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And I know some people think The Sisters Brothers had a lot of wind behind it but, at least here in the Midwest, the Booker shortlist is not a tool used by anybody to build their To Be Read pile. None of the readers I talk to regularly had it on their radar. You guys get piles of advance reader copies every week and you get to crack many books before they are released. Do you think this is an advantage for you as a reader? Is it easier for a book to surprise you in some way because you get to read it before anybody else is talking about it?

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Le deluge. There are so many. Why does anyone even try to write one? And then along comes a book that smashes through my existential malaise, like A Visit From the Goon Squad. Ninety-nine books on my living room floor will deliver what I expect; I admit, I delight in the new. I enjoyed The Marriage Plot very much, but feared it had nowhere to go—yet it did.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of readers whose taste I trust and admire. I see what these people are talking up on Twitter and Facebook, and I also see the books that my writers are pitching me. Alongside my core circle of literary fiction fans, I have people who know the experimental indie scene and others who know genre very well.

Kevin: What books did the ToB miss this year? Carolyn: Stone Arabia! Totally agree. Kevin: Finally, we should talk a little bit about this decision. It was so different, so accomplished, so funny and gross and sweet, that I have been rooting for it ever since. Booker shortlist? Holy moly. Also, I think the hardcover was my favorite cover design of Kevin: Indeed. Thanks again to Carolyn Kellogg and C. Max Magee, both for their comments today and for their longtime enabling of this preposterous event. He lives in New York and Detroit. Haven Kimmel is the author of numerous books.

She belongs to a nearly extinct religious sect, and lives in rural Chapel Hill, N. Bethanne Kelly Patrick is the executive editor of BookRiot. She has written two books for National Geographic and is working on a novel. Patrick lives in Arlington, Va.

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He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Anne. Edith Zimmerman is the editor of The Hairpin. Missy Mazzoli is a composer and the leader of the band Victoire. TMN reader judge Roxy Reno is an outlaw artist and poet, and is currently serving six months in the Outagamie County Jail for a non-violent offense. Scott Fitzgerald. She is currently a staff critic at Movieline. Her work has appeared in Esquire. Walter Kirn is a novelist, critic, and essayist whose books include Up in the Air and Thumbsucker , both of which have been made into movies. Reading The Hatch is like reading a collection of horror fiction, but also not.

The imagery is the power. The poems in The Hatch are also not without a playfulness and verve. Women dreamt of giving birth to dead catfish and rain-wet dogs gorged themselves on the corpses of antelope that had grazed in the hoopoe meadows. I think that the smile that comes to my lips as I read these lines is a reaction the author has intended.

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I hope so. This is a horror story, but I mean that part to be funny. The worlds Fletcher builds conjure feelings that will stick with me for a long time. And the questions these new feelings raise are harrowing in precisely the right way. I enjoy Do holding forth on any subject at all.

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And do argue with him. Do loves that. Maybe it will convince him to blog more often? Fingers crossed. Get over yourselves, people!

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Read it. And, after all, how often do you get to see a black woman with a ray gun? Bad rabbit. You can follow him on twitter. Not that I have no respect for bloggers. Hell, some of my best friends are bloggers and I mean that with a sincerity that borders on relentless. A smart place and a place with personality, wit, snark, truth, and, when appropriate, outrage. Justine loves it almost as much as she loves Scott, I suspect so there must be something of high value in the poetry of the bat and the ball, the test match, the teams and the history; some inspiration and beauty to be found there.

Corrupt, questionable, brain damaging, violent boxing. On the subject of chocolate :. Not a big fan, myself. I love the taste of vanilla bean and the scent of cinnamon. I love bread pudding and oatmeal cookies and the unholy joy of a well-executed Pecan Pie, but beyond that, whatever. I loved Liar when I read it and loved it even more when I re-read it.

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I loved every question and every turn. I loved Micah and her nappy hair and would love to see her again and again. If LIAR were a woman in a bar, I would approach her slick and slow, and be proud be as hell when she took me out to the alley behind the bar and stabbed me through the heart.

I think Patricia Highsmith , as awful a person as she was , would be proud of LIAR and hate Justine for being the one to have written it. There is no monoculture among people of color or people, in general. Sure, there are tribes, cliques, groups, social organizations, concerns, movements, etc. I can only speak personally. Will only speak personally. Could never speak anything but personally on something so emotionally charged as race and identity. Most of my friends growing up were Jewish and the most horrible acts of racism I personally experienced growing up were perpetrated by other people of color.

My personal thoughts on race and identity ethnic or otherwise are just that: personal, and as complicated, convoluted and tweaked as the catalog of experiences that shaped them. On a related note, when I requested to NOT be put on the race panel at World Fantasy , I ended up on the queer panel and had a blast. Have a life that feeds you. Lead a life that challenges you. Write what you know. Be brave. Be honest about what terrifies you. Be honest about your regrets.

It also helps if you can spell. On the subject of Zombies Versus Unicorns :. Her books are violent explorations into the ruthless worlds of film noir and crime fiction, delving into the cold hearts of the grifter gals and femme fatales who, until now, have only existed at the grey edges of the genre.

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So, with that in mind, attend. While using SFnal tropes, the story is, at heart, a dark fantasy; one set in a world where an oppressive theocracy uses enslaved gods as the power source to drive their massive starships. I hope to see more of this kind of work from him—even if I have to beat it out of him, myself. I have no idea how this stuff is supposed to work. Those boots look fabulous on you, Justine! Absolutely fabulous! I love it! And do click on the art to see it in its much bigger glory. What could be cooler than that? Yup, for the first time in my publishing career, a book of mine will look just fine without a dustjacket.

But do not panic: the glorious art will not be totally concealed by the dustjacket. I cannot wait to see the final book. In fact, not since my first book was published have I ever been so eager to see the final book. Not so! What they clearly do not realise is that zombies are many, unicorns are few. In fact, every unicorn in the universe is depicted in this art. Whereas the legions and legions of zombies wait at its edges. Unicorns are So. Basically I do this so I can have a handy record that I can get to in seconds. Do feel free to skip it.

Thus my summary is brief. I want to get past and on to the fun of as fast as I can. That last sale was to Ediciones Versatil. I only just found out about it. Champagne tonight! Spanish is the only language I can even vaguely speak. Other than English, obviously. Or try to anyways. Liar has now sold in as many countries as the Magic or Madness trilogy. HTDYF remains my least popular book o. Germany is the only country other than Australia and the USA to have bought all my novels.

Apparently, the trilogy is doing well there—yay for German readers! The cover above is of a new German edition of the first two books in the trilogy which will be out in October next year. I was able to sit in on a bit of the recording of Liar and was invited to help choose the narrator of HTDYF both wonderful, wonderful experiences. I think the end results are amazing. I am so excited about the antho. You would not believe how fantastic the stories are. Not a dud one in the book. Well, except for the unicorn stories which are all dreadful Holly edited those but you are going to adore the zombie stories, which are, no lie, the best stories written in the history of the universe by some of the best writers ever.

Um, yes, I edited those ones. Tell no one! I say that as someone who adores everything Holly writes. The White Cat , though, beats them, hands down. You are in for such a treat! The ZvU antho began life as a sekrit project in It is my first sekrit project to see the light of day. Very happy making. By this comment exchange between me and Holly and many others, to be exact.

People have been asking me about that a lot lately. Especially compared the flurry of s book posts earlier in the year.

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I have not! But I have kind of been cheating on it. At the moment none of these novels is winning the fight for my attention. And, honestly, while touring I was unable to get any writing done at all. I truly admire those who can. School events all day and then a library or book store event at night means no writing on tour for this particular writer. And travelling and returning home ate my December. In a good way! My next clear, no travelling, stretch starts tomorrow. Bless you, January Maybe my new style of writing is to flit back and forth between books.

My only goal for this year is to be happy writing. If I finish one or more of these novels then wonderful. If not, no big deal. But trust me, they are all fabulously excellent writers. Yes, it is a YA anthology. It will be edited by the marvellous Karen Wojtyla. And if there is, who cares? Send your zombie questions my way. Thanks for all the excited emails and comments about the anthology.

What is my spectacular news?

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We have quite the line up. There are more best-sellers and award-winners and all-round geniuses than you can poke a stick at. Sadly though I cannot name names. That part has to stay secret until the official press release. Who will win? I trust you will all make the right decision! Let books roam free! Books out this year There were no new books by me in A: My garden is doing great. Happy new year, everyone!