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If they are under 20 years old, you may even be able to include them in your own application for a visitor visa. All student visas —generally speaking, for 5-year olds and over— must be separate applications. For residence, immigration policy allows children to join their parents in New Zealand providing there are:. If your parents were granted residence but you did not move with them, it is also important that they declared you in their residence application.

Domestic adoption

There are a few options for parents of New Zealand residents or citizens to help them join permanently or temporarily their family. They all require that you have a child or grandchild that is a New Zealand resident or citizen and some require that you be sponsored by them or their parents if you are a grandparent.

You must also be sponsored by them. You may include your partner in this application but if you want to bring dependent children with you they will have to apply for their own visas. This visa can also only be applied for while offshore. This category is temporarily closed, and reopening has not been announced yet. We will update this page when policy changes.

Joining your family in New Zealand

You may then apply for permanent residence after 4 years. You may include your partner in this application. Discuss you case with a Licensed Immigration Adviser today. The New Zealand guardian visa allows parents and legal guardians to visit New Zealand with the purpose of living and caring for their children who are in New Zealand on a student visa, and studying in year You must also show that you have enough funds to live on for your stay. You must be in New Zealand for the same time as the student visa of the child you are accompanying, and can only be granted to one parent at any one time, even if you have more than one child studying in New Zealand.

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We will then also cover medical expenses related to the newborn's birth. If your newborn's surname is different from yours, you must provide the Scheme with an affidavit confirming that the child is yours. Yearly review of dependants Every year, the Scheme reviews whether dependants still qualify to receive benefits according to the Scheme Rules. This means that each year, main members must give us proof of factual dependency for all dependants over the age of Disabled dependants and dependants parents and parents in-law who are over 65 years pensioners only need to give supporting documents to the Scheme once.

Eligibility review - Implementation of Rule 4. The implementation of Rule 4.

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For example, in the event of a student studying a three month diploma course at an educational institution, the Principal Member will be required to pay a child rate during the three month course period and will be required to pay an adult rate thereafter. In the event that you do not supply proof on time, the dependant will be converted to an adult rate. That means you will be charged adult rates until you supply proof of studies or written notice to terminate the dependant's membership.

Dependants registered as students. The table below gives more details about students qualifying to be dependants:. You pay child rates as long as you have handed in proof that the student is studying at a recognised educational institution. You also need to provide a affidavit stating factual dependency not older than three months.

Frequently asked questions about children in foster care

Note: If the dependant is not a student, but is factually dependent on the main member, they may continue as a dependant at adult contribution rates, if all relevant documents are submitted. Documents must be provided before the end of March every year for full time students.

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Students studying short courses must provide proof of study at the time they register. Please note that students studying abroad may be dependants while studying, but cannot claim for benefits while abroad as they are considered to not be "ordinarily residing in SA". According to rule 6. Why it is important to send your documents to us in time We need to receive all the documents as requested on the eligibility review letters, so that your dependant can continue to receive benefits at child dependant rates. If documents for a newborn are provided more than 60 days after birth, the dependant will not be covered by the Scheme from the date of birth.


This means you will have to pay the hospital costs of the newborn out of your own pocket. All about dependants Who may qualify as your dependants on the Scheme? That's why the following people may qualify as your dependants: Husband, wife or partner involved with the main member in any same-sex or heterosexual union. Ex-husband or ex-wife if required by a divorce settlement. Children biological, adopted, step or foster. Parents, parents-in-law, step parents, step parents-in-law, grandparents and grandparents-in-law if they are factually dependent on the main member.

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren if they are factually dependent on the main member. Siblings brothers and sisters , halfsiblings, step-siblings and in-law siblings if they are factually dependent on the main member. Nephews and nieces if they are factually dependent on the main member or of a member's spouse.

What is Down Syndrome? | National Down Syndrome Society

A person, other than family, who is dependent on the main member for family care and support. How to register your dependants To register a dependant, you need: To complete the Addition of dependant form. Certified copies of IDs or birth certificates of the dependants and marriage certificates of the spouse if your surnames are different.

Any documents that apply according to the list below.