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May Byron. The court decision favored their cousins, the Goodin Barretts. In , seriously ill as a result of a broken blood-vessel, Elizabeth was sent to Torquay. After the death of her brother, who drowned in Torqauy, she developed almost morbid fear of meeting anyone, and devoted herself entirely to literature.

For the death of her brother she blamed herself. Elizabeth did not publish her picture in her books. Not much nose of any kind; certes no superfluity of nose; but to make up for it, a mouth suitable to larger personality — oh, and a very very little voice. When her Poems appeared, it gained a huge popularity and was praised among others by the American writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Elizabeth Browning's name was mentioned six years later in speculations about the successor of Wordsworth as the poet laureate. At the age of 38 she started a correspondence with the six year younger poet Robert Browning, who knew well her work. Confined by ill health to her bedroom, she did not expect to have a lover.

After several hundred letters, she finally agreed to meet him in May Following their first meeting, Robert Browning proposed marriage. The courtship was kept a close secret from her father, who had forbidden all 12 of his sons and daughters to marry. Next year she ran away from her home. Since then they hardly ever spent a night apart.

The couple settled a week later in Florence. She suffered a miscarriage in March and a year later another.

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Her only child, Robert Wiedemann known as Penini , was born in At that time she had kicked her morphine and ether habit for a period. Elizabeth Barrett Browning became supporter of Italian independence movement, which she advocated in Casa Guidi Windows Browning's family had treated their slaves well. It also dealt such themes as the poet's mission, social responsibilities, and the position of women.

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Last Poems , issued posthumously, contained some of her best-known lyrics. Side cover is ripped. Outside of this book looks like it is yrs old. Inside is very good. Great condition. Pages have golden edges. Skip to main content. Elizabeth Browning Poems Refine Results.

Elizabeth Browning Poems. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. All page edges gilt. Language: English. Publisher: Lippincott: Philadelphia. Title: Mrs. Author: Elizabe See the images for the flaws. The book is old, see pictures for detailed condition. The book is overall good condition.

The reading will not be affected by the marks or flaws. Ask for more details. The book is in Good condition with a tight binding, strong hinges, clean unmarked pages with moderate age toning but not brittle, and has light wear to the edges, spine and 3 bumped corners. I think so.