as his eight years old chunin self was not funny..

    Not when he found himself face to face with his dead father Turns out, he needn't have worried. De simples amis by Miss Cactus reviews Midorima et Murasakibara ont de grandes mains. Mais- Mais non, pas au lit! Alors que fait-elle? Elle appelle la seule personne susceptible de l'entendre.

    Short oneshot! Not everyday is a good day, live anyway by cand13 reviews Not everyone tells the truth, trust anyway. Not everyone will love you back, love anyway. Not every game will be fair, play anyway. How else could anyone survive what they have and still be that lively? ASL growing up with Whitebeard story. Gowther ne comprend pas ses compagnons. Merlin est une femme. Il est le chef de la brigade des Epluchures. Gilthunder l'aime, Margaret l'aime en retour. Elaine ne comprend vraiment pas cet humain. Recueil de drabble - Kuroko no basket by Jellypix reviews Un petit recueil de drabble sur Kuroko.

    Promises by Sode no Shirayuki reviews Gowther and Estarossa's relationship from the first hello to their 'I do's. Or the I do's. Estarossa x Gowther. Happy Birthday, Corporal by bewdifuldragon reviews Mikasa gripped the tiny box tightly in her hands, biting her lip as she stared at it nervously.

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