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My good Charles, you're more than up for the job, none would disagree.

The Drama Circle: EcoTheater - Giants in the Wilderness by idekineqyxen.gan Fraser

Why, the distinguished scientist, Wolcott Gibbs, himself, had the National Academy of Science appoint you as Chairman. For nine years I battled for the Arnold Arboretum. I battled Harvard and the City of Boston. Dear God, save me from politicians.

Ecotheater for the Global Village

As for the Adirondack, the forest lands in upstate New York My God, that's still a quagmire. MUIR But you won the day. And I'm hated for it! Muir, in the battle over these western forest reserves, don't think I don't know how Congress will cast me They would broadcast far and wide I'm chucking out poor settlers looking for homesteads MUIR Let the sly tricksters, the slimy politicians take aim with their selfishness and pettifoggery. Don't you worry, Charles, I'll be laying wait for them.

MUIR Treachery? More like treason against the hopes of the true homesteaders.

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  • Giants in the Wilderness by G. Thomson Fraser.

MUIR I remember all too well how one lumber company used the ploy of hiring the entire crew of every vessel that touched at any port in the redwood belt. MUIR Right you are.

◎ National Forest Afforestation and Cultivation

Each member of the crew was instructed to enter one hundred and sixty acres for himself and immediately deed the land to the company. MUIR In consideration for their pains, the company paid all expenses and gave the jolly sailors fifty dollars apiece for their trouble. MUIR Aye. Everyday it seems, I uncover a new ruse. Homesteaders, indeed!

Why we need to embrace the Global Village - Ken Powell - TEDxWhitehaven

More like robbers of the public trust! Yet these same good citizens will raise up a hue and cry, through their representatives in Congress. Bellowing like moose about their rights Even within the Forest Commission, it's not just Pinchot. It's an uphill battle with Hague and Brewer PINCHOT appears along the trail wearing a buckskin jacket, vest and cowboy hat, and carrying firewood, saddle packs, a gunnysack with flour and other foodstuffs. Pans and other cooking gear are strung together on a leather string and slung over his shoulder, along with a large copper kettle.

Are you two all right? MUIR Yes.

Merely startled. We're both safe and sound. I'm thankful you've survived. Publish Now. Thomson Fraser Tweet. Size: 6x9.

Sargent, Charles Sprague 1841-1927

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