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How to Eidolon - Tridolon Beginners guide (How to build / Kill All 3 Eidolons)

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Crystal Crawler. Cultist Assassin. Phantom Spirit. With the punch through, it will be able to hit multiple parts of the Teralyst especially during the final stage of the fight. The downside of this weapon is that the reload speed is extremely unacceptably long, seconds to reload? Do note that the Teralyst is weak against Radiation damage, so be sure to equip your weapons with Radiation element.

The first thing you should do when you go in the Plains of Eidolon is, use your archwing and fly into the air. Look for a blue light pillar and waypoint it to your teammates, which they are probably will be lost in direction anyway.

The first steps

Next, Trinity and Harrow will go to the Grineer camps nearby the Teralyst and get 2 Eidolon Lures, and then mark the lures with a waypoint. Trinity should focus on healing and getting the lures charge up by hitting all the Vomvalyst into their Spectral Form. Once the shield is down, Rhino should buff Chroma with Roar, while Chroma activates Vex Armor and blast yourself for maximum bonus damage. By doing so, Chroma should be able to take down one weak point with ease.

As the Teralyst falls onto the ground, everyone should gather around Harrow. Harrow will then use Covenant to protect all teammates, the charged lure should chain the Teralyst down without letting it teleport away. Now, rinse and repeat these steps until all 4 weak points are destroyed, then the Teralyst will fall and start summoning Vomvalyst to heal it. Destroy as much Vomvalyst as possible to prevent the Teralyst from healing. So be sure to check around and make sure you have all the loots. But no matter what Warframe or weapon you choose, choose the one that suits you the most, because the Operator, is YOU..

The lures will self-destruct and yield an additional four Intact Sentient Cores, two Exceptional Sentient Cores, a Flawless Sentient Core, and a Brilliant Eidolon Shard ; all of which drop from the lures and not the corpse of the Teralyst. Hotfix Update Last updated: Hotfix Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Factions Sentient. - Forums / Pathfinder RPG: General Discussion: How to kill an Eidolon(unchained)

Contents [ show ]. Also improved the behaviour when attempting to mark an enemy that was close to your marked world position. Fixed cases of the Teralyst literally dissolving when killed with the Acrid. Greatly toned down lens flare brightness and durations of Teralyst abilities and variants to help with visual clutter Fixed an extra "0" damage number popping up for every instance of damage dealt to a Teralyst Synovia. Shotguns will therefore no longer shower the Teralyst with a confetti of zeroes when hitting a weak-point.

Fixed dealing slightly less damage to Eidolon Synovias due to obscured hitboxes. The variety of Arcanes have been spread out across all 3 variants and weighted according to the rarity of the Arcane and difficulty of the Teralyst variant.

How to kill an Eidolon Teralyst in Warframe

Fixed smaller than intended collision shapes on the Teralysts, especially noticeable on the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. This did not affect their "damage hitboxes", only player collision. Reduced base Armor and reduced base Health of Synovia weak points a bit. Reduced damage of Teralyst abilities to reflect increased level.

This is to give players a better indication of how much shields it has left. This affects auras like Shield Disruption Note that this change doesn't affect Corrosive Projection ; it can still strip Eidolon's armor.