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He also did chemotherapy and radiation, and had brain scans every other month. About a year after the surgery he started getting a little dizzy, which increasingly had got worse. When they did a follow-up brain scan, they found that the tumor had grown and spread throughout his brain. His doctors said that there was nothing more they could do for him other than try to stunt the growth and try to prolong his life.

Interview with Cindy Carlsson from Exploration Vacation

For her this was crushing! She was completely broadsided because he had been doing so well. There were moments that were surreal—kind of like a movie where time slows down. Cindy soon reached a tipping point, a moment of choice, of how she was going to act because she knew her kids would watch and follow.


With her husband in a wheelchair and declining rapidly, they took some of the life insurance money and went on a family trip to Mexico. They both wanted him to remain in their home until he died. As the lights began to bother him, Cindy brought him an umbrella he could hold to block the light. That way she was able to keep the light on and read books to him. As he further declined, she was able to shave, bathe and help her husband care for his body.

Cindy found a refining joy in serving her husband. Click here to read the blog post she wrote about his last few months. They had a hospice nurse check on them about once per month, but Cindy all of the CNA work herself. Cindy feels that God guided her and strengthened her to help her children and her husband during this difficult time.

It is ironic because you would think that their home would be a heavy place instead of a sanctuary. This went on for several nights and Cindy was exhausted. She was able to get some respite help so she could get some sleep. As she was wondering what to do to help her husband sleep better, she remembered when their kids were little and would awaken that she would go in and sing to them.

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Her husband, John, would listen to her sing through the baby monitor. So, Cindy started singing to John when he was agitated in the middle of the night. As she did this, he would still and be calm. This was an answer to prayer. This taught Cindy the power of music and the mercy of God in bringing this thought to her remembrance. She decided that if God loved her then, He loved her now and still wanted her best good.

Gaining that eternal perspective was pivotal! The time we spend on earth is just a step in that plan, but what I really want for my family extends far beyond that. Cindy came to trust in the process God has for gaining knowledge and experience here on earth. Cindy then described an example of this concept: She had a week of sick kids, and was exhausted.

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Same place. But this year is noteworthy. This is the year Mary and Joseph lose the Son of God. Where is your head, Mary? I want to understand. I slip more fully into the scene to study her.

Whitebrook Farm: Cindy's road trip to success and glory.

People and personalities. Conversations and agendas. She searches. To no avail. Time to panic. I find comfort in her humanness: She trods a long road. I am not here to judge you, Mary. So what does Mary do? Parental adrenaline is high. Later it will be easier to understand the truth that their son, The Son , is modeling a heavenly truth: Life works best when time with the Father comes first.

See you next week. Love, Cindy. Next Post: Looking For Jesus.

She'll be the youngest person to see every one.

Comments Right on Cindy! Right on! Thanks, Helen! Your analogies are incredible. Thank you for reminding us that Our Father comes first. Thank you for your encouragement, Danna! Thank you.

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