Stories of the great West (1909)

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Native American Leaders of the Wild West

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History of the West Loop - Neighbors of West Loop

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There appears to be no activity tin the part of either the liuycrs or tho. Tho-se who are holding local se- curities aro by no means disposed to sell them. U would bo difficult to re-Invest the money to earn more and at the same time carry better proppects than RO with of Die. Oc- casionally a Mhaic.

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He roltcr. Tho board did not seem disposed to ac- quiesce In. ItadRors' rather inclining1 to tho opinion that the weight or the tank had ii great deal to do wllh tlie cntastroplie. Rodgers' Report. Rodgcrs' report was as follows: "As Instructed. I bog leave to submit the following report concerning tlu collapso of a portion of tho J. Wil- son company's building on McDermot avenue, iJunday, tlie 25th, at about 7 p.

Thu walls uro of the following basement 21 Inches. The work, and material ure of good quulltj.

Frederic Remington

There bus boon no movement or settlement In the- foundation walls. The contractors fur the erection of the building vvero 1'eter Lyall Sons. John being the nrchltert. It being then too dark to make a complete examination I Ictt and returned nt S o'clock this morning and made a thorough Inspection to lo- cate the cause. I am firmly of the opinion that the building was damaged by tho storm which took place about 2 o'clock Sunday morning.

This would not bo aulllclenl tc cause the collapse unless the lloors wore overloaded, which Is not the cato as. Siiwilung of tho opinions expressed In rt'snril to the raiiHc of the collapse building, nfier which disintegration was In pro- gress until the sudden tumble in the evening. The titiuBtlon as to what famed the1 collapse is the subjuct of much com- ment In civic circles mid also ttmoni; the citizens generally.

Controller docs not put much credence In the lightning theory and thinks that the weight of the tank with the jirus- Btire of wind upon It weakened the portion of the building underneath. In- terest In the question IF deepened on account of the Insurance which would. It Is s. A pecu- liar phase of the affair Is thnt the enst of Insurance on the building was IPS- bened on account of the erection of tho tank, which many believe lo have been the cause of the collapse.

Brandy a Life-Save!

The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection

It is oftener prescribed by physicians man any omer liquor. Hennessy is me brand for use in emergencies. Every one of t fliese are reached in- stantly by a liftle Hennessy s Brandy, lacking which, very serious consequences and even deam may result.

Shackleton, The Heart of the Antarctic. 1909. Peter Harrington Rare Books.

Protect life under your at home or on buying to- day, a boftle of Hennessy's Brandy. In ordering, don't simply ask for some brandy. Brandy 3 differs more flian oflier liquor, and for use in critical moments, you cannot afford to administer an unreliable brandy. Winnipeg Afjonts. Klrby Gardner. Wider and pic-hoi- than on surface. OOO to J The manHRfinont expect. Atchison, one of Manitoba's foremost early architects, the building displays grand formality and elegant detailing, as well as materials of Canadian origin, most notably Kootenay marble from British Columbia.

These features were meant to convey an image of excellence, soundness and wealth on behalf of the first owner-occupant, the homegrown Great-West Life Assurance Co. As such, the firm was one of the pillars that established the city as a regional financial centre. Its former head office, now extensively restored, recalls the pioneer dynamism of the local business community. The building also is an important component of an early twentieth-century streetscape on the southern edge of the Exchange District National Historic Site of Canada. Places Buildings. More Information The Great-West Life Building, also known as the Chamber of Commerce Building, is an eight-storey steel, concrete and brick structure erected in two stages between and in downtown Winnipeg.