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Many wished him to start a new religion—but he felt only the urge to write about YR and his teaching.

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So if these two gentlemen were fictitious, who wrote those 14 books? But why the YPS called him English is a mystery—maybe what they meant is that he wrote in English—because Atkinson was born and raised in Baltimore. In those far-off days before the ready availability of sympathetic though pricey therapists and mood-altering drugs, Atkinson decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns.

He pulled himself out of his funk with the help of techniques he learned from a popular self-help movement known variously as New Thought, Mental Science, Mind Cure, the Boston Craze, and Practical Christianity. Eager to join and help promote the vehicle of his miraculously restored physical, psychic, and financial health, Atkinson moved to the ground zero of NT activity, Chicago, sometime in the late s. Technically Atkinson was responsible for nearly 40 books he also co-wrote another 20 , which nowadays would be shelved in the self-help, New Age or occult, or business sections of the bigger national chain stores, probably with a packaged CD or video.

He wrote about a dozen books, for example, as the renowned master of the art and science of Personal Magnetism, Parisian Theron Q. We then might wonder: Why go through all the trouble to pretend to be writing for a non-existent person? One possible reason is that Atkinson felt books ostensibly about Indian philosophy and yoga would gain credence with his readers if they thought they were written by a yogi.

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The strange thing is that several of his later books had almost nothing to do with yoga. It appears that Atkinson acquired a taste for Indian philosophy around the time he moved to Chicago, undoubtedly through his association with New Thought, which was heavily influenced by what today is called Neo-Vedanta.

Some YR aficionados believe Atkinson was tutored in the finer points of Indian philosophy by Baba Bharati, or that he traveled to India and studied with YR, neither of which seems likely. Manil N. By he could draw on several scholarly and a host of popular books for background material, though much of what was found in the latter was either ill-informed or misinformed about India and Indians.

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  • Neither, oddly enough, wrote about Indian philosophy or yoga. According to reports none of these books sold very well. Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part of the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphragm The fill the middle part of the lungs, pushing out the lower ribs, breast-bone and chest. Theron Dumont. Hermes Trismegistus. Edward Carpenter. Yogi Ramacharaka. Henry B Pullen-Burry.

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