Pioneers of the Present Reformation

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Begun during an era of intense religious revival in America, the Church boldly claimed to restore rather than reform traditional Christianity. Tensions continued to rise through the winter of , when the Mormons under their new leader Brigham Young fled Illinois over the Mississippi River with covered wagons and livestock, becoming refugees in their own country. From to some twelve thousand Mormons clustered in rough camps across present-day Iowa and Nebraska, before organizing to emigrate further west into what was then Mexico. Close to sixty thousand were immigrant converts fresh from the British Isles and Scandinavia.

They journeyed by ox-drawn wagon or—less commonly—by handcarts until the era of transcontinental railroad travel began in The sources in this set help place the Mormon migration in geographic, political, religious, and cultural contexts, including other westward movement motivated by Manifest Destiny. To give feedback, contact us at education dp. You can also suggest a primary source set topic or view resources for National History Day. Primary Source Sets.

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Mormon Migration. Show full overview. Time Period Expansion and Reform Subjects US History. Cite this set. Chicago citation style Tona Hangen.


Accessed June 29, Note: These citations are programmatically generated and may be incomplete. A letter from Eliza R. A plan of Winter Quarters, Nebraska, during the winter of to An excerpt from the trail diary of Mormon pioneer William Snow, An map of the route of the Mormon pioneers from Nauvoo to Salt Lake. A trail roadometer designed and used by William Clayton, An illustration showing a view of the Utah Valley in Back to the New Testament: the Plymouth Brethren.

Winning the world: Carey and the modern missionary movement. Organizing for mission. Salvation Army. Releasing the Spirit: the Pentecostals. An African way: the African Independent churches. Christians against Nazis: the German Confessing Church. Worldwide renewal: the charismatic movement. Radical communities: the modern community movement. The church at home: the house church movement.

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Pioneers of the Reformation

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