Three Minute Car Wash (Electric Encounters)

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Take back your city and opt for a conscious and convenient way to move. Follow your instincts, rediscover the joy of movement and pave the way for a clean, car-free future. Download the app first and sign up to start your ride. To download the TIER app, simply click here. Place one foot on the footboard, hands on the handlebar and push-off times with your foot to get going. Use the right lever to gain speed and the left lever, left-hand brake, or back foot-brake to slow down. Please be aware that the new TIER scooters do not allow backfoot braking.

Do not exceed the speed limit of your city. Wear a helmet, be attentive and ride smart. Watch out for large vehicles, do not drive in blind spots, and always be focused and aware of your surroundings. Please park responsibly. Park your TIER scooter within our business zone displayed on the map in the app.

If you are having issues with starting your rental please go through the following steps to unlock your TIER and enjoy your ride. The business zone is marked by the green border on the app. Please check if you are unsure. Rentals outside of the zone cannot be ended. You might also be unable to end your ride if you find yourself on the border. Please repark and end your ride once fully inside the business zone.

The no parking areas are the red zones visible on the map. You might also be unable to end your ride if you find yourself on the border of the no parking area. Please repark and try again. Simply contact us using the contact form here.

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Please use the email address you used to register with our app and include the scooter ID as well as the time you first tried to end your ride. Please provide us with the email address you registered with and the scooter ID. Please provide us with the email address you registered with, the scooter ID, and the time you first tried to finish your ride. If you are unable to login or register please contact our customer support via the contact form found here.

If you encounter a damaged TIER, please send us a message using the email registered to your TIER account, containing the scooter ID and detailing the exact issue of the scooter via our contact form. If you encounter a wrongly parked TIER scooter, please send us a message containing the scooter ID and detailing the issue to our customer support here. We will check our system to confirm, and remove any and all wrongly parked scooters in a timely manner.

Find a TIER near you and scan or tap to unlock. Place one foot on the footboard, hands on the handlebar and push-off with your foot times to get going. Press down on the right lever to gain speed. We advise you not to press all the way down your first time riding. When slowing down, please be aware of the scooter model you are riding. All TIER scooters allow braking by using the left-hand brake or lever, however; only older models also allow back-foot braking. Make sure you are inside the business zone: this is marked by a green border on the map.

You are not in a no parking area: this is marked by the red zone on the map. Push the kickstand down.

Model 3 - A 10 min video of a 5 min carwash

Having issues ending your ride? We are currently in the process of improving our app.

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  5. Some features may not be available. For the best user experience, be sure to always have the latest version of the app. Our TIER fleet is available everyday from 7 am to 10 pm — with some small local exceptions. Our customer support team is available every day from 8 am — 8 pm CET. Click here to contact us. The business zone is marked by a green border on the map.

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    I also accompany them on Saturday Sabbath to worship in their congregation. What a special experience! They sing songs in Hebrew, and also the sermon is in the local language, but translated into English by headphones. I can finally follow a worship service again.

    In the afternoon, Simon spontaneously takes me to a workshop for German volunteers. I gain a good insight into the world of this group, which in Israel is a minority within the minority Arab Muslims. In addition, I get into conversation with some German volunteers, who live for one year in Israel and work in social institutions. For me it is quite a special feeling after such a long time to be surrounded by so many German-speaking people. The night I spend in Beit Scandinavia , a guest house very close to Tina and Simon — what a fascinating house!

    It was founded many years ago by Norwegian Christians and should offer Scandinavian travelers a home-away-from-home. Meanwhile, it is open to travelers of all nationalities. Something very special: you stay here for free.

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    What an international and cordial evening! We sing songs in Hebrew, exchange travel experiences in English, and with the Latinos I indulge in reminiscences of South America. Gasoline for my bike All these encounters would overwhelm me after a short term under normal circumstances. But I realize that after the time in solitude and the many days on the saddle, I am particularly receptive. I would love to keep this principle even after this trip. I hope that in the future I will be able to find times of loneliness and tranquility that prepare me for meeting people. Maybe I should just look for work that is 20 kilometers away from my place of residence and then cycle there every day.

    Swabians in Israel After the many encounters in Haifa it is therefore necessary to burn petrol, that is: to cycle. Simon told me about Christians from Korntal, who immigrated to Israel since the 60s and live there in a kind of kibbutz. Here they sell wholegrain bread, jam and many other products, which come almost exclusively from the domestic production and from their own fields. The Israelis obviously love these German products called Berta , the store is busy. A little later Roland appears and leads me directly through neighboring production halls. In addition to the approximately Germans meanwhile over Israelis are employed here.

    I like this attitude. It is their Christian faith and not the profit that has led them here.

    Long-term test review: Kia Soul EV

    Their concern has always been to serve the country with their work. Filters seemed appropriate for that, especially because there was no competition in the country. Roland and his family warmly welcome me. I gain a good insight into their family and kibbutz life. In conversing with people, I find that Jesus Christ and His grace are the center of their faith. One hundred percent of this belief I share with them, so I know myself among like-minded people and enjoy the fellowship.

    Quite spontaneously, I am allowed to design two lessons and talk about my journey. The students listen attentively to this strange man, who has cycled from the German homeland to their community.