The Secret Logs of Starbase GABRIEL

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Christina Linde Normann: Fantastic storry and very well written as well. Lots of humour and tears In the right places. Makes me want to wander in to a cave myself.. Mercedes: Lydia is a fire wizard that is fated to do something to save the world. She has to have sex with the king of her region so she can gain control of her powers. At the beginning you kinda hate Gabriel but I never did.

Yes he was a dick when he took her virginity, but he asked for consent, and altho Katakin: The story was interesting and had a good plot. I wish there had been more information; more to the story. When a reader wants more you know it is good. I also wished there had been more put into the catching of the traitors and consequences the Potentes faced.

Some of the Order was taken care of, Samudhyatha Vijay Mhora: I liked the plot very much. The style of writing is good too. So, yeah, it has definitely been a good read so far. Venkatesh R: I did like the cloud's behavior, Peters responces to it. Very intersting story and fun to read.

Trevon Yeamen: I love this book it's really great I love how is writing a love to plot twist I left when you know she's just so powerful and strong keep writing. Just amazing Menna Hassan: So far.. I'm very intrigued and excited to see how this book will progress! You can also Search Search. Fandoms More Fandoms. Write or Upload Story.

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