The Psychic Prison Break

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It limits your worldview in certain ways. This can be a liability, if your value worldview is fundamentally misaligned with the prevailing market regime. A static identity locks you into particular patterns of thought and behavior. These patterns are relatively straightforward for others to identify and exploit, whether in business, politics or investing.

Escaping the psychic prison of identity is straightforward but not easy. All you have to do is redraw the boundaries of your identity. This lies at the heart of zen practice, adjacent to the idea of non-attachment. After years of practice, a zen master might be able to completely erase his attachment to self—a process that might trigger a complete mental breakdown for someone unprepared for the experience. What might this feel like?

Our value investor might begin working on his escape from the limiting aspects of that identity by play-acting at growth or momentum investing. At least to start, anyway. You are the masks you choose to wear.

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For some this is a frightening possibility to consider. Particularly from a metaphysical perspective. Remember, you get to choose the masks you wear. True freedom is freedom from an arbitrary or externally defined definition of self. Personal freedom is engaging in creative destruction at the level of the self. Economic freedom is engaging in the process of creative destruction in the external world. The difference between freedom and slavery is agency. This is the reason I included that quote from The Rock at the start of this post. It cuts to the very heart of what it means to be free.

Losers whine about doing their best.

The Psychic Prison Break

The archetype of the chronically negative loser described at the beginning of this post is especially grim. Here is a person who cannot even rise to the level of whining about doing her best. All she can do is whine about being a victim. I am certain that there is nothing good, great or desirable which man can possess in this world, that does not come by some kind of labor of physical or mental, moral or spiritual.

A man, at times, gets something for nothing, but it will, in his hands, amount to nothing. What is true in the world of matter, is equally true in the world of the mind. Without culture there can be no growth; without exertion, no acquisition; without friction, no polish; without labor, no knowledge; without action, no progress and without conflict, no victory.

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Organizations as Psychic Prisons

Organization as a Psychic prison 1. Psychic Prisons.. Are dysfunctional myths and stories that control fear and anxiety.

I'm a Psychopath - Hannah Stocking

Taylor is exemplified by this Psychic Prison. Tight supervision so there are no surprises. Competition, domination and no emotions are the rule of the game. We only keep white men on top echelon when hiring and blame white women and people of color for anything problematic that occurs. Death reminds us of our limitations and lack of control. We try to connect with something more enduring than our physical bodies.

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When people believe they will endure, they are more likely to obey authority. Death and Immortality.. As we invest ourselves in our work,our roles become our realities. In much of science and in everyday life we manage our world by simplifying it,because in making it simple we make it amenable to control. Evil wishes to destroy us and we must survive it. I guess I cannot blame you as that was the first thing I thought of when I was exposed to the idea that an organisation can be a psychic prison.

Organisations which have become trapped in a psychic prison often share a common set of the following traits:. Below is a simple diagram of the Psychic Prison;. A team of Educationist from various fields of study, with a great desire to help students with Academic work, and also offer consultancy services in the areas of Education.

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