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Tom Ament's suit against the recall petitions will probably fail. That's the prediction of George Dunst, legal counsel for the state elections board. In the wake of the pension controversy, County Executive F. Thomas Ament has attempted to woo the black community in hopes that strong support there might keep him in office. One by one, top officials are disappearing from the courthouse. Over and over the question has recurred: why would county supervisors, most of whom will not get the more lucrative pension payoff for veteran workers, approve this deal?

Did Tom Ament's aides scheme to replace the chair of the county board's personnel committee so they could get their blockbuster pension plan passed? It's hard to believe there could be any more scandal associated with the Milwaukee County, but it turns out there was yet another group of insiders handed a neat pension boost by the administration of County Executive F.

See a Problem?

Thomas Ament. Now that the mainstream media is having a feeding frenzy over the pension story I first broke back in October, Milwaukee County Executive F. Thomas Ament has gotten religion. John Norquist styles himself as a budget cutter, but few are aware of how personally he has taken that mission. Last year was a terrible year for stock funds, but it wasn't so bad for Milwaukee County's pension fund.

Observers have often described county government as an "old boy's club," where veteran politicos and long-term county employees get preferential treatment. In the wake of the tragedy in New York and Washington, the Democratic candidates for governor have slowed down their campaigning, but they have been strategizing as to what the major issues will be in next fall's election. More New Faces. Take the next step, become a member. Ditch the ads, get free stuff.

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Tired of seeing banner ads on Urban Milwaukee? Become a Member - Member Login. Personnel File. Ament was born on November 17th, Ament passed away on March 10th, This story was updated at p. New study says we must build a Bucks arena and bigger convention center. But its data actually tells a much different story. Bipartisan opposition to the gas tax is causing potholes and rising car repair bills, and hurting the state economy.

A misleading poll, pressure on legislators and more misinformation are all used to sell the NBA arena. Study finds Milwaukee Municipal Court jails thousands of poor people for failing to pay fines. Proposed sports district gives all legal protection to the state and sticks it to Milwaukee, both financially and politically. So why such a juicy battle involving so many conservatives? Republicans and Democrats conspire to create stealth taxes to fund the NBA arena. Will they succeed? Walker is a latest of state politicians from both parties who have an aversion to federal funds.

Supreme Court candidate James Daley was among many GOP judges and prosecutors involved in alleged "partisan witch hunt. No state has seen a bigger decline in the percent of middle class households than Wisconsin, new data shows. Analysis of big cities shows Portland is most gentrified, with cities like Milwaukee also changing, but more slowly.

Countless sweeping changes have been proposed almost overnight, with no study, no rationale and no known author. Unique financial situation of Bucks owners suggests they may have to build a new arena, even with no taxpayer support.

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The retired Republican lawmaker dumps on his party and explains how Walker snookered him on Act And Walker says no? Legal opinion says Common Council approval of streetcar in July might make petition drive demanding a referendum irrelevant. Police Chief Ed Flynn is one of the foremost practitioners of aggressive policing getting national criticism. Suit posed question: is Deep Tunnel depleting water table and causing downtown buildings to sink? Bauman and others are certain that dark money is pouring in for this, which streetcar opponents deny. The process is far more complicated legally than has been reported.

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Which will make it harder for opponents. New York Times analysis shows Wisconsin is one of the leading states in the percent of women working. Almost overnight, the city has become an international leader in water technology, says the national media. Are they right? DA decides not to charge officer who killed mentally ill man, leaving community divided over issue.

State audit that could shut down family planning clinics may be latest of his anti-contraception efforts. No, reporters at the Journal Sentinel are not happy about all the layoffs. Except when opposing things like the streetcar. Kresge Foundation grant would help build city's Artery trail and revive depressed Harambee neighborhood. Hatred for the state Democratic Chair is flowing. Politico Magazine concludes Milwaukee is an innovator in policing. The author of school choice later became its opponent.

Williams was controversial -- and misunderstood -- right to the end. Burke's impact as a candidate was so negligible that Walker was almost running against himself. He had to hope the Walker lovers outnumbered his haters. The proposed sale to NML suggests the city has yet to learn from its folly in building this eyesore. They are two wildly different personalities with quite different agendas. A frank look at both candidates for governor.

At least a dozen more journalists are being let go. And insiders expect some editors will be added to list. The right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council, long a big influence on state legislatures and Wisconsin, is bleeding business support.

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Building the new arena where Boston Store is located could have huge advantages for the team and the city. Yet she could be the next governor. Has the Journal Sentinel renewed its war against the police chief or was its Sunday story simply botched reporting? He probably has a better chance of beating Barrett than Bob Donovan. But what exactly does Davis stand for? Attack ads blast Clarke. Colorful, combative foe of Mayor Barrett will oppose him in , which means far more fun for reporters covering the race.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picks up on the controversy, but the story and its handling is rather bizarre. What are its solutions? Long-term, that could be a big problem. False claims of rampant voter fraud by GOP and talk radio prompt their followers to vote illegally. And bystanders getting shot. Chief Flynn calls on legislators to get tougher on felons with guns.

Even the conservative press jump all over the charge that Gov. Walker was at center of a criminal conspiracy. The EPA requirement that Wisconsin cut carbon emissions could be easily met, through these four approaches. The sheriff takes some pot shots at DA, only to get mowed down, in an entertaining -- and very revealing -- exchange. A recent scientific conference detailed all the problems -- and got no coverage from the Journal Sentinel.

Abele wants some retirees to stop getting illegal pension benefits, but board members are outraged. But that may understate the problem. In a remarkable turnabout, the Milwaukee Art Museum scraps its controversial design and brings back the city's leading museum architect.

Mystery surrounds death of 44 howler monkeys in Ecuador wildlife reserve

The federal court gave the state a chance to show voter fraud was rampant. So what did they prove? City may lift cap on cabs and embrace upstart ride sharing services. There will be rides for everyone! Court filings release more information showing investigation of Walker and conservative groups is not partisan. Museum staff wanted more gallery space, even if it meant ruining Jim Shields design for the new addition.

Trains still in storage in Milwaukee could go to high speed line in Michigan -- if the Talgo lawsuit against Wisconsin is ever settled. In his efforts to separate himself from Mitt Romney, Ryan has provided some scary insights into his politics. Cities already have less turnout and lower percent of early voters than rest of state, but bill will cut that even more. The city has 1, applications for cab licenses. Milwaukee is suddenly becoming far more cab-friendly. Republicans say the John Doe probe proves bias. So does the federal suit against DA.

The upstart ride service company could replace cab companies across the globe, some predict. How will it change our city? A Walker administration insider says some staff used private emails and personal laptops in the office.

Its owner, Simon Property, has a history of relocating bus stops and discouraging certain kinds of customers. DA targeted by right wingers outraged by John Doe and liberal blacks angered by suspects killed in custody.

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