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The UK supported inter-faith work in Burma through projects which built relationships and understanding, including a project delivered by Christian Solidarity Worldwide to forge exchanges between activists on religious freedom in Burma and Indonesia, and provided training to tackle religious intolerance.

There were tensions over four populist faith-based laws which are currently in draft in front of the Burmese parliament.

US condemns 10 countries for severe religious freedom violations - CNNPolitics

These laws cover religious conversion, population control, inter-faith marriage and polygamy and, if enacted, could harm religious tolerance and respect for diversity in Burma, as well as contravene international standards and treaties to which Burma is a signatory. We voiced our strong concerns over this proposed legislation to the Burmese government and parliamentarians. Places of worship have been deliberately targeted during violence in Kachin and Rakhine States, and members of the Muslim community continue to face problems obtaining birth certificates, rendering many children stateless and unable to access services.

Muslims in Rakhine are still prohibited from congregating for daily prayers due to the application of Section of the Martial Law, which prohibits more than five people from gathering. In addition, UN Special Rapporteur Quintana noted a degree of institutionalised discrimination against Christians in Chin State during his latest visit, although the extent of human rights violations in Chin State has decreased overall.

The UK supports interfaith work in Burma through our project funding.

US condemns 10 countries for severe religious freedom violations

The rise of violence targeted against Muslim communities in several locations across the country in is a deeply worrying development. In March, 43 people were left dead and 13, people displaced in Meiktila, Mandalay, following an altercation between a Muslim jewellery shop owner and a Buddhist customer.

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In recent years the Kurdistan Region of Iraq KRI has been a haven for minorities fleeing the turmoil and sectarian violence in the south of Iraq. The KRI offers religious freedoms that are comparatively robust as compared to those of its regional neighbors. A repression of human rights in the name of counter terrorism has included a crackdown on civil society, with non-governmental organisations NGOs and human rights defenders experiencing what some in Egypt have described as the worst assault in history.

Chairman records dissenting view

This report analyses the situation of freedom of religion or belief in Turkey and outlines the key challenges faced by non-Sunni communities and individuals. It also discusses the implications of the continued government crackdown on the media and freedom of expression. The Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief conducted a visit to Jordan from 2 to 10 September In this report, the Special Rapporteur commends the Government of Jordan for its commitment to religious diversity in the country and within the broader Arab region.

During nearly five years of conflict, armed groups have also brutalized women and girls. Human Rights Watch documented fighters using sexual violence to punish women and girls, frequently along sectarian lines, as recently as May The constitution defines the state as secular, prohibits religious discrimination, and provides for freedom of religion. The law requires religious groups to seek government recognition by meeting rigorous criteria. The constitution states the country is a secular state, and both it and other laws provide for the right of individuals to choose and change their religion and to practice the religion of their choice.

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The interim constitution, known as the Transitional National Charter, and the new constitution, which came into effect on March 30, provide for freedom of religion and equal protection under the law regardless of religion. The constitution establishes the state as secular and affirms the separation of religion and state.

It provides for freedom of religion and equality before the law without distinction as to religion. The constitution provides for freedom of religion and prohibits discrimination based on religious belief. Catholics reported violence and harassment toward clergy members in response to their political activism. The constitution and other laws prohibit religious discrimination and provide for freedom of religion and worship.

The Interim National Constitution INC provides for freedom of religious creed and the rights to worship, assemble, and maintain places of worship. The transitional constitution stipulates separation of religion and state, prohibits religious discrimination, and provides religious groups freedom to worship and assemble freely, organize themselves, teach, own property, receive financial contributions, communicate and issue publications on religious matters, and establish charitable institutions.

Human rights groups reported the federal government often failed to prevent, quell, or respond to violence affecting religious groups. The law and unimplemented constitution prohibit religious discrimination and provide for freedom of thought, conscience, and belief as well as the freedom to practice any religion. The causes of the conflict remain unresolved and approximately two thirds of the country is still under the control of the anti-Balaka and the Seleka.

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The report contains the findings and recommendations of the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief on his visit to the Republic of Sierra Leone, which took place from 30 June to 5 July The constitution provides for freedom of religion and prohibits discrimination based on religion.

These include public and arbitrary arrests, beatings, and interrogations in contexts such as going through airport security.

U.S. Releases report on religious freedom

CSW also received reports of more subtle tactics, including the spreading of disinformation about religious leaders. The individuals highlighted here are only a sample of those who have been negatively impacted by blasphemy laws. This annual report to Congress provides a detailed and factual overview of the status of religious freedom in nearly countries and territories, and documents reports of violations and abuses committed by governments, terrorist groups, and individuals. Asian countries rose up the list, with Afghanistan up one place to 3rd, Pakistan up two places to 4th, Bangladesh up nine places to 26th, Bhutan up eight to 30th and Sri Lanka joining the list at No.

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Nepal narrowly missed being in the top 50, although the situation for Christians there still worsened. See report here. In the present report, the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, provides an overview of his mandated activities since the submission of his previous report to the General Assembly. Nearly 60 million people worldwide are currently displaced because of conflict, violence and persecution — the highest number since the Second World War.

Violations of the right to freedom of religion or belief are one of the key reasons why people are forced to leave their countries of origin. Korea Freedom of religion or belief remains severely suppressed and the regime is actively hostile to religion and religious believers, both domestically and internationally, and as a result, many North Koreans are suffering because of their faith, and the international community needs to act urgently to end impunity and ensure accountability.