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December 22nd. Board Games : Teach English grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures using communicative board games Grammar Worksheets : teach most common English grammar themes using these printable worksheets Vocabulary Worksheets : Well-planned theme-based vocabulary worksheets Theme-based Lesson plans : Plan your lessons around a theme by using the worksheets here. Pronunciation Lessons : Phonetic worksheets, mp3 downloads and vowel sounds audio book Crossword puzzles : A generous offer of free crossword puzzles for grammar and vocabulary practice Word Search Puzzles : Find word search puzzles that do more that fills time effectively- Good settlers Festivals and Holidays worksheets : Lesson plans based on holidays and festivals-Halloween, Christmas etc.

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Travel English : Teach survival English for students going abroad using these lesson plan materials Writing Worksheets and Templates : Practice writing using these cool printables Word Formation worksheets : help students improve vocabulary by teaching them prefixes, suffixes and other word formation skills Song Worksheets : Learn and teach English with English songs Movie Worksheets : Watch movies and learn English using these English film worksheets Math4Children.

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ESL Galaxy : Printable worksheets, board games, word search, matching exercises, crosswords, music worksheets, video worksheets and more free stuff for all levels. Find out here! Unit 5: Making arrangements. Unit 6: Enquiries.

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Where can you practise the ways we ask questions in emails? Here, of course! Unit 7: Organising your writing. Make your emails clear and easy to understand by properly organising them. Unit 8: Proofreading. Spelling errors make a poor impression! Learn about some common mistakes to avoid.

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A customer-supplier sequence To exchange a series of emails with a partner. Discussing and agreeing terms Write two emails: the first in the role of a customer asking for better terms, the second in the role of the supplier agreeing to the terms. Asking for payment Write a series of increasingly strong reminders to a company that owes you money. Describing Business Trends Write an email to a colleague or business contact describing some business trends.

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Cause, effect, contrast Write an email to a colleague or business contact describing the cause and effect of some changes in your business. Report structure and key phrases Write a short report as an email. Linking words and relative clauses Write a short report as an email, using linking words and relative clauses from the unit in Email English.

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Being direct and brief Rewrite an email so that it is direct and brief. Being friendly Write an email to a friend, using words and phrases from the unit in Email English to make it sound friendly. Advice and suggestions Write two emails: the first asking a friend or colleague for advice, the second giving advice or making suggestions.

Job application Write an email applying for a job.

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