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Heretic finds Thomas still in France, this time during a time of supposed peace with the French following the fall of Calais. Thomas leads a small band of men into southern France to find the Grail. He becomes the centre of a bitter local war with those also seeking the Grail as well as by the Black Death. Thomas of Hookton is later briefly mentioned in Cornwell's novel Azincourt , set around the events leading up to the Battle of Agincourt in as having "died as a lord of a thousand acres.

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For the gamebook series, see Grailquest. Works by Bernard Cornwell. The Last Kingdom. Categories : Thomas of Hookton novels Novels set in the 14th century. It began with the betrayal of a lord by a king King Gorm puts Jarl Harald's family to the sword but makes one fatal mistake - he fails to kill Harald's youngest son, Sigurd. His kin slain, his village seized and its people taken as slaves, Sigurd wonders if the gods have forsaken him. Hunted by powerful men, he is unsure who to trust, and yet he has a small band of loyal followers at his side. The thrilling first instalment in the Wars of the Roses series - set at the beginnings of this turbulent period of English history which saw the throne change hands six times in 30 years.

The Swan sees Henry VI crowned King of England, and married to the young French noblewoman, Margaret of Anjou - and so begins the extraordinary story of how England became a divided nation, where brother took up arms against brother. This was the war which defined the England we know today.

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When Cyrus, brother to the Great King of Persia, attempts to overthrow his reckless sibling, he employs a Greek mercenary army of 10, soldiers. When this army becomes stranded as a result of the unexpected death of Cyrus and then witnesses the treacherous murder of its entire officer corps, despair overtakes them. One man, Xenophon, rallies the Greeks. As he attempts to lead them to freedom across 1, miles of hostile territory seething with adversaries, 10, men set off on the long way home.

Random House presents the audiobook edition of Lancelot by Giles Kristian. The legions of Rome are a fading memory. Enemies stalk the fringes of Britain. And Uther Pendragon is dying. Into this fractured and uncertain world the boy is cast, a refugee from fire, murder and betrayal. An outsider whose only companions are a hateful hawk and memories of the lost.

Yet he is gifted, and under the watchful eyes of Merlin and the Lady Nimue he will hone his talents and begin his journey to manhood. Thomas of Hookton, a veteran of Crecy and many other battles, is the leader of a mercenary company of bowmen and men-at-arms who ravage the countryside east of Gascony.

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Edward, Prince of Wales, later to be known as the Black Prince, is assembling an army to fight the French once more, but before Thomas can join, he must fulfil an urgent task. La Malice, a sword of mythical power guaranteeing victory to its owner, is thought to be concealed somewhere near Poitiers. With signs that a battle between the English and the French is looming, others are seeking the treasure too, and some - French, Scots, and even English - are pursuing their private agendas against Thomas.

But all - Thomas of Hookton, his enemies and friends, and the fate of La Malice - become swept up in the extraordinary confrontation that follows, as the large French army faces the heavily outnumbered English in battle. Would sir like some wine with his meal? Yes, I'd like something full-bodied like blood spilled on a battlefield with a visceral bouquet of hard men after a long march and a violent impact on the tongue like a mace battering through a Milanese steel helmet.

But at the same time it must have a subtlety of undertones, an almost holy royal bearing and with cunning grace notes the flavour of evil men plotting bad deeds. The whole thing needs to be voiced to a perfect taste that leaves an afterglow like campfires burning in the night. Hmmm, we do have a bottle of the Cornwell from the Jack Hawkins vineyard in the cellar sir. That'll do nicely. This is a continuation of the Thomas Hookton series, if you have not read the series I strongly suggest that you start from the beginning as you will get a far better understanding of the story. That said this is a complete story within the book and follows what I think is an excellent story line.

Bernard Cornwell sometimes loses the thread and continues a series one book to far. This is not the case with the archer series and I believe a few more books are still in this collection. I enjoyed this book very much, hope its not the finish of Thomas, Still we still have the Saxon Chronicles to look forward to. Bernard Cornwell at full power. One gets swept along by the action, the historical detail, the characters. But it was only because of this that I finished listening. Jack Hawkins' choice for the narrative voice is a monotone. He has no feeling for the shape of a phrase, no concept of the cadence of a sentence, and zero feeling for words.

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Hejustreads and when it gets exciting hejustreadsfaster. His characters are not too bad, and I quite enjoyed his cartoon French, good Scottish and Irish. But oh, the drone. And the poor diction. And the mangewld English. I hope Mr Cornwell doesn't hear what has happened to his brightly imagined account of events leading to the battle of Poitiers.

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What did you like most about ? Although Fiction as usual Cornwell's use of historic fact lead's the listener to believe his story and characters existed, Divulging only enough information in each chapter to make you want to listen to the following chapter. What was one of the most memorable moments of ?

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  4. Which scene did you most enjoy? Hiding in the sewage wagons to escape the town , the description was so explicit it almost made me heave. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? This is a great continuation of the "Grail Trilogy" but can be enjoyed on its own. The central characters are embroiled in a new adventure but with the same mix of corrupt churchmen, scheming, stupid and dangerous nobles and savage violence. In such a landscape, honour is an elusive concept and fragile in the face of fear and temptation.

    Much of the power and attraction of the novel rests in the detail. Knights in full armour wetting and fouling themselves in fear, the art and savagery of combat, the realities and struggle of domestic survival, are woven into the tale and stand comparison with any academic, historical text. Real, vital, convincing and gripping: it's a great tale and well narrated. This was the best book of the grail quest series. Really got into this one. I would start by saying that I initially fell in love with Thomas of Hookton a long time ago, when he was a Heretic, and although I still love this older version of Thomas I didn't find the story quite as exciting.

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    However, of course the amazing Bernard Cornwell has written beautifully and Jack Hawkins has done a cracking job narrating the story. Get Your Free Audiobook By: Bernard Cornwell. Narrated by: Jack Hawkins. Series: The Grail Quest , Book 4. Length: 11 hrs and 56 mins. People who bought this also bought