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Pediatric s. Serving children through a wide array of primary and acute services. Primary Care.

Providing services to all adults, regardless of ability to pay. Care Coordination.

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Helping patients get access to much-needed services, education and support. Welcome to Mercy Medical Center and our affiliated ministries. We strive to meet the region's needs for acute care, behavioral health care and continuing care, and in so doing, positively impact thousands of lives every year. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do ensures that those entrusted to us are safe, well-cared for, and treated with the utmost dignity at all times. We consider it a privilege to provide you with high quality health care services.

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Select a Facility. Mercy survived and was not removed from subsequent versions of SuperMemo. Users would have a choice to use a tool that could potentially hurt their learning process.


It became clear only much later that the second Mercy implementation had a hidden snag. If abused frequently, it was able to repeatedly lengthen the first interval of newly memorized items after all, they are supposed to be less important for the long-term learning process. This problem was compounded by the fact that all older SuperMemo algorithms were highly sensitive to delaying repetitions, esp.

Consequently, items that were dramatically postponed with Mercy and scored well in repetitions would have reached disproportionately long intervals.

These problems have been partly solved in December by implementing the following features in SuperMemo:. In December , Mercy has been enhanced with the option Criteria. This option makes it possible for the user to choose his or her own Mercy criteria.

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This was to be the end of the 5-year-long process of coming to understand of what really people expect from Mercy. The following sorting criteria can be balanced by the user: item importance as indicated by the ordinal and the forgetting index , repetition lateness, investment in the item , easiness of the item and recency of introducing the item to the learning process. SuperMemo 99 added a possibility of random rescheduling and rescheduling that preserves the original order of repetitions. All in all, random rescheduling is a very powerful and useful option. These are two main reasons for using random Mercy :.

In SuperMemo Postpone became even more content and priority sensitive.

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This gradually reduced the need for using Mercy. In Incremental reading , Postpone is the tool of choice for resolving material overload. Mercy would only be used occasionally, e.