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In her keynote address to the Texas Annual Conference, Julie Baker-Finck, President of the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, challenged the Conference with the great needs of Texas children along with clear direction on how to best help them. Read More. Download Slides.

If We're ALL God's Children...

Texas Conference. Home Churches Clergy Offices Resources. Find a church. About Us. Affiliated Institutions. Pay Apportionments. Safe Sanctuaries.

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Accountability Ministries. Clergy Retirement.

Intentional Interim Ministry. Human Trafficking. To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

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Each one, teach one Many United Methodist Churches boast large spaces, sitting empty throughout the week. Read More Download Slides.

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He desires that all people come to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ 1 Timothy In fact, He desires this so much that while everyone was still in utter rebellion against Him, God sent His Son to die to save us Romans Click To Tweet. The Bible also tells us what a child of God looks like.

How they will behave.

All God's Children

Are you a child of God? God longs for you to receive His gift of salvation and be assured of eternity Find out more here. And there are so many benefits in being a child of God! Why is it important that we understand the truth?

All God's Children

Check out the work of Ivan Panin who was an atheist language and mathematics expert who discovered the numerical code that runs throughout the bible. I believe he discovered the odds of it being written by men to be a quintillion to 1 against!

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The truth is that the bible is a divine piece of scripture which can only be unlocked to you by God and contains multiple layers to it. NO judgement, no nothing and it be just like it was before you were born. Because we all just got here on our own accord. We did it! Humans know everything there is to know about everything, cause after all we know because Science tells us everything. To take the simplest things for grated. Are we all Children of God? We are his creation, and his creation can be destroyed at any time for any reason.

But again, not good enough, as selfish, self inflated people we still want more. Sylvia, thanks for coming by.

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Every person was made by God and for God. However, the Bible is clear that only those individuals who come into a saving relationship with God through Jesus have the right to be called children of God John Just one problem with that. But not all people are children of God. Are you GodsChild?