A Fallen Star

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Kill them and make your way toward the gates. There, you will meet Captain Rumford , who is fighting with his men against more Risen Dead. After fighting them off, speak to him. He will tell you that the star fell on the old Tristram Cathedral , and that there was only one survivor, a girl named Leah. After that, you must help Rumford fight off an onslaught of more Risen Dead that rise from the ground to attack the gates.

Leah will be there tending to a group of wounded survivors. Talk to her, and she will tell you that she survived the fallen star, but that it blasted her uncle Deckard Cain into the depths of the old cathedral, and that she wanted to search for him but the dead were already rising.

You will then have to kill the survivors, who turn into more Risen Dead. After killing the Risen, speak to her again, and she will direct you back to Captain Rumford at the gate.

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Head back to the gate and talk to Captain Rumford. He will tell you to strike at the Wretched Mothers and their queen , who are vomiting out the Risen Dead that are attacking the town. You will have to help Rumford fight off another assault upon the barricade to the north, until one of the Wretched Mothers falls. He will then direct you to kill more of them in the ruins down the road. Upon reaching Old Tristram, continue killing Risen Dead and Quill Fiends until you find the Wretched Queen , the first elite monster you are likely to face in the game.

A Fallen Star , Jimmy C Newman , 1957 Vinyl

Publisher: Huy Phan. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Recent updates View all 18 5 May Patch Notes v1. I've always loved space theme and sci-fi more than fantasy, but I hesitated to go down that route for the next game due to the many titles in this genre.

A Fallen Star

Games like Star Sector and Stellar Tactics where its a one-man dev effort have raised the bar so high that I was afraid I had no chance to come close. But after much thought, and recalling why I became a gamedev in the first place, I decided to go back to my favorite genre: space. To travel among the stars as a nobody, to eventually becoming the leader of an empire and deciding the fate of the galaxy is too big a calling to ignore. Combat will be an expanded Star Nomad 2 style, real-time with tactical pause, with a focus on mixed fleet and space carrier warfare.

While I may never reach the same level as those talented one-man devs out there, I will try my best to not disappoint gamers who also love this genre. Finally, I want to thank all of you guys for your support on this gamedev journey. When you exit menus, it will no longer force 1x resume, but it will select the previous time mode.

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Thank you for playing and providing feedback. If you enjoy the game, please leave a review to support me. However, decades have passed without contact from the fleet and skirmishes between different factions over limited resources have escalated. A full blown war of conquest looms on the horizon that could risk humanity's fragile existence on this harsh new world. Your goal is to scavenge, trade, sabotage, hunt, fight and help conquer your way to fame and glory. Along the journey, you will meet allies that will join in the struggle to survive the wasteland, and perhaps together, you can unravel the mystery on the origins of the colony and change the fate of all those who call this barren world home.

A highly dynamic economic simulation ensures not only your actions carry consequences and present new opportunities, but also the actions of various NPCs. Competitive gameplay that involves other free roaming NPC scavengers that fulfill the same role as the player. They can trade, scavenge resources, take on missions, and fight hostile raiders or xenos. Competition can be fierce, so beware!

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Mercenary contracts that carry consequences. Be it clearing raiders for a faction to help their economy grow, or sabotage their enemy's outposts to cripple their war capability. Recruit and equip your squad with many different weapons, each providing a unique balance and tactical options. Train their combat skills as they gain levels, and specialize them further with a selection of many perks. Hunt the xenobeasts on this hostile world and use their skin, carapace, and organs in crafting useful items and armor.

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The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1) by Jessica Sorensen

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