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    Zootles Frogs. The magazine is ad-free which is a great bonus in my opinion. Each publication features a particular animal, for example pandas, and the entire magazine for those two months has interesting facts about the pandas, covering their habitat, the panda babies, how they play, their diet, and a short story featuring the panda. The magazine also has a 'fun pages' feature which comprises fun activities like coloring, This subscription focuses on animal science concepts, mainly physical features, subspecies, and interesting fact.

    Very limited on th phonics, and number focus, but maybe that is why it is a science subscription, lol. Some facts were even new for me. Example, you can easily tell the various monkys from apes because monkeys have tails, apes gorillas, chimpes, orangutans, bonobos do NOT. How cool is that. The photos are outstanding in this magazine, the poems are sweet and emphasize rhyming. The section in the middle for extension ideas is super and can take it to that 6 ending range or keeps it simple for the 2s.

    Lots of sensory activities which is great Young Rider. Boys' Life. Practical Horseman. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Home Browse Magazines Magazine: Zootles.