Lost Among The Stars

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It was ok The heroine had a couple of the " i am too stupid to live moments" but overall she was likable. However, I couldn't really relate to any of the characters as actions and behaviors were described superficially. The same goes for the whole universe Missing some depth! Mar 15, Dena rated it liked it Shelves: donebooks-read. I liked the dragons and thought the story was great. The book needs more editing but it doesn't take away from the story. Jun 22, Marianne Bair rated it liked it.

Good Read The story was good, although I wish the it were just a little more developed. I really noticed there were grammar errors and lots of typos. It was interesting though. I can see a series developing here. Oct 28, Gene Lancaster rated it really liked it.

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A good book I enjoyed this book very much. But I felt that the bad language was not necessary.

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I would of given it a 5 if it wasn't for the poor editing. But I can hardly wait to hear Kelly's story. Mar 31, Candace rated it liked it. I would give this book a solid three.

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One of the major problems for me was the editing. But I don't know if this book was ever edited and and re-released. I read what I believe to be an early copy that was on a kindle that was given to me. So if this hasn't been edited watch out! Reading the edition I did was horrific. I personally don't understand this type of problem because I am referring to simple grammar mistakes, missing words and completely backwards sentence structure.

To me those are eas I would give this book a solid three. To me those are easily rectified by simply reading it. Anyways as far as the story goes I think it was wonderful premise that just fell a little short. The author left too many things unexplained and the story line did NOT have a smooth flow. I literally went back and made sure I didn't accidentally skip a chapter. The change was that abrupt!

I'm all for a change of heart but I require some sense of reasoning behind it. I kind of felt like the author spent to much time making sure she could setup the other books in the series. And every time it was the same way.

The first time he sees her its instant recognition and he is dumbfounded. Dude we get it, it's shocking to find your life mate. Also where is the mystery in that? I just felt like I wasn't even looking forward to the other books. There was instant recognition of a life mate and then nothing. Nothing that pulled me in and made me say, "I have to read the next book.

It has promise but just isn't there yet. Side Note: This is just my opinion and I don't allow it to have any weight when rating a book BUT what is it with younger authors using the word pussy? I don't even like to type it so can you imagine how much I hate to read it. I'll say that at the right time and on rare occasions an author can use that word to just take your breath away and turn you on.

But once in ever sentence of every sex scene?

Lost Among The Stars

That word is vulgar and over used. I just want to throw a thesaurus at these authors who use it like Rebecca Pond did. When did using the same word over and over become acceptable when writing a book?

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And that word? Just my opinion but authors like Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown Brown being edgy to me show class in not using such an obvious word. Jun 23, Lauren rated it it was ok.

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Poorly written The book needs editing. There are run on sentences, and choppy dialogue. It doesn't flow properly. Incorrect words like pack instead of pact. I want to punch Maggie in the throat. One second she is relieved to not have reached Lephus to be a breeding machine and continually raped, the next she insists upon going. Kelly says she would love to have a big strong man, but when one shows her attention, she resists. Overall, I would've enjoyed this more of it was better written, and if Ma Poorly written The book needs editing. Overall, I would've enjoyed this more of it was better written, and if Maggie wasn't such a frustrating character.

Jul 06, Danny L Walling rated it really liked it. Unique I thought the book had a good plot, but wasn't expanded enough. The characters were OK, they needed more work to be loved. There were some spelling errors, as well as grammatical errors, but overall a good read. Aug 23, Elisa rated it it was ok Shelves: a-ebook-kindle-unlimited , romance-alien-scifi-future. Some good ideas were held back drastically by really bad editing.


I got this book via the new Kindle lending program. Apr 03, Birgit rated it it was ok Shelves: not-finished. This storyline has so much potential, but the writing was so very bad. One moment she was resisting him, the next they had sex. Feb 02, Michele bookloverforever rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , romance , sci-fi.

Not bad. Flavia rated it really liked it Feb 18, Kay rated it liked it Apr 06, Alda rated it liked it Feb 01, Jennifer Clark rated it liked it Sep 23, Lauren Bobbitt-Gray rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Julie Garver rated it really liked it Oct 29, Zordee Geller rated it did not like it Jul 12, Kay rated it liked it Aug 31, Megen rated it liked it Apr 21, Sarah rated it it was ok Sep 20, Gayle rated it liked it May 17, Sara rated it liked it Apr 03, Ailee rated it did not like it Jul 26, Christopher Ormond rated it it was ok Nov 04, Alessandra rated it it was ok Aug 21, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. About Rebecca Lorino Pond. Rebecca Lorino Pond. Born and raised in the New Orleans area, Rebecca moved to Ponchatoula 15 years ago. She published her first book in January and since has released ten other books. She loves to write Sci-Fi romance because the story and characters are totally derived from her imagination. Writing e-books has become Rebecca's full-time job. I will never give up my writing to go back out into the workforce to do something I might hate. Writing is my passion.

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