Maggie Cassidy (Annotated)

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Big Sur is also notable for the beautiful restoration of the long-neglected original cover artwork, which is considered one of the great book cover designs of all time. Also recently published are the quartet of best-selling celebrity profiles by critic Rex Reed, the Master of the Celebrity Profile.

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The first of the books, Do You Sleep in the Nude? Rex Reed's next book, Conversations in the Raw , focused on icons such as Bette Davis, but also the screen performers who spiced up the art but were not household names, such as the deeply eccentric cad George Sanders and the international enigma Oskar Werner. Having been in countless Hollywood meetings, Gold recognized that not everyone in the room got the Yiddishisms that were bantered around the table.

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Maggie Cassidy (Annotated)

Overview In Jack Kerouac's teenage years his friends gave him a nickname that was prescient and stuck with him throughout his life—Memory Babe. Kerouac was able to conjure up scenes from his childhood and adolescence that astounded his friends with their precision and detail.

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This talent was to serve him well as a novelist, enabling him to recall long segments of conversation that he could instantly pound out on his typewriter. Maggie Cassidy is one of Kerouac's most tender recollections of his past, focusing on his first true love when he was a high-school senior and a local star athlete. Filled with the sweet innocence of youth and the daily heartbreak of quarrels and unfulfilled sexual yearnings, Kerouac employs his stylishly Beat observations toward the nostalgic time period of pre-World War II Lowell, Massachusetts, when he was torn between the companionship of his gang of buddies and the sirens' call of the opposite sex.

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In addition to his romance with the title character, Kerouac is especially evocative in reproducing the slangy teen-speak of the late s and in detailing how he went from a precocious local boy in Lowell to an exclusive New York prep school where he was to later meet the brilliant young men who would begin the Beat Movement. The new Devault-Graves Digital Editions version of Maggie Cassidy contains a wealth of new material for both the casual reader and the student of Beat Generation literature.