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To a generation of readers it fostered a burning envy that they had not been in San Francisco when the Kool-Aid dispensers were being spiked with "Purple Haze". Now a vivid social history of a period that seems as remote as Byzantium. Mick Brown. Like much of Vonnegut's stuff, this is savage anger barely masked by urbane anthropological sarcasm. Very much a defining cult novel. Later, he resigned for gross corruption, a fitting punishment for his dreadful taste.

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Greer told a generation of women that society had turned them into meek, self-hating, castrated clones. The book was an international best-seller which earned Greer a mixed but enduring legacy. Alex Clark. Bad craziness as the Duke of Gonzo and his helpless attorney blaze a streak of pharmaceutical havoc across s California, all in demented bar-fight prose and fever-dream set-pieces.

Now also a core text for ex-public school drug bores, which tends to obscure the anarchic excellence of HST's journalistic talent.

One Knight Stand by L.M. Reed

And lots of rockets. Genius, though long enough to lie unfinished. At the end, though, she goes back to her husband. John Updike called it the most "delicious erotic novel a woman everwrote" — but really, what on earth was all the fuss about? Remembers previous self: lecturer who had nervous breakdown contemplating Eastern and Western philosophy. Very bad course in Ordinary General Philosophy follows. Either a classic work of literary snakes and ladders or a tiresomely recursive bit of postmodern sterility depending on your interlocutor. Italo Calvino was arguably better elsewhere.

Douglas Adams was so brilliant a visionary that even in the late s he was able to foresee a time when digital watches would look pretty silly. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy — a radio show before it was a novel, and a film, and a game, and a TV show — was incredibly clever and wildly funny. Sam Leith. Pattern recognition in the work of geniuses. Loved by maths geeks and anybody with Asperger's syndrome and anyone with sense. But at root a chess textbook. With the medieval poetry of Hroswitha swirling in a head jammed into a green hunting cap with earpieces, Reilly eats steadily, despises modernity, seeks solace in canine fantasies and remembers with terror his one experience of leaving New Orleans.

The usual song and dance about Templars, bloodlines of Christ and global conspiracies, but somehow still chilling for all that. Staple text of the bonkers brigade. Then Robert Bly wrote Iron John, invented mythopoetic masculinity, and the daft creatures all rushed off into the woods together, hugged, bellowed, wept, painted their furry parts blue and felt re-empowered to wee standing up. This book argues that a cult of thinness has desexualised and disempowered women just when, after the acceptance of free love and the introduction of the contraceptive pill, the opposite should have happened.

The most important feminist text of the past 20 years. For a similar effect on the cheap, rent an Indiana-Jonesalike film — Tomb Raider, say — and ask a hippy to whisper nonsense in your ear while you're watching it. It was published in , just as "antiglobalisation" crashed into the mainstream, and Klein was adopted as its poster-girl.

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Yet despite all the success and the film adaptations, McCarthy somehow remains a writer of cult classics, even if they are bestsellers. The two-volume 1Q84, set in but with a Q in the title to emphasis the question marks hanging over the lives of characters in his epic romance novel. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page.

50 best cult books

Except BJ fleshes them out. In chapter after chapter, in a voice consistently recognizable as her own, Fey simply tells stories of her life: How a nerdy but self-confident half-Greek girl entered theatrical life a wonderful community theater, lots of gay and lesbian friends , what Second City was like "back in the day" cultish, hard, unbelievably fun , how 'Saturday Night Live' works a chemical compound of Harvard grads and Improv people , what it's like to be a woman in comedy harder than you think but not as hard as coal mining or to run your own show or to satirize a vice presidential candidate when she's standing right backstage.

Brosh retold and illustrated funny anecdotes from her childhood, or relatable conflicts from her something existence. I loved the blog, and would reread entries when I needed an upper , nearly choking sometimes on my laughter. I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron "This is what we loved about Ephron -- that she always spoke the truth, tackling the biggest, most challenging parts of life with warmth, sharp wit and a touch of whimsy.

Nora Ephron made it a little easier to embrace aging in all its complexities, because she always managed to find the punchline. If you've never read any Moore, and you're looking for a book that will make you both laugh and think, I highly recommend Lamb: the Gospel according to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.

A chapter called 'I'm So Proud of You' should be required reading in high schools. Also featured are: haiku about plastic surgery, a chapter by Poehler's mother, a satiric birth plan, a chapter by Seth Meyers, an annotated history of 'Parks and Recreation,' a letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton, sex advice, a truly hilarious list of potential books about divorce and a moving account of an apology.

The facetious part comes in the guise of Offerman's obsession with red meat — which he professes to prefer over poultry and fish, not to mention vegetables — and the paramount role it plays along with mustaches and woodworking, to which he is also partial in establishing the virile masculinity of the men who eat it. Payne "I read Youth in Revolt in high school. It was hilarious because Nick Twisp, the narrator and protagonist, was saying all of the perverted, hyper-sexual things I was thinking at the time, but knew I could not say publicly.

Still, I think Youth in Revolt has lasting power. A lot of really bizarre, awful things happened to Nick, but he kind of describes it all nonchalantly, which is really funny.

Favorite 2nd grade books

It is a fun read and refreshing perspective at any time of life. The movie adaptation with Michael Cera is not half bad, but the book reigns supreme. How Not To Date by Judy McGuire "This book isn't a collection of columns, but rather a dating manual arranged by errors, screw-ups, and abominations, including some 'romantic' incidents that may never be washed clean from McGuire's sheets or membranes. It is also a good modern look at what it takes to be a successful sportscaster, even one who will admit he has lived a pretty charmed life.

Beatty writes energetically, providing insight as often as he elicits laughs. Jason has a great way of taking life's small moments, with kids, work, extended family and friends, and calling out the obviously silly and ludicrous things that just happen to all of us. He forces you to take a step back and just smile at it all. Is It Just Me? Her eponymous TV series has won her a bundle of awards and millions of fans. But things haven't always gone smoothly for Britain's Comedy Queen. On the contrary: her life has been one long, awkward and rather embarrassing journey. Now Miranda has selflessly chosen to share her wealth of uncomfortable experiences in her new book, Is It Just Me?

The Eyre Affair takes that feeling, the moment you lose the sense of yourself and become engrossed in the story, and creates high adventure and wild drama around the porous boundaries between fiction and real life. It includes what purports to be Mr. Just one character most of the time, no dialogue. It's utterly compelling. During the course of his memoir, Mr. Burroughs writes of being sent to a mental hospital but only as a way of getting out of school and of being sexually initiated by the year-old man who lived in the Finches' barn.

In fact, most of his act is about food. So it only seems natural he would take some of his best food material and put it into a book. Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis "Remarkable for its relentless skewering of artifice and pretension, Lucky Jim also contains some of the finest comic set pieces in the language. Elsee Caitrin Wilson On top of that, her father becomes ill, her brother deserts her in favor of the wicked witch of the southwest, and the man she's fallen for loves another.

CeeCee discovers that growing up is painful and life is hard, but sometimes good can come from the bad. Finding Mrs. Wright by L. Series , Book 3.

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Words: 54, Published: March 7, But all it takes is one chance encounter Can Jake save the only woman he has ever loved? Or will the trained killer have his revenge? For Richard or Poorer by L. Series , Book 4.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #15

Words: 88, Published: March 8, Richard Stover likes money…likes all of the things money can buy: fast cars, designer clothes, and women He has everything a man could want. Can he change?

50 best cult books

Is it too late for him? One Knight Stand by L. Series , Book 5. Words: 80, Published: March 9, Her best friend is getting married, her parents are out of the country indefinitely, and the man she fancies herself in love with sees her as simply an honorary little sister Felicia Howell feels deserted and alone. When Drew barrels into her life she is unable to resist him, but what follows has Felicia searching for meaning in her empty shell of a life.

Take Your Mark by L. Series , Book 6.