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It's amazing that you all keep starting anti-Fractal threads that also happen to be among the most popular here.

Well, this is embarrassing…

It's as though you keep looking over your shoulders and the only way to make yourselves feel good is to constantly tear down anything that isn't yours. Kinda like buying a ford truck then spending your life typing how bad Chevys are. Half the "facts" here are guys making stuff up. It's one thing to have an opinion it's another to be so insecure that you do nothing but spend your days on a forum making up stuff about competitors like the guy who typed Metallica dumped Fractal etc..

Yes, metal and tons of distortion is where axe shines. And what happens next?

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E minor powerchord, D major, A major, low G string squeal and E minor powerchord. Says the guy with 35 of his 69 posts in a thread where he does nothing but trash Fractal and anyone who owns one. Let go of the owie Dean, put a band aid on it and move on with your little life. You're embarrassing yourself and lowering the dignity of these forum. Chasing away fans by the millions ; :.

Yea, I couldn't let Dean's thing go I'm afraid, it was way too easy. Great clip you just posted by the way.

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Like I typed, the Kemper is awesome and does spectacular tones, just doesn't have the effects some of us need. As to your observations, how do you account for the fact that so many top level pros and their highly paid sound guys and techs don't hear what you hear when it come to the Axe?

Ya know, the whole brittle high end thing. Is it just that they are all deaf or never heard of the Kemper? Those Brit Floyd guys not as skilled as you? Danny Elfman a piker? I like Devin Townsend's approach. He had a Fractal and added a Kemper.

Like us? You'll like them!

Best of both worlds. Still uses amp sims on both BTW.

You kids cannot simply dismiss the Axe as irrelevant when it is clearly a top level piece of kit used by tons of new and classic world class guitarists. It makes you look small and petty like I typed.

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Index Fit Guides. Index Setup Guides. Excluding iconic track Politician from the set list, Just like every week, for every plotline.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

See you next week, crow eaters. Or even a ratty VHS. Actually, Frankenstein was the name of the scientist.

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  7. Skankenstein was the name of the scientist's ska covers band. How two O. That was probably one of my favorites. Happy Halloween, Skankenstein.