The Yoni Tantra. Unveiling a Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual

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Are you tired of chasing weak orgasms? Women can experience longer, deeper, faster and more powerful orgasms. Men can orgasm without tiring ejaculations. You can tap into an endless, spontaneous flow of creative, love energy.

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In Ancient India, Tantric sex was taught as an art form that every conscious person must master. Now you can learn these ancient and proven skills translated as a 21st century art form and experience harmonious, joyful union. No explicit sexual activity or nudity takes place in class; optional homeplay is assigned. He has taught tantra since the s under the title "The Art of Conscious Loving".

The Yoni Tantra. Unveiling a Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual

Please contact Olga [masked] for sign up instructions and questions. Or email [masked] Please indicate "Olga" as person who referred you. Expand your perspective of spirituality, sexuality, love and intimacy to give your love life a whole new dimension. No previous experience necessary. It's a gift to feel our body and our senses in each moment.

We can quieten our mind with the bliss of pleasure, and merge our spirit into timelessness. This opens the door to true intimacy within ourselves, our beloved and those close to us, and we discover our orgasmic potential in the valleys and on the peaks, leaving conventional sexual goals behind. Do you wonder how to take sex to a higher level? Would you like to improve your lovemaking? Is self-acceptance an issue for you? Do you wish there was more love in your life? Are you ready to integrate Tantra into your lifestyle?

Could your communication skills be improved? Could there be more romance in your relationship? Would you like to be an even better lover? You have probably answered yes to most of the questions, and if so, then Timeless Loving Level 1 is for you. By opening your heart and energy channels you discover new ways to enjoy unconditional love and connection in a safe and loving environment. We explore: the weaving of spirituality, love and intimacy enhancing intimate communication skills.

Tantric Rituals the gentle power of sacred space moving sexual energy to the heart From the Timeless Loving Level 1 seminar, you'll take home with you ways to access your source of ecstatic energy, and share it in a conscious way in your intimate relationships and your everyday life. This popular seminar is a fun and safe way to begin your Tantric journey. While we consider Tantra to be a continuing and spiritual practice, you'll learn many things that can be put to play immediately after the seminar, then again and again.

Timeless Loving Level 1 : An Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra is is designed for people ready to take a step towards more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their intimate relating and daily lives. Are you struggling with opening your heart? Do you have resistance to deep connection and find yourself holding back? Are you craving a higher love that has you feeling seen, adored and honored just as you are?

When you limit yourself and let fear control your steps toward intimacy, there is a price. Come enjoy an evening of discovery and transformation so that you can call in love in a whole new way. Visit WomenReclaimYourLife. We'll be uncovering our innermost secrets and share from our years of practice and experience. What stories are you telling yourself about Love? That you're life is full of love and you have everything you need? For many people there is a false story about not belonging. Would you like to spend an afternoon experiencing a different story, one of belonging, or feeling more deeply seen, accepted, and connected to others?

Let's talk about love. Registration at Event starts promptly at and no one will be admitted after we begin. Last time we had close to 30 people. Advertised in multiple locations. The Yoni Tantra. Kaulas were the unlikeliest folk to mince words and the sexual ritual of the yoni tattva is here described in the clearest of terms. Beginning with an exploration of the Svecchachara, Kamarupa, the Ten Mahavidyas and a background on the reverence for women, this eBook then goes ont to provide a translation of the eight Patalas from the Yoni Tantra. Get A Copy.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Ideally, when our bottom three energy centers are clear and balanced and our top three energy centers are clear and balanced, we live in joy from the heart through unconditional love. You can truly integrate alternative healing methods with the traditional and create your own personalized complimentary breathing practice to empower and heal yourself!

There are 10 breaths total that are related to different chakras.

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The music has been calibrated to the specific tone and note associated with the specific chakra. All 10 breaths and the introduction will be made available on my professionally recorded mp3 files free of charge after taking the class. This is for people who want to experience: Extra energy, increased mental clarity, a greater ability to solve problems, an efficient and healthier life, more, love, joy, forgiveness, compassion, and freedom, less stress, a creativity boost and expressing your truth, more balance, greater intuition, and a deeper connection with your spirituality.

Jules Sutherland Mama Mojo is a lover, dancer, dreamer and realist, who wholeheartedly believes that…. Jules and Perpetual Mojo are committed to bringing sexy back to self-empowerment through passion, presence and play. Dane Tomas will be bringing his unique flavour of interactive ritual transmission to Return to Eden, taking whoever shows up through an energetic activation and awakening journey using erotic energy, consciousness, ritual, movement, humour and spoken word. The presentation will involve embodied movement, breathing practices, and energetic and erotic activation interwoven with live performance.

While BDSM is predominantly used by loving couples in the bedroom as a way to engage in consensual power exchange, power exhange often occurs unconsciously in all kinds of relationships. Understanding HOW power exchanges can affect your interactions outside the bedroom can help you to reclaim your power and personal agency, define your personal boundaries and learn communicate them effectively, and help you sit comfortably within your dark masculine and dark femine aspects when engaging with others.

Are you consciously engaging in power exchange during play or are you using your power without awareness? This workshop will teach you how to safely and consensually use a few simple tools in your play. Discover how breath, touch and removal of the senses enhance pleasure, dominance and submission so that your actions have the desired effect in your play. Explore how we each manifest our physical agency and the magnitude of power.

Partner Tantra Exercise (Connect Deeply)

This will enhance your power in other aspects of life. Did you ever meet your inner oracle? Your ability to feel space, people and the energetic sphere? This is an opportunity to explore your gift of sight and be guided by the voice of infinite wisdom. Allow your vision and intuition to unveil and see what medicine you hold for yourself and others when your oracle is free. Winter Jade Icely is a witch, mystic and wild embodier having discovered her magic as a child she immersed herself in ritual and enchantment.

Winter holds a powerful connection to the unseen realms. Winter has facilitated sacred spaces for the past six years with expertise in the realm of the mystical arts, sexuality and embodiment.

Eros and Sexuality in the History of Western Esotericism

Winter is passionate about liberating herself and others to remember the limitless nature of the soul. She has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter. The heart erotic is a journey into heart sex, uncovering the erotic wisdom and pleasure of the heart. This workshop explores the deep intimacy many of us are seeking for but do not always find in connections.

The heart is a doorway into revealing our authentic self, our vulnerability and ability to transmit our soul, this is magnified when it is linked to our sex. The heart erotic will explore intimacy and pleasure as a path of liberation. This workshop is for those who want to relate more deeply and feel more; in their hearts, bodies and sex. Passionate about kink education, Scarlet runs weekly shibari workshops and monthly BDSM workshops from her dojo in West Auckland, travells NZ doing workshops and works one on one.

Equally happy tying or being tied, you can usually find her with rope in her hand. This workshop will teach you the tools for gentle, connective play with your partners, blocking out all distractions and eliminating the world beyond. This process can result in a very passionate experience, deep surrender or a state of non self and emptiness. Sensual rope is not usually done naked. This class is about the journey and not the destination. I battled the inner fight of what I was feeling to be true for me, and what all of my social circles were telling me was normal.

I suffered from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and porn addiction. From the day we become old enough to touch ourselves we start to experience shame. When we start masturbating we are quiet and secretive about it incase we get caught. Discover the gateways to ecstatic pleasure by learning how to come into a receptive, feminine state where the voice is able to move freely through the body.

Song can bring us into an orgasmic state and conversely, when we activate our orgasmic energy, we can shift stagnant energy and open up our voice so that it can start to flow freely. During this workshop, we will work with practises that will allow you to channel orgasmic energy through the body, with womb toning, sound, breath, massage techniques and sensual movement. Many men have been conditioned to deny their feminine nature, cutting off their power to their intuitive and feeling nature, leaving them seeking and searching for a feminine outside of themselves for this energy.

When a man embodies his own inner feminine he becomes more magnetic, it brings depth and energy to his body and his heart and helps him to connect to the world around him,. By embodying his inner feminine he can connect more deeply to the outer feminine and thus to the women in this life, it helps him to understand women better and supports him to have the depth of relationship he desires. To fully harness the power and richness of his emotional body, and open within himself the ecstatic current of life. This workshop will support men to connect to the great primordal SHE the vital life energy that pulsates through all of existence.

This in turn enhances your masculine power supporting a deep relaxation into who you are as a fully integrated human being. April-lee has an extensive background in dance, movement, yoga and the art of tease. She has been a exotic dancer for 6years, as well as an active yoga teacher, competitive IFBB Bikini amateur, Burningman workshop facilitator, Rainbow serpent speaker plus variety of other trainings, and events. With a wide variety and background in different movement modalities she weaves together fun interactive workshops designed to get you out of your heads and into your hearts and bodies.

Tap into the sensual, sexy, playfulness of full embodied movement as you give yourself permission to unleash your inner tigeress! This is a fun and naughty sensual dance experience where you will learn body confidence, posture, sexy dance moves and how to give a hot and steamy intimate lap dance by tapping into your wild and wondrous self!

Come dressed in your most sexy lingerie and get ready to express yourself as we learn the basics of the art of sensual dance. Get ready for a deliciously fun time as you allow your playful nature to shine through and unleash your playful side for all to cheer on! A deep activating embodiment practice to clear blockages and obstructions to arising kundalini energy — open, clear and activate your body, chakras, nadis and whole energy system. Using yoga, movement, dance, bandhas, sound, emotional release and breath.

Simple and powerful practices to clear and awaken the channel, move the energy and release emotional blockages to infuse your fiery eros through each chakra to get your juices flowing and energy fully activated. Connect into your intuition, you innate ability to move energy and become a channel for the divine flow of life.

Tarisha is a relationship coach trained in Hakomi body and mindfulness based psychotherapy and emotionally focused couples therapy EFT , certified breathwork practitioner and feminine power coach. Her approach to relationship counselling is highly experiential and gives you the tools and wisdom you need to create a loving, passionate and flourishing relationship.

Experience Tantric breathwork practice to awaken and circulate your sexual energy. Inspired by a passion to assist people to live full and vibrant lives, Jules has been involved with natural and transformational healing for many years. She encourages self-awareness and self-responsibility through the empowerment of health and sexuality. As a sexuality and relationship coach, Jules assists individuals and couples to cultivate and sustain healthy, authentic, intimate relationships.

A nutritional guide specialising in raw food and detoxification, Jules facilitates fasting and rejuvenation retreats in New Zealand and overseas, teaches classes, offers individual nutritional and wellbeing consultations and provides raw culinary services. Amber Ra is a tantrica and practitioner of awareness, healing, energy, movement and conscious sexuality as tools of self-empowerment. Exploring the shamanic qualities of the elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether through the magic of our consciousness that echos in our bodies.

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We will activate the medicine of each element using sound breath and movement and vibrte them in the body. Supported by really enchanting music especially designed to awaken the unique frequency of each element. How much do you love and cherish your home? Your body that is. The place in which you dwell and get to hang out in all of your life. How much pleasure, how much ease and how much love do you associate with it? What if you could feel even better than you do right now — or even better than you have ever before? Delight your body with practical information, some whacky and wonderful ideas, and be inspired and motivated to feel radically alive, deliciously juicy and more deeply in love with your Eden than ever before.

This is an introduction workshop into our culture of consent, respect and communication in sexual spaces and life. We will learn to discover and communicate our healthy boundaries and our desires and be soverign beings in such unique spaces as the festival.

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Thiw workshop is compulsory for anyone who has not attended ISTA trainings. Human Design is the science of Differentiation.

The Yoni Tantra. Unveiling a Key Tantrik Sexual Ritual

Each of us a unique being that operates in our own unique way get to know your true self as opposed to the Conditioned not self. If you know you are here to make a difference this tool is perfect for highlighting the keys to your life story of how to make that difference. The Predator Within. Ria Rhythms Since her deep dive down the path of yoga in RIA has been refining her offering based on her true love of flow. Procession of the Ages The procession of the ages is a ritual theatre piece that encapsulates the journey of the evolution of devotion.

Ria Rhythms Wild Grace. No sleaze, no small talk, no steps to learn… Mojo Dance is a celebration of the best of human nature; a. Mojo Dance has been the darling of the Melbourne dance and conscious relating scene for five years, as well as many interstate and international events and festivals. Come join us, and get your individual and collective mojo rising, rocking and dancing in passionate delight. Jasmeen Hana Jasmeen has been exploring the ancient temple arts from a young age. Benefits: Increased sexual Lust Spiritual insight Sexual comfort.

Anahata Flow of the Heart We are conceived from love, born in love. Tahlia Brand Tahlia spent the early part of her life growing up on a sheep farm in the deep south of New Zealand. Bruce Lyon Bruce loves to explore the places where the personal, planetary and cosmic journey meet, and to guide others on their initiatory journey into the life force that lies behind both the esoteric and erotic dimensions of love.

In he co-founded Shamballa School — and has taught extensively around the world.