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This can be a problem, if a degree of realistic detail is required for modelling the distribution of a baseline lifetime. Hence, technical developments in this direction would be highly desirable. Unlike proportional hazards models, the regression parameter estimates from AFT models are robust to omitted covariates. They are also less affected by the choice of probability distribution. The results of AFT models are easily interpreted. Hazard ratios can prove harder to explain in layman's terms. The log-logistic distribution provides the most commonly used AFT model.

Unlike the Weibull distribution , it can exhibit a non- monotonic hazard function which increases at early times and decreases at later times. It is somewhat similar in shape to the log-normal distribution but it has heavier tails.

Introduction to Accelerated Life Testing

The log-logistic cumulative distribution function has a simple closed form , which becomes important computationally when fitting data with censoring. For the censored observations one needs the survival function, which is the complement of the cumulative distribution function, i. The Weibull distribution including the exponential distribution as a special case can be parameterised as either a proportional hazards model or an AFT model, and is the only family of distributions to have this property.

The results of fitting a Weibull model can therefore be interpreted in either framework. However, the biological applicability of this model may be limited by the fact that the hazard function is monotonic, i. Other distributions suitable for AFT models include the log-normal , gamma and inverse Gaussian distributions , although they are less popular than the log-logistic, partly as their cumulative distribution functions do not have a closed form.

Finally, the generalized gamma distribution is a three-parameter distribution that includes the Weibull , log-normal and gamma distributions as special cases. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Statistics in Medicine. Outline Index. Descriptive statistics. Mean arithmetic geometric harmonic Median Mode. Central limit theorem Moments Skewness Kurtosis L-moments. Index of dispersion. Grouped data Frequency distribution Contingency table. Pearson product-moment correlation Rank correlation Spearman's rho Kendall's tau Partial correlation Scatter plot.

Data collection. Sampling stratified cluster Standard error Opinion poll Questionnaire. Scientific control Randomized experiment Randomized controlled trial Random assignment Blocking Interaction Factorial experiment. NOTE: If you are a beginner, learn only the fist scale and its solo is the best way to get a lot of satisfaction! In the Blues it is important to learn as many licks as possible and understand the sound of each lick on each individual chord of the blues progression I — IV — V.

The blues is the foundation of a lot almost all of western music and is the best starting point for all to become a good musician! Also, any way you could teach us how to build upper body strength to lift weight? I need to lift 50 lbs for work above my shoulders and can only lift 20 at the moment. Essentially, take a weight you can lift above your head 10 times, and lift it 5 times at regular intervals throughout the day.

I have been putting off learning web design. Geez that was a dead crowd there! You could hear a mouse! This is the main reason I bought the 4 hour chef. On a really un-related side note! Have you ever seen the show river monsters? The guy in that show reminds me of you so much, I bet you guys would be friends. I have been putting of learning to program, Ruby or Python. It is a new field to me and seem time consuming. I was in the exact same situation as you a few years ago.

I tried rails, php, javascript, you name it. I found python, and it was like a matchmade in newbie heaven. Not to sound too redundant to another comment I made. At age 73 a skill I really need to learn is how to organize a house and make it easier to keep clean. So if simplified… would mean less time spent doing this disagreeable chore.. Me too! Moving to a place where domestic service is cheaper? Rent a room in a hotel or old age residency?

Ask someone to teach house tasks? Do them in a mindful state? I hate housework, too. I lean on Flylady. Of course, it helps if you eliminate all unnecessary objects from your home. The less you have, the less you have to keep clean. Fly lady is a great resource for maintaining and cleaning your home. She advocates developing daily habits. Went to Fly lady and looked around, copied the commandments…. Thanks for taking time to share. How You plan and check Your timeline now? Answer: what i want to do is more easy than what i want to achive, 3.

In the next 6 months I like to learn how to master writing. Writing has never been my forte while I was in school and like Tim I avoided it like the plague. Worth trying, it helped me a lot. What I need is to look for a group of other writers scary stuff! The comic book sounds interesting though…. Not sure if you already this but Chineasy www.

Check it out! By separating writing and editing into two different processes you should be able to maintain a better flow through out your writing. But my number one recommendation is just start writing. Write every day and make sure people read what you write and give you feedback.

Start a blog, get your friends to read it, write just to write. Try not to take the failures personally, just rewrite and republish. Hi Tim, Great presentation! Could you point me to a method for learning Chinese? I have struggled with this for years unsuccessfully! Thanks, Richard. I want to become a certified KB instructor. Total Immersion changed my life. TI also helped me a lot! Ive been swimming for the last three months and it has bee. Thnks for Tims blog post! The best way to learn this craft is by finding a mentor.

You will shave years off of your learning curve by doing this. Find the person you most respect in your local area or be willing to move to where they are and learn how you can solve a problem for them. Be insanely useful and helpful say web skills or toilet scrubbing and in exchange ask that they teach you the ways of the force. Of course it all depends on what kind of music you are wanting to work on but the best resource I know of for this is gearslutz.

Also try tapeop. Or you can always fly to France: mixwiththemasters. Good luck! Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Started about a month ago and training is great, but consists of maybe 45 minutes of whatever technique the instructor feels like followed by 45 minutes sparring. I am studying Horticulture at the moment but a lot of the theory side seems to get lost on me. Chur Tim-dawg.

Learning Portuguese — properly. I bought the Verbs book when I came back from Brazil 10 years ago and opened it once. It seems to dmeanding, in terms of sustained mental work. Quick question. I have pretty bad forward neck posture which is one issue , and also really bad man-boobs. I know that is not the technical term, but honestly I have no idea what that would be. Chest excercises?

And if so precisely which ones can I do to relieve myself of the excess fat on those muscle groups. Look at what you do with most of your time and learn or make adaptions to help your neck. Get yourself a great pillow for sleeping. You can find them online. The top is soft and the bottom is a water bladder so you can adjust the firmness! Second, evaluate how you sit at your desk. Make sure your monitor is level so you are looking straight on. If you use a laptop, get an adjustable stand. Those 2 things were the biggest help.

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I also used chiropratic adjustments and my PT taught me some neck strengthening exercises and stretches. Find a great massage therapist, get loosened up. Not a good massage therapist, a great one who can help with body mechanics and not just rub lotion on you Spend 30 seconds every half hour looking at the ceiling, let those little muscles in the back of your neck rest. Do push ups! Regular ones and in open doorways, open up your chest and look up, give that neck some love.

Slow and easy, never forced. Time and a great licensed massage therapist will do wonders. I can do it anytime of day, while Im working and it resets my posture. Seriously that tip is a goldmine, thank you so much. Man boobs the fancy term is gynecomastia can often be due to an increase in estrogen in males. A hormone panel along with other tests would need to be taken. For your forward neck posture…see a professional and you may need to get some xrays. What would you recommend to decrease estrogen? An assessment of your hormones and blood chemistry can help answer that question.

You can email me at surena. I used to have a problem with my upper back and neck posture. My chiropractor called it upper cross syndrome. The one that worked best for me was to just stand with my back flat against a wall and press my head into the wall for 30 seconds. Press firmly, but not so hard that it hurts your head.

Doing this every time I ride the elevator at work times per day had me pain free in 2 weeks. I want to use the 4hww all the way through with an idea I have but hit a wall this morning while we had our morning coffee and 4hww read. I want my muse to work but feel stuck with the details in the middle of the book. My skill would be to follow through with my muse. Since this is an older post-I was hoping you might have found an answer.

Please let me know if you have discovered anything. Thank you.

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Learning how to read fast! To me it is the most basic skill that I need to be able to learn faster in general. So I see a lot of people mention instruments such as guitar. What I gave never been able to do is read music. Does anyone have any DiSSS strategies for actually learning to read music? I can read it at the same level as a child learns to read English. I can point at a note and figure it out in about seconds but I want to sight read…. Please help me find the right path to start. I would have to say robotics, mechanics, computing.

I want to know how to design and prototype machines that solve problems. I just keep putting it off though. Odysseus was the favorite of Athena Goddess of Wisdom, etc for that ability to deconstruct and recombine for his purpose. Plus, I have enormous difficulties with the pronunciation. Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman is excellent.

Can be a bit self-helpy at times but the lack of dogma and the fact that it is action-oriented are positive signs. I have long put off learning the basics of coding and web design and plan to finally tackle it this summer.

Shrek but every time he takes a STEP it gets 5% faster

It seems kind of intimidating as I really have no idea where to start. Is there a specific book that is recommended for a total beginner? I find that computer programming and learning web design is best learned just by trying it. I hope that helped! Think of them like a set of colored pencils. You have say 24 colors and thats it, how you use them is up to you. This will give you a decent playground for learning while not overwhelming you with too many options. Then go to something like Themeforest. Once this process becomes smoother, I would suggest adding the following languages to your study in more or less this order: jQuery, Javascript, PHP.

Take small steps, and always try to center your learning through a project. I agree with everyone above, and will emphasize a point they both make: learn your programming towards a project. David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails and partner at 37signals web-based software development company , says that he never learns a programming language without a problem he wants to solve. Wow thank you so much for your answers. I saved them to Evernote and will follow your advice once I get around to getting started. In the last few years I try serveral times to master negotiation, but with limited results.

Any suggestions on how to apply DiSSS in aquire this skill will be much appreciated. To learn a specific skill, would you recommend doing one at a time or is would learning two or more skills at the same time be counter-productive? The skill to stay in the now, enjoy now. And in the same time staying prepared for the longer terms so I keep the future I love…. The answer to both questions for me, right now is Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Gi or no gi? Hey, thanks for the link and the advice, much appreciated. Where are you getting that stat from? Ryan in particular breaks BJJ down to principles rather than moves, and explains things fantastically well. Hey Tim, is there anyway you could post this on the chinese youku or tudou? Find a small hill and coast down first to learn to balance on the bike.

Once you have your balance, start pedaling. No training wheels or spotter needed. I would like to learn to write. I have an idea in my head, but every time I try to put it on paper it sucks. I find that I start to make some progress, then I plateau, and start making typical busy-being-busy excuses. Tim, in the video you say that you need only to words to be functionally fluent. This would include not only single kanji like? I did the grammar break down exercise mentioned in the video and previous posts.

I use memrise to help with Kanji.

Field quantization for accelerated frames in flat and curved space-times.

I study daily. I live in Japan and even got myself a Japanese wife.

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Yet I still seem to be progressing depressingly slowly which I think is the real killer. This will sound silly, but if you watch kids shows, not necessarily anime or the like, they use the most commonly used vocabulary. The best is that typically those shows are only about 20 minutes long, so you could do one or two a week and probably increase your level at a good pace. I have wanted to learn to rollerblade since I was 8 years old. In the next 6 months I need to learn speed memorization.

I would love to be able to achieve a full lotus stretch knees to the floor and to be able to lean forward and touch my head to the ground from it. I want Eddie Bravo level flexibility. I want to hack time management. What helps you? Me too, time management but energy management….

Accelerated Learning in Accelerated Times

You might have already read this book, but if not, I definitely recommend it. So when I find myself drifting off halfway through your video I am able to forgive you and move on to something else. I really, really wanted to know what was coming next but in the tension of how best to spend the next ten minutes I knew that continuing to the end of the video was not the right choice.

Why does it matter? Elon Musk is terrified of public speaking. Elon Musk builds rockets and cars among other things. You, on the other hand, teach how to learn and master a skill. When you stand up in public and bore us to death you display your inability to do the very thing that you teach. If you are going choose to present publicly about mastery then you MUST model it, right? For someone like me who knows how well they work I can let go of the whole problem, step away and move on to the next interesting thing that you have to tell me. So how bout a break for the person giving us new hope.

I design little electronics products www. I use something called Arduino. This is an open source hard- and software platform that allows one to start really simple with a blinking LED and move up to sensors, networking, displays and more. Just surf to arduino. The two sort of go hand in hand for me. Being able to mix, and doing so in a club or on a big stage, that would be life dream come true. Piano is more for just me, though it would be awesome to produce music. Im a big fan of the electronic music scene and I always thought it would be great to pick up a melody from a song I like and just freestyle with it, just to do it.

I would love to learn to play the piano. I played a bit when I was between the ages of 12 and I am I desperately want to have a successful business. I guess the main problem could be; a. I have not stuck to it for long enough. Why is it so difficult to find a mentor? People I meet around the world are just not inspiring. Do them separately. You asked. Skills I wish I had learned in the order I would try to learn them today, which is different than the order of importance of the impact they would have had on my life 1 Speed reading I will try the referenced link for training after these comments 2 Remembering names with ease 3 Touch typing I am 61 and when I was in school in Europe no typing was taught.

Despite all writing I do and a past life as a programmer, I never got it done — go figure. Probably because it is a long and tedious process? Chinese or Japanese would be really different and the future will speak English and Chinese. Tim, I was at a presentation with the head of marketing for a Fortune company recently and she mentioned that she was interested in stepping up their game on social media, etc. She also happens to be head of the local Princeton Club. I mentioned you and your unique skill set and thought you should explore this idea.

Anyway, please let me know if you want to learn more and or how she can contact you to discuss. Much appreciated, George. Can you reverse engineer something like music…and then. Make really good music as a result…. I can play a few songs, but I need way better stick control before I go further. I have tried to find a way to optimize practicing for that before I begin as the majority of my free time is being spent undertaking learning to program for a career change, which takes precedence. So most of the time I just prefer to have fun and play along to songs, even though I know I need to put in real practice to advance.

I am writing a book on Dating. I am consulting a lot of books, audios and videos for the 16 chapters. I am a slow writer.

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  7. Field quantization for accelerated frames in flat and curved space-times..
  8. Focus is a major concern. What are some of the tips to finish it in a week? I have written pages, I have more to write. I plan to go to medical school soon. God help us all. Please try studying. It helps organize your thoughts before you get too overwhelmed your first day of classes. I did the board review program and thought Dr. Francis was incredible…really helps puts things into context rather than memorizing a million facts and forgetting about it after the test.

    I would recommend memorization techniques. I read a fantastic book, Moonwalking With Einstein, which outlines mnemonic devices to master memory he learned this method and competed in the US memory championships with no previous experience. He learned to memorize a deck of cards in minutes. It seems like some absolutely love sitting at a computer for hour timespans doing nothing but coding.

    Is it one of those skills that you can develop through reading a book and practicing, or does college truly provide heightened training? I went to school for mechanical engineering and am self taught in programming. My advice to beginners which relates to what Tim said is 2 fold.

    Become an expert at debugging and write code line by line as opposed to writing big chunks of logic. I would like to learn how to draw well. Any tips on how to up my game in Persian? Step 1: Listen to Persian audio while you read a corresponding Persian text. There are a lot of good Persian audiobooks; you could use a language course like Assimil if you preferred ignore the French base, as you already understand spoken Persian.

    In the next six months I would love to learn 3D Modeling. Be on the defensive to train attacking? Do no stakes blocking drills? Any tips? I have set a goal to get barreled in surfing within the next 6 months. Not sure how I will accomplish that seeing as I live 10 hours from the ocean. I think Selection is the most hard one, because you have to test things out. I am a little bit stuck here! Does anybody have any suggestions, how to test effectively off achieving their goals. So far, no ideas seem to be good enough……… its that creativity thing that this numbers guy seems to struggle with.

    Ah well…. Do you know Microsoft Excel well? As Tim mentions in the 4HWW, learn the skill and teach others who are like you right now. How do you see presenting this skillset? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Thanks for sharing a core solution for most of our problems!!! You can ind most of this book for free on google books. Let me know how you get on! I would love to learn how to code. I have put it off for 2 years. Concerns: 1. Too many programming languages to chose from.

    It seems like the experts have an insurmountable head start. Cheers and good luck in learning code! Appreciate the coupon code! Very cool course. Ryan- I thank you for the coupon code, too! You are very welcome Helen. Good luck with the class! Thanks for the code! David Like Like. I second that! For Japanese, Anki or if you can spare some cash, iknow. Hi Vicki, What have you been doing in Colombia and Argentina? Memrise is by far the best language learning website, you must check it out!

    Love hearing you give advice on learning Tim. Bec, You might consider getting a smaller guitar. I am also building a 2 day outdoor leadership course. First one is June 29th. How do I build a brand when no one knows me? I would also like an answer to this question.