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Pray for strength and comfort and for His healing hand upon them. The country has a long and violent history for religious and ethnic reasons. Terrorists have used Easter to launch deadly attacks in the past as well. Two of the most brutal killings took place on Palm Sunday in Egypt 45 killed and Easter in Lahore, Pakistan 75 killed. Only in strength can suffering be triumphant in the end. Let us each take up the Cross on our backs and continue to fight with the struggle of persecution.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that my Sri Lankan brothers and sisters will remember that they are not alone! First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things. Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred and violence. Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins.

Please pray and intercede without. Heavenly Father, I pray for heavenly encouragement during the rebuilding of structures and lives. That their hearts would overflow with joy and thanks for all that You have brought them through. Also, remind them that one day they are going to a heavenly home that cannot be destroyed by man! May they inspire and embolden their fellow believers to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly. Merciful God, for those asked to pay the ultimate price; who are martyred because of their love for You, may they truly know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death.

Heavenly Father I pray that You would watch over those who love You during these difficult times. Those you have called into service for Your glorious kingdom. Please Lord, comfort those believers and give them the strength, endurance, and patience to carry on in the faith and to be a powerful testament to Your love Jesus Christ, The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. You alone are awesome in power and great glory. God bless you and the martyrs of Sri Lanka for being light and salt shining in a place of great darkness.

God bless you for bringing glory to our Savious Jesus, for sharing in the fellowship of His suffering. I stand in agreement with that prayer. Lord we come to you in prayer and ask for healing and comfort for the people of Sri Lanka. Lord we pray for peace in this country and we pray for protection for the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. Lord we pray for love to conquer fear among the many communities in this country. Lord please let our brothers and sisters know that they are not alone that we love them and are praying for them. In the mighty name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless them as they heal from this. God help them remember how blessed we all are and that they will be rewarded for their faithfulness. God help them as the grieve their losses. Lord please be with my brothers and sisters in Shri Lanka and heal their hearts bodies and families. Holy Spirit I pray that you enmbold and strengthen them to speak your words with wisdom and insight. I pray that their enemies will cease from causing them loss pain and heart ache. You are our God and deliverer. In the name of Yeshua we pray these petitions. Your brothers and sisters weep with you and pray peace for your families.

Dear Father, Please comfort, heal, and encourage all those affected by the attacks in Sri Lanka! May the steadfast faith of the believers there inspire many others to develop a relationship with You. Lord Jesus I pray for your healing in this land. May your peace that passes all understanding be found among the Christians as a testimony to you. Father, You are the one true God and Your Spirit moves throughout all of the earth.

We praise You for your love, mercies and grace that are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness! Thank you for Your love and compassion for the people of Sri Lanka. Hide Your children there under the shadow of Your wings. Comfort those who mourn. Heal those who are injured. Bring glory to Your Name through this terrible act of the enemy, turning it around for good. Save the attackers. In Jesus Name. Amazing Father, how I beseech you to intervene in the country of Sri Lanka and bring peace to the hearts of the people of this nation. They are grieving for lost loved ones and many are living in fear of retaliation.

Father, bring your peace and love to these people through your Son, Jesus the Christ. Please answer these prayers far more abundantly than we can imagine, going beyond what we have asked so as to bring glory to Yourself and great and lasting blessing to the church in Sri Lanka.

May they triumph over evil and may they see good out of this tragedy. May they be filled with hope, joy and peace. All the martyrs who died in those attacks were resurrected in Christ that Day! Jesus Lord is King! May many be saved by Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Father God, We know You are sovereign and nothing escapes Your eye. Please show these brothers and sisters Your comfort, peace, and endurance as they struggle with life. Let them know they are in our hearts here in America, and that we will continue in prayer for them. Thank You for Your blessings and care for all Your children. We pray Lord Jesus that you will sustain and lift up Your children during this time. Oh Lord, we ask that you pour out Your mercy and grace upon Your children.

Praise You Lord Jesus!!! My heart aches so deeply to know that you are suffering like this. I pray that the Lord provides His spirit of comfort as you are recovering from this. Lord please be with your children, please strengthen their faith, please heal their wounds, please mobilize the church to support them. Pleased be with them now and forever. Let your hearts know the God of all comfort as He is very very near to the brokenhearted, a friend who stays closer than a brother.

Healing, restoration, and a renewed vision for your destiny and the future of your family as the children of our Mighty God!! Abba God, we pray for mercy on Sri Lanka. God touch the hearts of those living in darkness and acting in violence against your bride. Strengthen the believers and empower them to keep steadfast faith.

Fill them with courage and compassion to love their persecutors and extend your heart and grace to them. Let the Church in Sri lanka know they are not alone and that they are cared for by their brothers and sisters around the world. Unite the Church and keep our eyes on you and lives like Christ. Lord, thank You for your wisdom and love. Jesus died and rose for all of us who believe.

Because of that we will never die. I pray the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ dwell within them richly. Let Your name be glorified through them as they show love to their neighbors — the gates of hell will not prevail against Your church. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing. We stand with you in prayer for healing, peace and forgiveness. Our hearts cry out to God our healer. God of all comfort, wrap your arms around those who are grieving.

God of healing, strengthen and heal the physical injuries. By your love being emotional and spiritual healing. Pour your love into those who belong to you. In the face of death and destruction may your people be guided and lead to conquer fear and dispare. May your people be bold in standing firm in their faith in you. Bring healing and peace and an outpouring of your Holy Spirit in the nation. Heavenly Father, Please have mercy on your followers-the victims and put their souls at peace. Please support their families and give them the strength to go on.

Please change the ways and hearts of the wrong-doers. May the Lord of host comfort families that have lost loved ones and grant quick recovery to those still in hospital. Good Lord, please help the victims of persecution in Sri Lanka and worldwide. Lord, have mercy on us all, change the hearts of the trespassers and help us pray for both victims ans the wrongdoers. Grief is a long process, but our God is a God of comfort.

May He comfort you all with His peace and the hope of heaven and His coming Kingdom where all will be made right and new. Justice will come. Resurrection will come. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! Give them strength to preach Your word. Father, You are the God of all comfort. If there is any comfort to be found, it must be in You… Comfort the shattered hearts of Your people, our brothers and sisters, in Sri Lanka.

Give them an abundance of peace and hope that can only come from Christ. Shine Your light from their broken hearts in the darkness around them and use it to bring eternal life out of this death. Give them strength for all the days ahead, and Your Church faithfulness in remembering them in prayer.

In Your name — Amen. Dear God, I pray that you will be with the victims families, that they would find strength in you and seek you when they need it most. I pray that they will be able to rebuild the churches and the hotels that were destroyed. In your name, amen. May the Lord be with these people grieving their loses in this trying period. May he console them with his consolation that passes all understanding. May he strengthen and emboldening the churches in Sri Lanka the more in the course of their Lord.

Looking unto Jesus the Author and the Perfecter of our faith, He will hold them unto the last day. Lord, I pray for changed hearts. I pray for justice and truth to be revealed in the investigations. I pray for healing and comfort for the many families affected by the devastation. I also pray Lord that through this awful act of violence, that your name will be glorified and something good will come of it.

Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ, his life, death, and resurrection for our salvation and for the glory of Your Great name. I pray you will strengthen, comfort, and heal the hearts and minds of your people who are suffering on behalf of the Gospel. Give them courage and faith to endure and give them relief from their enemies. Oh Lord bring justice to your people and the land. Give them a renewed sense of Hope and Faith to walk in love and forgiveness. No words can suffice; just know that I am praying for you, your families, your communities, your nation and for those that planned and carried out these acts—for them to come to justice.

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But also, that they do not go out into eternity not having trusted in Jesus as Saviour and Lord. We ask that Your peace cover all the church in Sri Lanka. Heal their wounds, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or otherwise. Let good come out of this evil. Let Your church be full of love, and wisdom, and boldly share the gospel. Dear Lord Jesus, May you move in a mighty way.

Please look after your children in Sri Lanka. May you comfort them ad they are suffering so much. In your great mercy, may you look after them and heal them. Surround them with your mercy and Grace. When one part suffers, we all suffer. May you watch over them and continue to help them Lord ad they are dealing with so much pain.

May you surround them and give them your healing hand to guide them. Father, we pray that you will cover our injured and grieving Christian family in Sri Lanka with your mercy, grace, and love. They have suffered more hardship and devastation than we can even imagine and we ask that you heal and comfort their bodies, minds, and spirits.

May they know that they are being lift up to you in waves of prayer and that they are deeply love by you and by us. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen. Father, I come before u to ask for your deep comfort and presence to those grieving the loss of their loved ones. Help them to feel your arms around them. I pray u would minister to each person specifically in a tangible way that they can sense you with them.

Help them to begin the painful process of dealing with their grief and loss. I pray for unity among the believers and that they would not grow weary or lose faith. Draw them to yourself and each other. Give them your strength and peace. Beloved Lord, I pray at this very moment that you will strengthen the hearts of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Grant them healing Lord and help them to feel You close to them. I pray also for those who do these things, open their eyes to see and their ears to hear that they could be saved. Forgive them Lord and grant my brothers and sisters in Christ the strength to forgive them too.

Glorify Your Name Lord. Dear heavenly Father, oh I pray for my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. My heart goes out to them in sorrow and devastation. I pray for your peace and comfort to those brothers and sisters affected. I pray for courage to your people in comfortable places to wake up from sleep and speak up for those who have no voice.

I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Almighty God, I praise Your majesty and mercy. I thank You for my brothers and sisters around the world. That You would provide comfort to so many who are grieving the loss of loved ones. May Your perfect justice be served and Your perfect will be done. I ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ. Thank you, everyone, for your loving prayers for my country… Your prayers are the power of our new beginning and revival in the country.

O God Grant eternal rest to all those who are killed on your resurrected day, may they see your risen face, may their unexpected martyrdom increase the faith of the people in Srilanka. Abba, I pray for Srilanka. Your heart grieves as Your people grieve. Our hearts grieve for them too. We lift them up before You. May their hearts be ever faithful to You. May their love for You increase. In all these works of the devil, let revival begin in Srilanka.

Where sin abounds Your grace superbounds. Your people will see and rejoice in the works of God in Srilanka. In Jesus name Amen. I cover all the people in Sri Lanka who have been affected by these atrocities with the Blood of Jesus. Please know the Lord is with you. I ask the Lord Jesus to protect all the Christians and everyone else in Sri Lanka and to cover them with a hedge of protection continually and to give them peace and faith and comfort that surpasses all understanding. Revelation and Lord Jesus Christ You see every soul that lives and dies for you and You are returning soon to bring vengeance on Your enemies.

Strengthen my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka to persevere with courage and boldness. Fill them with Your grace and love and forgiveness for their oppressors that the light of the Gospel would pierce the darkness and many more come to faith in You. All glory be to Christ! Dearest almighty Father God, The people of Sri Lanka are suffering from shock and deep sadness because of these unexpected atrocities. Please show forth your mighty power to comfort them and reassure them of your love. Give them a deep desire to know you more deeply.

May in them a spirit of hope, endurance, forgiveness, boldness and love rise and soar so it Will lift them from their circumstances. May it heal them and Carry them. Lord you are the Prince of Peace fill my brothers and sisters in Christ in Sri Lanka with your perfect peace. Lord you are the God of all comfort fill those who mourn with your comfort. Lord you are a God who brings a sure Hope, fill your church with Hope for the present and the future. Lord let your people know that they Ar not forgotten.

Father God may you comfort every family that was affected by the bombings. May you heal and touch those that are hurt and suffering from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet in Jesus mighty name Amen. Heavenly Father: I ask that you show your promise to be father to the fatherless and protector of Widows. Please comfort the broken hearts of all involved. Do not allow Evil to triumph. Please expose those who plan more Evil against your children and to show your tender mercies to those who need comfort today and in the many days to come. Dear God, We pray for miraculous comfort and help for all people affected by these Satanic bombings.

This life is difficult; we thank you that the life to come is unimagined joy and unalloyed fellowship with you. Father God, I pray for the remaining fathers, mothers and children of these vicious attacks. Give them peace as they grieve and energy and strength to continue their mission through faith in Jesus Christ. Let them feel the love and prayers of Christians arouNd the world as we mourn with them. In the name of Jesus, Amen. I pray that God hold all of you in His everlasting arms, and bring comfort to your troubled hearts in this time of grief.

My soul is beside yours in hope. Lord Jesus, I pray for your people in Sri Lanka that not one of them will be lost to You because of this tragedy. Send Your Holy Spirit to turn each heart toward you in their pain, anger, and confusion. Help them to meet with You and to receive from You all that You have for them right at this moment. Soothe and heal their broken hearts in Your presence, oh God of Eternal Comfort. Father God I know you are with the your people in Sri Lanka, give them peace in this time. Our prayers must remain focused on showing your love to the world, we live with the hope that your kingdom is near.

The world is not our home, let us show the world a better way. Our hearts ache with you as you come to terms with this horrible atrocity. Praying you will know our Lords comfort and strength as you grieve the loss of so many. May you remain faithful as He is faithful. Our Hope is in Him. In the name of Jesus , Amen. May their expectancy of Your faithfulness increase rather than diminish. As you turned the death of James into passionate and effective prayer and by Your power delivered Peter, so carry them deeper in prayer and worship and act beyond all their expectations to bring true joy.

Do not be discouraged. The Lord is with you. I am praying for comfort for the bereaved and healing for the injured. Stay strong in your faith. The grief was so intense that I asked God to forgive me for never really standing with others who have lost their children. Today I lift my heart to Jesus for you because I know the pain of losing family. May you understand truly the word which tells us that He is the lifter of our heads.

Much love in Him. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please know that I and other believers at my church are praying that God will give you His strength and grace in this your time of bereavement, suffering and healing. As difficult as it may be, give him thanks, even in this time, in obedience to Ephesians May Your Children know comfort and peace despite the violence. I ask Your Holy Spirit to grant them strength and courage; may their faith continue to grow and not waver.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Your heartache has been heard. God, our Heavenly Father has heard and His peace will go with you through this pain. You are in our prayers. You are not alone. Keep you eyes to Christ. Let your trust remain with Him. I pray, according to Philippians 3, that they would rejoice in the Lord always and know that the Lord is near.

Help them to be anxious for nothing, but rather take their suffering to Christ, who also suffered, in prayer and petition. And I pray that the peace of God which transcends understanding would guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Father, comfort those who are grieving because You are the God of all comfort. I pray the wicked would perish and the righteous would rule. I pray Your people would be strong and courageous trusting only in You.

Provide for their physical needs and spiritual needs. Please Lord have mercy. Thank You Jesus. You are a good Father.

You will provide for these Your Children. You are all powerful! Let Your truth and light shine in the darkness. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Father and Jesus, please send the supernatural comfort of your great and gracious Spirit to the people on Sri Lanka. Bring your truth wo those who in hatred killed so many, wounded so many, struck out at so many, so that this deed of theirs may awaken them to You. Bring peace. Strenghten those who follow you. In Jesus. I pray you will give them peace in place of fear. I pray you will give them boldness and strength to share the gospel with their non-christian neighbors and those who hate them.

I pray for the light of Christ and the peace that passes all understanding in the hearts of believers to shine into the darkness and bring an abundant harvest of souls to know Christ. I give you the praise and the glory. Praying for you that the Lord will be your closest comfort and strength. Keep holding His hand and trusting Him. Thank You loving Father for giving us the precious knowledge of who You are. But many in Sri Lanka and in Nigeria need Your healing and peace now and I pray for Your Spirit to be with them in the most powerful and personal way.

Father, we pray for comfort and peace in the midst of great suffering and grieving, may your presence be felt in extraordinary ways. Put a hedge of protection around my sister and brothers in the days to come. May your amazing Grace rain down on them giving them strength and courage to rise up in unity and love, bringing you glory in all they do. Fill their hearts with love and forgiveness and may justice be in your great hands Lord! Comfort those who have lost their loved ones to this evil deed committed by man. I ask for your comfort to surround our brothers and sisters in Christ in Sri Lanka.

May they sense your Presence close by their side during this time of suffering and grief. Send your Holy Spirit to comfort them and be their light and hope. Encourage them with Your precious and true promises today and in the days to come. Let them see Your faithfulness, for You are our hope and our strength and our salvation. Heavenly Father, please comfort Your people in Sri Lanka. Wrap Your loving arms around them and hold them up. Father, we ask You to remind them through the power of Your Spirit that You are there. You have not left them nor will You ever leave them.

Fight this battle for them. And graciously supply all of their needs. Build their faith. Give them great courage and peace. In Jesus name… we pray. Dear Heavenly Father, Please comfort my brothers and sisters in Christ, whom I will never meet in this life, but will be with them in heaven for all eternity in their losses and injuries and pain —I cannot fathom , Oh Lord, what they are going through, but You know each one of them and You are with each one who is suffering.

Please give them peace and acceptance and comfort at this time. In Jesus Name!

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Heavenly Father, I pray for the comforting Presence of the Living Lord to be poured out on our brothers and sisters in this time of sorrow and grief. Encourage their hearts with the words of scripture which promise eternal life to believers, and the promise that You will never leave or forsake them. Cause each one to be strong in You and able to finish the race victoriously. Your testimony goes out to the world of your suffering and steadfastness in Him. Lord Jesus, Visit your people in the night watches. Show Yourself to them as the One Who made all things and in Whose hand rests all our times—life and death.

Give them overcoming peace and confidence in You and You alone. Let their cries for mercy and grace be heard in Your courts. Dear Lord, please comfort our brothers and sister in Sri Lanka who were affected by this horrible scheme of the devil to bring death and destruction on Easter Day. I pray you would hold them in Your arms and love them through this difficult time. Bring understanding and guidance as no one else can. I pray for protection on all these dear ones in the upcoming days. In the name of Jesus, let your peace that surpasses understanding completely replace all fear.

O Mighty God, I stand on Your promise and ask that You would send the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to bring divine comfort to the grieving and bereft hearts of my Sri Lankan brethren and sistren kilometers away. O Holy Spirit, may You convict and awaken us, Christians in the West, from our deep slumber that we may contemplate daily the fate of and pray faithfully and steadfastly for our persecuted fellow believers in Sri Lanka.

He will judge the world in righteousness; He will govern the people with justice. The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

Pray with the Church in Sri Lanka After Devastating Attacks

Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. Dearest Lord, May these dear Christian brothers and sisters be comforted by your living Word. They have not been forsaken. Lord, great awesome powerful God. Thank you so much for my brothers and sisters in this beautiful country. Thank you so much for providing for all of their family and needs. Thank you so much for your unfailing, steadfast love, even in this terrible time. Lord keep my brothers and sisters strong. Like Job Lord restore their loses, and let their latter glory be greater than the former.

In your name Lord, amen. Dear Father. I come to you in Jesus Name, asking that you would comfort and protect my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. Please give them hope and strength through your Son, Jesus Christ. I also ask that You would send them help and provisions. I pray that the Lord would send His ministering angels to them and comfort and protect them. In Jesus Name, I pray. Heavenly Father, You are the God of all hope and comfort.

May they forgive and pray for those who orchestrated this attack. Have mercy on them. Our dear Lord told us not to fear those who can kill the body please grant your peace to our dear brothers and sisters and help them to see the eternal weight of glory that awaits. O Lord, pour out your mercy and grace on my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. Fill them with Your comfort and peace. Give them understanding and strength. Put their tears in Your bottle. May they take refuge in You. Hide them in the shadow of Your wings. Hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man.

Help them to put their trust in You and not be afraid. Give them great courage. Use this suffering to perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle them. I pray that the Lord protects all the people that live in SriLanka I plead the blood of Jesus on all the people that live in this country. Father we are told perfect love drives out fear May your perfect love be experienced even in the grief of your people in Sri Lanka so that all fear may be gone and the warmth of your amazing love be experienced.

Lord Jesus thank you so much for this opportunity to share a prayer, I pray in your sweet name daddy, that peace would fill the hearts of the believers in Sri Lanka. That they would come together like the church they are and you have strengthed them to be and praise would lift up and fill the country, praise of your name and your renown. Father would you be lifted up in their hearts and that fear would bow down to you In Jesus Name.

Thank you Lord. WE love you. Heavenly Papa, Please strengthen, comfort and heal our brothers and sisters of Sri Lanka.. Surround them all with your love and protection…In Jesus name.. Heavenly Father, please be with all the broken hearted in Sri Lanka. Comfort and strengthen them as only you can. Hear the prayers of those of us around the world whose hearts are aching with them. Give them the resiliency to stand strong and help them to feel your love and ours. May you comfort and strengthen our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka who are struggling with the loss of loved ones and the daily threat of oppression and violence in their native country.

May they persevere knowing that their reward is great in Heaven and that the Lord our God has His face upon them at all times. We pray that the Sri Lankan govt will take action to protect the Christian communities so they may practice our glorious faith in peace. Father please have mercy on our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka and NIgeria who are suffering so much in Jesus name, amen!

In Gospel of John, Ch. This is testimony to ALL! Ur suffering is dear to the Lord! Please minister to Your children in Sri Lanka. They need you in every way for healing of the spirit, soul, and body. We weep with those who are weeping, Father. Bottle up their tears and strengthen their faith. Because they hated you, the world would hate us. Live Your Life in them. Give them Your Love. May you also find peace because of that same hope.

They need your loving arms to relieve their fears and give them your strength. Provide for their family in miraculous ways! Fear not for God is with you! Dear Brothers and Sisters, We mourn with you though we are far from you. But we are one body in Christ Jesus and when one member of the body hurts, we all hurt.

May God give you strength in your inner beings and fill your hearts with the hope of the day when Jesus will make all things right. Death and tears and sorrow will be gone forever and we will dwell together seeing God face-to-face with eternal peace. In every worship I am praying for the persecuted Christians, also for you. May God strengthen you and give you comfort in this difficult time!

Gracious Father, please pour your peace and comfort upon our brothers and sisters during this time of grief and in the midst of fear and uncertainty. I pray you would strengthen and sustain them and your Holy Spirit will minister hope, grace and encouragement to their soul. May they count their suffering as joy for the glory set before them. We are not worthy to walk in your shoes as you have given your all for our precious Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

May you find peace and comfort, boldness and strength for the days ahead. God powers to save all christians in Sri Lanka and stop kill christians in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!! LORD may you use this evil to strengthen the faith of those who waiver and consolidate the faith of those who stand firm. May use use this incident that the devil and his children use for evil for Your glory. Praying for our brothers and sisters who have been affected and continue to be impacted by theses bombings.

Now and always Amen. Heavenly Father, comfort your children who are suffering in Sri-Lanka right now. May they feel Your presence and encouragement. Help them stay strong in the face of opposition. Help them remember that You also suffered. Help those still seeking loved ones-children who are missing.

I pray that You will show Yourself strong in this terrible tragedy and that You will continue to grow Your church—the gates of hell will not stand against it! Provide for their needs, give them Your boldness. Dear Lord, You are the great Shepherd and strong tower. Please bring divine comfort, protection and restoration our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. I pray for you to bring peace to the nation and love through the Christians. I pray that you will provide necessary support for the many grieving families and may they know your strong embrace.

In Jesus name, Amen. Whatever the devil means for evil You mean for good. We pray you meet the needs of the victims and families. May the world community stop ignoring the long-time killing of Christians. Lord you know this has been going on for decades. Lord … I pray for your protection on the families in this violent attack.. I pray for comfort and your peace to fill their lives. Forgive those who persecute is Lord. O Father, We do not understand, but we believe You are good and at the end of time all will be able to see that everything You have ever done has been good.

I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka — for their strengthening, for their protection, for their provision.

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I ask that this horrible event would only serve to make their witness unstoppable. Give them grace and mercy for those persecuting them. Give them love enough to cover all the wounds. Pour out Your blessing. Father, may those who lost their lives rejoice in Your kingdom, where all tears are wiped away. Please, comfort the grieving, heal the wounded, and protect and strengthen Your Church in Sri Lanka and all over the world.

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Please, change the hearts of its persecutors. I pray that this horrible event would unite Christians and allow them to have more opportunities to show their love and their faith to unbelievers. I pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Dear Jesus Our resurrected King, as we moan over the martyrs, we know that God will lift them from death in you second coming. We pray for the families of the martyrs that they continue to hold on to You as their rock and shield. And Lord may you be exceptionally present in their lives as the country is in fear of attacks.

I pray that peace and forgiveness be demonstrated by churches that they may witness Gods grace and forgiveness to the country. Dear Father, I pray now for my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. Let them be aware of your presence and your care. Let them know with assurance that while the world is evil, you are good and while the world is full of hatred your faithful love endures forever. Where there is fear bring your courage, where there is grief give your comfort, where there is bitterness bring your forgiveness and where there is distress bring your peace. Lord let the light shine, and save souls in Srilanka Amen.

Reassure them Lord , that their loved ones are now with you. Grant their leaders and emergecy services , clarity of thought , as they strive to bring justice for all the victims. Somehow , use this tragedy to bring Gods Kingdom to Earth , as our Christ prayed. Dear God, Please heal the people in Sri Lanka after the horrible attacks.

It is a terrible thing that these people decided to launch an attack on your sacred day, Easter Sunday. I hope all the people affected and Sri Lanka in general will recover from this and bond together stronger. Please help the people of Sri Lanka to stay strong and hold onto You because You are the only sure thing in life. Not even life itself is for sure. That you would know that you are not alone and Christians around the world are praying for you and standing with you at this difficult time.

I pray that the presence of Father God would be a comfort to you. I pray for healing—physical, emotional and mental. God is our healer. He is the God of peace, hope, and encouragement. He is with us always, even to the end of the age. I pray his promises will bring supernatural peace and comfort for you.

Father God: I cannot imagine how devastated the believers in Sri Lanka are feeling right now after such an attack. Thank you Father that your heart feels every heartache these people are dealing with right now. I ask you to cover them with your comfort and care as they process the events of these past weeks and on into the future.

I pray for protection in the nights and ask Father that you grant your blessed sleep to those grieving at this time. In Jesus Name I pray. Father I pray that you bring physical, mental and spiritual healing for your children. Give them your peace, comfort and joy. Help them to stand strong and courageous. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this period is definitely devastating, so many lives lost. Nevertheless, I pray you will continue to hope in God as He will always be there for you.

We may wonder why did God allow such things to happen, but we might never understand. Until then, lets stand firm in our faith as one day we all get caught up into the Heaven to be with the Lord. Oh, Heavenly Father.. God of all comfort…our precious brothers and sisters…. We pray Father, for the blood of these martyrs to result in an overwhelming groundswell of salvations amongst the lost. May Your Holy Spirit reveal the Light of Christ that fills each follower and may Your great comfort fill the hearts of those who have lost their loved ones.

Bring healing miracles to these ones. You are the Mighty Comforter Jeshua. Bless Your people and hold them in the palm of Your hand. Dear Lord, please comfort those who grieve, please strengthen those who are injured, please give guidance to the pastors and Leaders. Get glory, Lord, from this awful event. Hold all in the palm of your hand. Lord, I ask that you bring comfort to their hearts in this time of grief. Allow them to feel the peace of your Holy presence in their lives and the reassurance that they will see their loved ones again someday in Heaven.

Grant them strength and have your way in their lives. My prayer for the people of Sri Lanka is for their comfort and peace. That God will give them the same spiritual strength the early church had during their times of testing. Lord Jesus: comfort the hearts of my brothers, I believe you are Blessed in suffering for your sake, and I ask that the glorious Holy Spirit be poured out in your lives for the healing of your hearts, and that this weakness may be your strength, I ask you Do not be filled with hatred, but may this blood of your saints reach your presence, bring salvation to SRI LANKA, bless them with peace, restore what the evil one takes away, give them back life with abundance, in your name Amen.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you bless and protect the believers in Sri Lanka. Envelope them in your love and let them know your peace that passes all understanding. Dear Lord, comfort all that experienced loss with your comfort. Lord, we pray for the persecutors. Let them realize their error and repent before it is too everlastingly too late.

Let your mercy be over Sri Lanka and let good come out of all tragedy as only you can work it. God bless the saving of all the children that live on the island nation of Sri Lanka. God bless the protection and enablement of worshipping Jesus Christ this Easter season. God bless the faithful to the Lord God continuing in helping to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.

Lord I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ in Sri Lanka. There are no words for the pain they are going through right now, so Lord I pray that you could comfort them. Put your loving arms around them, and gather them in as a Hen gathers her chickens to protect and comfort them. And Lord above all I pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ could forgive, and show love to the people who did this.

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Like you showed Love on the cross for your enemies. In Jesus name. John Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

You have suffered so much pain and loss, I am dumbfounded at what tragedy you met. I mourn with you for this and pray for your recovery in the Lord. May you stay strong and determined to finish the race. We remember your sacrifice and example of resolve. In Jesus name, amen. I join with Christians around the world who pray for you and with you. Stand strong in the Lord. God is with you always. Father God I pray for comfort, peace, and strength for my brothers and sisters in Christ in SriLanka because of the horrific killing that hit them Easter Sunday Morning while celebrating in worship to Jesus Christ our resurrected Lord and Savior.

I know this attack grieves your heart as it does all your children. Such evil is unimaginable to us, but we know you are our healer, comforter, and strength. Loose many Angels of love to surround these precious people. Praise You that You are building Your church and the gates of hell will will not prevail against it. Comfort those who are grieving. Whats hot right now across our stores are organic lines, quirky hand painted patterns, lush botanicals and an over-all hand made quality. Aotearoa, what an incredibly diverse and beautiful place this is! Creativity abounds here and we are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying locally made, whether its food, clothing or a special piece of art for our own homes.

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A trio of leaves exclusively crafted for us. Buy NZ Made celebrate with us. Welcome to. Add to Cart. SHOP Keep up with the latest trends. Light a candle and get cozy! Nicki Cliff Jewellery NZ botanical artistry. Studio Visits. In studio with Photographer. Keep Up With us. Look for sustainably made gifts Our Te Huia cushions are right at the top if you are looking for sustainably made gifts so we were absolutely chuffed to see them featured in Your Home and Garden's Christmas edition for all to see! Read more about these dinosaur trees and our exciting project. Working a long side talented local makers and designers is such a privilege, hearing their stories, watching them grow and retailing their products is a delight.

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