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Book sale is on garage level. Set up in book store style no boxes! New Books!!! I'm excited that I was able to read this one, as it's the perfect summer read if you are looking for a short story with a sweet romance.

I really enjoyed the story, and loved the mermaid lore in this one. Jun 20, Carolee rated it it was amazing. A refreshing short story that left me wanting more. A delight for the senses and I was able to visualize the story through the writing. I also loved the Celtic nod which was new and different. This was a fun story for any reader.

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Jun 18, Jamie Lee Zonneveld rated it really liked it. This was my first read by Kyla Stan and I really liked it. It was a wonderful sweet short story. Jun 19, Katie O'Sullivan rated it really liked it. Fans of Aquamarine will enjoy this short sweet story. A short, light-and-sweet summer romance. Our main characters are each at a crossroads in their lives, getting ready to make the leap into what's next. For best friends Meri and Ginger, this is their last summer before heading off to college and they're taking one last road trip together to the Florida Keys.

For Murchadh, it's time to decide if he wants to leave the life he knows and move to the Florida Keys with his sister Sophie, but he has t Fans of Aquamarine will enjoy this short sweet story. For Murchadh, it's time to decide if he wants to leave the life he knows and move to the Florida Keys with his sister Sophie, but he has to make up his mind in three days. Why only three days? Because he's actually a merman and after the sun sets on the third day he won't be able to return to his ocean home. Meri and Murchadh share toe curling kisses and a whirlwind romance, but is it enough for them to change their lives?

Or is it a just a summer romance? I enjoyed the storyline and characters, and thought the author's ideas were creative and on the right track. As a short story it was okay to breeze through, but it could use additional editing for grammar and sentence structure, so I understand the criticisms other readers have left in their comments.

The insta-love didn't bother me because, hey, they're 17 and it's a summer weekend romance, and besides, who wouldn't fall in love with a hunky merman making googly eyes at you? The ending seemed a bit rushed and I would've enjoyed a bit more plot development Jun 04, Selina rated it liked it Shelves: ya , short-stories , arcs. This was such a fun jaunt into mermaids! Great for a summer beach read, and perfect as I'm getting excited about the new season.

I loved that the backdrop of the story was a convention though I wish we'd seen that a bit more , and of course I loved the mermaid element. I think with a little more length, some of the characters could have been developed further and we could have gotten more of a taste for the world, but it was a cute little story regardless. Overall, I'd give it a solid 3. Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book to provide an honest review.

Jun 03, Blaire Hammond rated it it was amazing. Seeing where it was and then seeing how Kyla added to it and evolved it was truly beautiful. I adored this story and absolutely recommend you pick it up. It's short but sweet! I have to give this a 5 out of 5 stars.

It was such an enjoyable read and I really loved the characters. Despite how short the story is, it's still filled with fun and love and friendship. It's a great story that I recommend picking up! View 2 comments. Jun 18, Brianna Belbin rated it really liked it. This was a short and sweet summer romance story. I loved the idea of the mermaid convention and the Florida setting was perfect for it. I feel like for the length of this story the characters and plot were developed well. I wish we could have had more background and information on the mer-world because I found it interesting and unique the way that Kyla wrote it.

The story had a sad, but sweet ending that definitely left room for imagination or for a sequel. Jun 21, Nadine rated it liked it. Cute Meri is a bit of a wandering soul, not sure what to do with her life. A cute story. I liked it. I enjoyed the characters. Meri is sweet, Ginger enthusiastic, Murchadh mysterious and Siofra helpful. I enjoyed the general plot. That was disappointing. Jun 03, Patti rated it really liked it. Overall rating: 4. A very sweet and heartwarming tale of young love that leaves the future to our imaginations. This makes a great book to escape into for a quick break.

I admire this authors skill at creating such a awe inspiring setting for this tale. Truly allowed me to imagine seeing what Meri experienced. A very worthy tale. All my reviews are always voluntarily written. Jun 16, Basicsadie rated it really liked it. A short, enjoyable adventure between two friends, introduced into the world of real mermaids! You'll love the characters, and wish for a longer version to see what becomes of these two! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Trisha Andrea marked it as to-read Jun 14,