A Bump In The Road

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A Bump in the Road - Millie Inbetween - Series 2, Episode 11 - ZeeKay

A Bump in the Road is a neutral quest from the Mirage Raceway in which the player must kill several types of basilisks which populate the Shimmering Flats , since they keep interfering with the races. Talk to the tauren Trackmaster Zherin there to receive the quest.

The drive for digital subscriptions hits a bump in the road: subscription fatigue - Poynter

There are several quests which involve killing and collecting things in the Shimmering Flats , which are much easier when done together:. These basilisks can be found all over the Shimmering Flats , but there are a few area with them concentrated. The Saltstone Basilisks can be found primarily in the north-west quadrant of the Shimmering Flats , especially in and around Weazel's Crater. The Saltstone Gazers are the highest level and can be found in south-eastern Shimmering Flats , primarily around the Tahonda Ruins.

Once you have killed the required number of basilisks , head back to Trackmaster Zherin at the Mirage Raceway at the center of the Shimmering Flats.

Comment: A bump in the road for driverless cars?

After the big crash with the goblins' Red Thunder racer and a basilisk, Kronkrider hired me on to take care of the track. I don't know what all the animals out on the flats are feeding on to grow so big, but we have to be careful to thin them out so they won't wander onto the track when a race is going on. Tell you what.

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If you want to go out and make a little profit, go out and remove the basilisks from the area. It's bad enough having to clear out the wreckage of the racers without having to pick them out of burnt animal parts.

Similar to TFA, Evidence Action is an organization that shifted strategy after hitting a bump in the road and listening to data. In two years they grew from a pilot of 10 chlorine dispensers to However, as the dispenser numbers grew, the data identified a problem with user adoption of the system.

These data were vital to the organization as they made critical decisions about how to best achieve their mission and whether they should continue to grow. While collecting data is critical, really listening to the data is essential to avoiding and overcoming bumps in the scaling journey.

Victim of hit-and-run views night as a ‘bump in the road’ despite facing recovery, expenses

Moving past a bump in the road often requires the willingness to change in order to keep impact at the center. In order to continue to scale their organizational impact, TFA needed to refocus its energy on strategies most central to that mission — recruiting and developing corps members in new ways. Like TFA, once Evidence Action identified the problem presented by their data, they had a decision to make: should they continue to rapidly expand geographically and hope that the adoption rate problem solved itself or slow down and make a mission aligned change? Instead, they doubled-down on understanding why adoption rates were low and making the necessary changes required to increase them.

Identify the Real Problem

Not all organizations successfully navigate bumps on the road to scale, but both Teach For America and Evidence Action have been able to overcome recent challenges through identifying the real problem at hand, listening to data, and keeping impact at the center of their strategic decision-making. The organization spent the time needed to remove unnecessary complexity, and have embraced new thinking and different styles. Specifically, TFA now engages college students much earlier in their collegiate career in order to increase the likelihood of successful recruitment.