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How to Fix America: A Guide for the Next First 100 Days

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Fixing Appalachia Is The First Step To Fixing America

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You can make it at home any way you like , of course. And the essential question that we should be asking candidates now is not whether their campaign cash is pure, but whether their commitment to fixing democracy is real. And here, there is an interesting division opening up among the Democrats. The New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand upped the ante this week, introducing the most ambitious program to change the way campaigns are funded in 50 years.

Those dollars would radically change the pattern of fundraising for candidates in Congress.

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As the experience in Seattle has shown, vouchers expand dramatically the range of citizens participating in the funding of campaigns. Yet so far, wannabe reformers such as Elizabeth Warren have been silent about how they would change the way campaigns are funded. Yet even more important than the details of these programs may be the priority. Marianne Williamson has said the same. So too has Gillibrand.

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  6. This is the real standard that reformers should be insisting upon — not HR1, but a Potus 1 that is as ambitious, or maybe even more. The next president should follow the lead of Nancy Pelosi and commit to making reform fundamental.

    Fixing America’s Shattered Politics

    He or she should then explain to us what that fundamental reform will include. Because this is the real potential of this election cycle. Though the commitment is not believable any more, we should remember that Donald Trump had attacked the very same corruption in This is the one issue that America is united about. We should at least find a way to talk about it that actually promises something real.