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Additional chapters deal with the foal, with wounds and behavioral problems. The focus throughout is on providing clinically relevant information required for practical case management, plus sufficient background on causes and disease processes to enable readers to understand the conditions and the rationale for diagnostic and treatment options.

This book is of lasting value as a teaching and training resource for equine specialists, a ready reference for non-specialist practitioners, and a textbook for students in veterinary medicine and related equine courses. The systems-based approach of this text is key to its easy-to-use feel The authors must be commended on covering such a wide spectrum of topics, whilst still offering enough information to provide the clinician with a good level of understanding The authors set out to provide a text that could be well used on a day-to-day basis, and this is exactly what they have achieved.

Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction provides a user friendly reference source, full of essential information that is ideal for the first opinion equine practitioner. As a single volume, current manual on equine practice — this certainly makes an excellent choice.

The contributor list is impressive Stay on CRCPress. Preview this Book. Graham Munroe, Dr. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents Reviews. Summary The internationally respected editors and authors have combined to produce this major new textbook and reference source in a single volume, covering all aspects of equine medicine, surgery, and reproduction. Share this Title. Recommend to Librarian. Eric Miller; Murray E. Fowler ISBN: Eric Miller Editor ; Murray E.

Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction, 2nd Edition

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Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction, 2nd Edition

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