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Hand spanked. Across strict women's' laps. Over the knee spankings.

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I was building up a terrific surge in my swollen sac. My semen was seething - and ready to splash. Some men were slippered. Their bottoms were beaten in soft focus, almost cosy. Maternal 'Mom' figures, heavily breasted, cradled them and swiped their bare bottoms with leather soled slippers. These men received gentle 'aftercare' and had cream or talc rubbed into their sore buttocks by 'mommy'. Some suffered the hair brush.

There were intimate close-ups of their pain. Red bottoms grew crimson as the relentless rain of pain pelted down - rapid and withering strokes of the hair brush. I was spell bound. Towards the end of the 32 page magazine there was a 'Bamboo Special'. A young man, not much older than me really, was being caned. We were not told in the captions who he was or what he had done.

He was bending over a chair, gripping the seat with his hands. He was truly suffering. His tear-stained face tried to avoid the camera's steady gaze. The lens recorded his pain and suffering. The woman was I would never have thought to call a forty-three year old blonde beautiful. But she was. Her blonde hair swept severely back and tied up tightly in a pony-tail. The pony-tail seemed to swing as she swung the cane down across his blue and purple striped bottom. Her breasts were - well, generous.

Plump and soft and I wanted to drown in them.

I wanted to be I want to be across her knee. Not lashed with the cane. No, not the cane.

But I wanted the pony-tailed blonde to spank me. Like an auntie who had discovered me greedily eating her cookies without permission. I want to be across the pony-tailed blonde's lap She froze, astonished, in the doorway. An ox-blood glove dropped silently to the floor. I was kneeling on my bed. A ripe brunette was using a leather belt on a naked man. The man was down across a desk.

The blur of his feet in the consecutive images showed that he was 'dancing' with pain every time she lashed him. My cock was long and stiff. Like a flesh-spear. My mother uttered a very unholy word. It landed face down. The back cover showed a man being fiercely paddled by two matronly nudes. I was staring down at my bedclothes.

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My face burned with embarrassment and hot shame. I wished my throbbing cock would shrivel up and disappear. It seemed to be impudently saluting her. I winced as I saw her gazing down at it, her full, red lips pursed. Shrugging off her top coat and biting off her tight ox-blood leather gloved, she approached and slapped my face, hard, twice.

I blinked. The pain stung me You're out of control, young man. Completely out of control. I dared not catch her eye.

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Pushing me roughly off the bed and forcing me to stand, naked, before her, she sat down. Her bottom pressed into the mattress. In the loud silence hanging between us, my erection nodded gently - inches from her wide mouth. I was forced to listen to her fiery tirade.

It was a stinging, humiliating scolding. Words like filthy, ashamed, bad boy and wickedness whirled around me, biting into my consciousness and filling me with the dread realisation of my sinfulness. Every few minutes she would bend down, cup and capture my chin - and slap my face hard. I squeezed my eyes shut in pain and shame. My tears wet her knuckles. My mother rose up, stepped aside and kicked off her shiny black court shoes.

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her ankles in a puddle of plaid. She stepped out of her abandoned skirt and kicked it away. I had never seen my mother like this. Her breasts heaved proudly within her tight lemon woollen sweater. Below, her exposed white cotton panties stretched across her dark pubic bush. The tight white cotton cupped and moulded her mound. Her thighs were firm and rounded and supple.

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  4. She was, suddenly, magnificent. Mature, ripe perfection. Before I could resist or protest I was across her lap, one hand pinning me down at my neck, the other placed lightly across my bare bottom. I sensed rather than saw her arch her left leg up and slide it down over a spot just below my knees - effectively trapping and taming them. The sensation of her firm, warm nylon-sheathed leg filled me with a The sensation of being helpless, naked and defenceless filled me with a The scolding came first. I burned as, head bowed, I was forced to listen, and accept, the searing torrent of angry contempt she poured down upon me.

    As she grew angrier and more outraged, her hand at my bare bottom started to work feverishly, her fingers becoming fierce talons that squeezed and ravaged my soft swollen cheeks. At moments of extreme verbal venom, she would dig her nails deeply into my captive right buttock and drag it apart then painfully away from its twin: causing the cleft between each cheek to yawn widely and seethe.

    The spanking commenced. After seven minutes my bottom was ablaze. The deep pink suffused the crown of each cheek deepened to a darker shade of crimson.

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    After twelve minutes, my blistered buttocks were ablaze. I felt as though they were on fire. I wriggled and squirmed, begged and pleaded, but the staccato rhythm suddenly quickened to a savage thirty four spanks to the minute. A dry wail rose from deep within me and forced its way up my throat - and was torn out of my mouth.

    I kicked and threshed but her nylon-sheathed leg imprisoned mine. I heard her breathing hard, panting almost. Soon she was gasping. I was choking on my sobbing appeals for mercy. Suddenly, the spanking stopped. Panting, my mother slumped down over me, relaxing her grip at my neck, and palming my fiery cheeks soothingly, sweetly.

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    I inched my bottom up for her sweeping palm, luxuriating as her flesh comforted mine. Her left leg slid away from mine, allowing me to dig my toes into the carpet and ease my hot bottom up into the sweet dominance of her caressing hand. I felt my cock unfurl and straighten. My wet glans nuzzled her soft thigh. The nylon stocking grazed my sensitive flesh, cause an electric thrill to course through my entire body. I arched myself up in an attempt to withdraw my hard cock from her thigh.

    My mother spanked my bottom - once - but viciously. I collapsed down across her knee, raking the snout of my erection into her. The storm gathering in my sac broke. A hot churn boiled up deep within me. Such wickedness! I imagined the red nails at her finger tips disappearing against the red cheeks of my spanked bottom. Imagined them as they imperiously drummed down into my punished flesh. You only have to think of Fanny Brice to understand what I am saying.

    Underneath the spanking pic is the play synopsis and the characters involved are Cranston doing the spanking and Ruthie receiving it. A high school comedy with a strong underlying theme of good citizenship. Taylor is sponsoring a bill in the House to provide scholarship loans to young people. The play avoids any identification with partisan politics. A comedy in three acts. I really enjoy all these finds. I love otk the best and I love all the positions and expressions.

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    Spring Journey: A high school comedy with a strong underlying theme of good citizenship.