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Which I will then proceed to have sex with. I can't help but ponder the frightful headway we'd make if he put that sort of energy into his job.


I'm sor-- Scene: Hellsing Mansion So that's where they are. You mean I can leave anytime I want and not get yelled at over the phone? Because seriously, it's always over the phone! Mostly because I don't like to argue with her in person. I get a boner.

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It's super awkward. Sir Integra was quite insistent that you never visit Brazil. I can make him say whatever I want.

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TheCrimsonFuckr has checked in. I repeat: TheCrimsonFuckr has checked in. Also, I'm choosing the goddamn nicknames next time! Hit up a club? Make it past two weeks, I might learn your name. Until then, you're spare blood. And they took exception to that. Silver lining - I can cancel my room service! Think everything's alright?

Predatory behavior

By the way It's because I went to Brazil, isn't it? You want to talk to Okay, fine. I'm going for a walk. What are we looking at in terms of collateral? Scene: Alucard exits full of dead operatives If I had known you were going to do all this, I'd have hung some Union Jacks for you. I may or may not have fed a lie to the local policia that in return for your capture, I would give them immortality. Alucard continually fires bullets which miss and kill the police instead at DM Oh come on , that was on purpose!

I'm just focused on what I'm gonna do with my immortality. Now let's see what he thinks about having zat drink with me Could use a drink right now. Not used to seeing this much of my own blood anymore. Guy's got magic cards I'll end your life DM flings two cards at him, to no effect Oh, shame for you What a victorious statement this was by Celie, who, up until this point, had spent most of her life feeling unworthy and invisible. It reminded me that even with our flaws and imperfections, we still deserve to show up in our own lives. With these words, Celie breaks a cycle of abuse from Mister and sticks up for herself.

In this scene, Nettie Akosua Busia offers Celie unsolicited advice when she comes to live with her and Mister, telling her she needs to stand up for herself. Here, her words inspired me to push back and let my voice be heard when I feel like something isn't right.

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This moment taught me about compassion. Sometimes, the greatest thing is making it to the next day. I learned that we all have a chance at redemption, no matter how many mistakes have been made. Celie herself comes to this conclusion after she overhears Mister and Old Mister discussing Shug Avery. The elder of the two is clearly unhappy about this free-spirited woman doing as she pleases. As a Black woman, the value of my existence is always questioned in society. Are you living out a 'bad scene'?

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Oh, God! (1977)