A Foot In The Door

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Human beings have a need to be, or to at least appear to be, consistent. Once a person has made a decision, performed an action or committed to a belief, they feel a strong need to try to make sure their subsequent actions line up with that action or belief. This explains at least in part why people remain loyal to a particular brand, despite diminishing quality or increasing prices; or why most people remain supporters of a particular political party, even in light of changed platforms or broken promises.

The concept of FITD is based on more than just anecdotal evidence. In , researchers Jonathan Freedman and Scott Fraser decided to test out the concept in a real-life setting.

A Foot in the Door

They wanted to know if and how a person could be persuaded to do something that they normally would rather not do. This is how the experiment went: First, a team of psychologists randomly selected housewives from the phone book. They then called these women to ask questions about the household products they used the small request. Some time later, they called these same housewives again.

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Only this time, they asked if five or six men could come to their home to take a physical inventory of the household products. Clearly, agreeing to the first, smaller request, had a big impact on how likely women were to agree to the bigger request. The same researchers performed a second study, with similar results.

FR mettre un pied dans la place. Similar translations Similar translations for "to get a foot in the door" in French. French fiche-moi le camp! French je. French un une.

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    GET A/YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    French dans en au bout de. French In. French les la l' le.

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