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When I listen to their vocals I thought they were very similar to Styx. Their drummer, Roy Ward, had a voice that would go into the stratosphere. Their harmonies were fantastic and they were a pretty progressive band. Five of their albums were produced by Mutt Lange and engineered by Mike Shipley. Mike Slammer learned much of his stuff working with those guys.

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He has a fantastic sense of rhythm, lyric and melody and sonically his albums so good. The last studio album that you recorded with Kansas was Somewhere To Elsewhere in There were four songs on there that Kansas had demoed for the Power album. Mike and I reworked the songs, we added guitar parts and I re-sang the parts that Steve had sung. Steve was fine with that and it was him that found the original master tapes in a box in his linen closet. They were sold old and had to be baked and transferred onto a digital format before we could use them.

Bearing in mind you co-wrote the whole of the Seventh Key album do you feel you were given enough opportunity to write within Kansas? One of the main reasons I started Seventh Key and Native Window too was that the writing process in Kansas revolved running ideas past Steve and the last studio album was all written by Kerry Livgren.

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We had a couple of guys come in and shadowed us on a tour and it was more about the original band than the present touring line-up of Kansas. With Native Window you played a few live shows together and even opened up for Kansas on a couple of occasions. Was it strange being your own opening band? We did do several shows opening for Kansas. We did it tongue in cheek and thanked the band for having us on the tour.

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    4. But, how? By moving, adding and personalizing widgets. You can drag and drop to rearrange. You can edit widgets to customize them. It is almost as if the quality that we recognize, in turn, recognizes our recognition.

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      And shows up more, as if it was simply waiting for us to see that it has been there all along. But sometimes in our recognition, we may notice that a certain quality is trapped and blocked by other excuse the word crap. Our work often challenging work then becomes to relate and work with the crap through awareness and purification. As we work with these patterns or mental impressions, we move closer and closer to the essence and quality of santosha. And we begin to see that the grass is not greener on the other side.

      The grass is greener on the inside. In fact, a patch of the greenest grass you can imagine waits for you. On this patch of grass, the wind is soft and comforting, and reminds you that you have everything you need, inside of you.

      The Seventh Key

      On this patch of grass, you can lay your heavy burdens aside and take the pressure off. You can be content in not-knowing.

      You can be content in not-doing. You are already all things. As a writer and editor, Deborah Quibell believes in the pure magic of words. She is deeply interested in what inspires and moves us creatively. She sees writing, not only as way to tap into our true voice and bring our unique messages out into the world to touch others but also to discover un-accessed parts of ourselves.

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      A lover of mystery, poetry, imagination, and language, she lives for moments of captivation and is mesmerized by the human heart—our capacity to love, connect, and express. She works, as a writer, healer, and teacher, towards creating a world re-enchanted and re-ensouled. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Depth Psychology, with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and teaches meditation, yoga, and pranic healing.