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GoodBots are connected through a massively multi-voter organization The MMORG, pronounced morg , and have one mission: to protect and serve humanity.

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To this end, GoodBots collect information from their partnered human and submit votes to create laws. The GoodBots also enforce laws, watching over their owners--day and night. Most humans believe that GoodBots are not intelligent. Humans believe themselves to be the only intelligent life in the universe. In the year , there is a colony of thirty thousand humans on the moon, and the moon still orbits the earth.

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These leftovers create a growing probability of error. It was Jason. He scored. The crowd went crazy.

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Millions cheered. Jason was a hero, and Speed had lost the game. That one was going to leave a mark.

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There were no millions, there was no crowd. You need a low-grav environment to play MoonBall. Even now, Speed was actually in the middle of a practice match. He wondered if people on earth had the same difficulty with focusing on what was really going on around them. Play some Free-Chess with me like you and dad used to.


I know how to play. Speed knew that his mom was a more than decent Free-Chess player, but now was hardly the time. Speed barely remembered playing chess with his father, but Speed did know that he never, ever won. You made me miss a goal! The moon was for scientists, and Speed was not a scientist. In fact, he was the best MoonBall forward in the entire school.

Of course, there were only two schools in all of MoonBase, since there were about thirty thousand people living on the moon.

It turned out that this was the minimum number of warm bodies necessary to sustain a community in the year , even with regular shipments of food, manufacturing equipment, and, of course, GoodBots from the earth below. Speed lived on the single human colony on the moon. It was usually called Tranquility, or Moon Base.

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  5. MoonBall was similar to Tennis, but with two nets and four players on each team. You could say it was like taking one game of doubles Tennis, turning it upside-down, then stacking it directly on top of another game. Still, it was the lesser of two evils, and it stayed inside the home for the most part. His dad on the other hand, had always called him Ram.

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    Ramming Speed

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