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In Wissen nimmt Gestalt an. What Is an Effective Knowledge Visualization? Insights from a Review of Seminal Concepts.

Implizite Dimensionen des Wissens und ihre Bedeutung für betriebliches Wissensmanagement

In Marchese, Francis T. From Text to Art to Culture. Springer London, , S. Research Handbook on Virtual Worlds. Glocalizing visual communication in organizations. Living and working across the world with cultural intelligence. Franco Angeli, , S. In Kellermanns, Franz W. Handbook of research on strategy process. Edward Elgar, , S. A literature review on the factors influencing strategy implementation. Innsbruck University Press, , S. A Classification of Interaction Patterns. Learn How to Learn.

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Typologies and Application Examples. IGI Publishing, , S. MIT Press, , S. In Jennex, Murray E.

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The Digital Economy - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit. Das Management der Wissenskommunikation. Perspektiven, Theorien und Methoden. Handbook on Knowledge Management. Das Konzept der Wissenskommunikation. Knowledge Management Case Studies. NetAcademy Press, , S. Managing Knowledge at an SME. Erfahrungen mit Intranet-basierten Wissenskarten. Springer Verlag, , S. Wissen pragmatisch entwickeln und nutzen. In Eppler, Martin J. Sheehan - - pages Work Wanted by James W. Lewis - - pages Work Wanted by James W.

DeGuzman and Andrew I. Wissensbilanzierung in Kreditinstituten by Julia Jourdan - - 56 pages. Wissensbilanzierung in Kreditinstituten by Julia Jourdan - - 50 pages. Wissensintensive Organisationen als innovative Organisationen?

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Wissenskurven in Theorie und Praxis by Ekkehard Beck - - 44 pages. Wissensmanagement by Antje Felgentreu - - 28 pages. Wissensmanagement by Antje Felgentreu - - 20 pages. Wissensmanagement - Eine Basiskompetenz einer lernenden Organisation? Wissensmanagement als eine Konsequenz des demographischen Wandels by Martina Schuster - - 27 pages.

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    Wohnimmobilien in offenen Immobilienfonds by Philipp Layher - - 42 pages. Wohnimmobilien in Offenen Immobilienfonds by Philipp Layher - - 92 pages. Wohnungsvermietung als Dienstleistung by Andreas Waltrich - - 24 pages. Staff, Alfred Henry Lewis - - pages. Women and Industrialization in Asia - - pages. Nilsen - - 42 pages. Women Chemists by American Chemical Society - - pages. Women in Leading Positions by Monika Herrmann - - 8 pages. He works through Quinnovation.

    This workshop takes learning design beyond the basics, and dives deep into the learning sciences to add substance to each of the elements of a learning experience. Participants will come away with specific steps along the design process to develop and deliver elearning that has a real impact on the ability to do. To compound matters, most e-learning is also missing the emotional component, addressing learner motivation, anxiety, and confidence. Yet, e-learning could be a powerful tool for achieving real impacts on the ability of individuals to acquire new abilities and skills.

    In this workshop, the intent is to go deeper than surface e-learning, unpacking the science behind each of the elements, and developing a process that can systematically, reliably, and repeatedly deliver learning experiences that engage and are effective educationally. The workshop will start with getting meaningful objectives, move to designing practice that engages the necessary cognitive processes, talk about the power of models as the basis for action and the methods to get them, and unpack the necessary elements that create effective examples.

    In addition, creating introductions and closings that prepare the learner affectively as well as cognitively for the learning experience, and close it as well, will be covered. The goal is to take participants from a rote understanding of learning design to real learning engineering; applying science to create learning that makes a difference. Ale has extensive international teaching and programme development experience across different education sectors and modes of study.

    Over the years, he has used, researched and refined evidence-based design-for-learning interventions to promote positive change in further and higher education. Teams under his leadership have researched the application of learning technologies in diverse academic settings. His PhD tutees research specific areas in the field of educational technology, pedagogy, openness and innovation.

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    Ale is active in consultancy work globally. Rachel is currently leading a number of projects supporting the student experience, including improving the first year experience. A key focus this year has been the development of a framework of graduate attributes embedding employability and Changemaker skills across our curricula. Her work also focusses on developing assessment and feedback practices suitable for the 21st century, promoting academic integrity and supporting staff to introduce innovation into their own pedagogic practice.

    Rachel previously worked as a Learning Designer, supporting staff to redesign modules and programmes as part of an institutional move to blended learning. Elizabeth Palmer ejpalmer is a Learning Designer at the University of Northampton, where she is responsible for supporting staff in pedagogical design.

    Teaching and Learning design, and redesign, at the University of Northampton is undergoing substantial change in anticipation of a new Campus in Her role is underpinned by a background in Undergraduate course leadership and lecturing within the Arts, as well as teaching research methodologies, academic and cognitive skills across all levels of Higher Education provision. Participants of the workshop are expected to bring their own internet-enabled devices tablets or laptops. We are seeking to make best use of technological disruptions and carve out an identifiable niche in an increasingly undifferentiated market.

    The lecture model, for centuries the hallmark of University learning and teaching models, is being reconceptualised around a more active, engaged, blended and personalised pedagogy that situates the dissemination of knowledge as only one step in a learning process that focuses more on what a learner does with that knowledge than it does on the knowledge itself. Other disruptions, identified clearly in the Ernst and Young report on the University of the Future Bokor, , mean that adding value to a University experience is vital for survival.

    At Northampton, we do this best through our institutional mission to transform lives and inspire change, whether within the University, the local community or more widely within society. Our ChANGE initiative - Changemaker Attributes at Northampton for Graduate Employability — acts as a framework for embedding these skills and attributes across the curriculum in all academic programmes. The University of Northampton seeks to achieve this by actively engaging in social justice issues in the locality and helping students to see the ways in which they can take active roles in critiquing power structures and enacting social change.

    This innovative approach provides each student with a meaningful entitlement to engage with our Changemaker agenda throughout the duration of their studies. This session is designed for middle and senior university management and those involved in leading pedagogic change initiatives within their institutions with an eye on employability and graduate outcomes.

    Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Conference paper. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Abecker, A. In: Abecker, A. Springer, Heidelberg Google Scholar. Davenport, T. Eppler, M. In: Prasad, J. Fuchs-Kittowski, F. Information Management and Consulting Google Scholar.

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