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Everyone wins! Paint Snow: After throwing snowballs and building snowmen have lost their luster, snow painting is a creative way to keep kids happy in the snow. Mix water and food coloring in a few different spray bottles and let the snow be their tapestry. Make a snowman and take it to the next level by painting him. Indoor Obstacle Course: Set up an indoor obstacle course to sneak in some exercise. They will love the challenge of having to complete each task while burning some energy in the process.

Get silly with your ideas balance a book on your head, pretend to be a certain animal, do 5 jumping jacks, crab walk from one station to the next, balance a ball on a spoon. You get the idea.

Can Your Employer Require You to Work During a Storm?

Change up difficulty depending on the age and level of your child. There are endless simple science experiments you can do with materials just in your kitchen. You know you want to make baking soda and vinegar volcanoes again! Try some of these ideas! Go Camping: Pitch a tent and set up some sleeping bags and a lantern in your living room. This is sure to entertain them for a while.

Games: Dust off those board games for an afternoon of family fun. Dance Party: Put on your favorite tunes and dance your sillies out. Storytime: Fill a basket of your favorite books and cozy up for story hour. Catch Snowflakes: Catch snowflakes on a piece of dark construction paper and stick them in the freezer to save them. Fill a large bowl with about cups of snow. Spoon one teaspoon of vanilla onto the snow then drizzle a 10 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk over top. Mix a wooden spoon works well until combined. Add more snow if necessary until you get your desired consistency.

Serve it up with your favorite ice cream toppings and pop leftovers in your freezer to save for later. Maple Syrup Snow Candy: If snow ice cream was a hit in your household, try your hand at this tasty treat on a bed of freshly fallen snow. If temperatures are too frigid, you can bring a batch of snow inside.


First pack down an area of snow. The ability of employees to reach work places is a factor. Various types of severe weather can damage structures temporarily or render them permanently useless, cause power outages , or prevent heat or air conditioning from working.


A snow day in the United States and Canada is a day that school classes are cancelled or delayed by snow, heavy ice, or extremely low temperatures. Similar measures occur in response to flooding , tornado watches , and severe weather storms, hurricanes , dense fog, heavy snow, etc. The criterion for a snow day is primarily the inability of school buses to operate safely on their routes and danger to children who walk to school. Often, the school remains officially open even though buses do not run and classes are canceled.

More and more schools are closing due to extreme heat, "heat days".

Taking a Snow Day From Work

Heat days are like snow days. Some districts San Diego Unified provide schools with an operational procedure that is used as a guideline to address what actions schools should take at different levels of rising temperatures. Schools and businesses may also be canceled for reasons other than bad weather such as a pandemic , power failure , terrorist attack , or bomb threat , or in honor of a school staff member who has recently died. In some cases, only one school or business in a town may close, due to localized issues such as a water main break or a lack of heat or air conditioning.

Inclement weather that causes cancellation or delay is more likely in regions that are less able to handle the situation. Snow days are less common in more northern areas of the United States that are used to heavy winter snowfall, because municipalities are well equipped to clear roads and remove snow. In areas less accustomed to snow—such as Atlanta , Dallas , Memphis , or Chattanooga —even small snowfalls of an inch or two may render roads unsafe.

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In most areas, schools include extra days in their calendar as "built-in" snow days which allow a school to get in the minimum number of hours or days for instruction in Wisconsin for instance, minimum teaching days are mandated by law. When the number of snow days taken is less than the number of built-in days, the days are given back by extending Memorial Day weekend, or making the school year end earlier. Once the number of snow days taken exceeds the number of built-in days, the snow days must be made up.

However, some schools are more forgiving, and do not mandate make-up days. In the event of heavy snow, tools have arisen to help students calculate the chance of a weather-related cancellation, most commonly snow days. In the United Kingdom, snow days are a relatively uncommon event, especially in southern regions. Scottish, Northern Irish, Welsh, and Northern English schools may experience some closures during the winter months, often due to travel disruption.

In Southern England, however, significant snowfall is a less frequent event, rarely lasting for more than a few days across low-lying areas. Instead of canceling an entire school day, some schools may delay opening by, for example, one or two hours, or announce a particular opening time. This can be advantageous in places where schools are not charged a "snow day" by delaying their opening.

Many school authorities cancel the whole morning kindergarten under these circumstances. This is particularly common during snowfalls of 2 inches 5. In the event of fog, some schools may delay the opening of school three hours but extend the day an extra hour. Some schools in Sydney and New South Wales may, at their discretion, close when temperatures reach above 40 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit. Some school districts in the United States close at their discretion for high temperatures and air quality.

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Do what you want on snow days. Snow day unknown. A glorious day that is celebrated by sledding , having snowball fights, and building snow tunnels. I had a snow day once, it was awesome The best school day s of the year.

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Usually despised by those who have to work. Snow Day college. A day in which schools close because of the fear of being sued by ridiculous parents in the event a bus skids on the ice. Most likely to happen in Eastern Pennsylvania when the first flake of snow falls. Immediately, the schools will call in to the TV Stations to announce their closings. Each school is dependent on one another, for once a school delays or closes, all other schools decide to close as well. A school is also forced to close because otherwise students would be exhausted the next morning because they would be up all night watching the chain reaction of schools canceling, only to find out theirs did not.

We got a trace of snow and have a snow day! My cousin's school is out of the chain reaction of schools and he does not have a snow day. I shall call him during his 3rd period class to tease him. Snow Day unknown.