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Although I initially didn't connect with the Kate, I grew to understand her more as the novel continued. The Kate she was at the beginning never seemed quite right to me. Too tough, too distanced. But then, part of being transformed in the spirit is about becoming a new person. For me, the personality quirks and shifts were about her growth. I disliked Xavier from the very first, feeling that Kate didn't care for him much, and he was supposed to be her boyfriend.

She felt trapped in a relationship that she didn't know how to get out of. Knowing that cutting their tie would mean losing her job would be frightening. Again, I understood her more as I kept going. Kate's friends that helped her: Hiram, Candace, Liam, and eventually John seemed to be much like how many Christians are.

We want to help, to support, to love, and uplift. But, we can't force ourselves on anyone either. The repeated offers for help were pushed away at first, until she embraced his calling. When she finally did, she was able to find happiness. I didn't really understand Justus' inclusion in the story, unless he represented temptation.

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If so, that should have been developed futher. But the overall effect was still worthy of five stars. Thank you Hollingsworth and Boyd. It was a pleasure to read your book. View 2 comments. Jan 14, Robert rated it it was amazing. I do not know where to begin, this book was incredible, I finished it a week ago and I am still thinking about it.

I do not think I can do it justice in a review. Yes, the main character is a women dealing with a lot of issues women deal with. But as a guy I took a lot away from it as well. Kate at the beginning of the book had it all, a great job, a great home and a boyfriend. We see that she likes to be in control and the master of her own destiny. She turned her back on her ultra-religious background and really does not give Christ a second thought.

The visions begin and her life is never the same again. I will not say anything more because you really need to read it. On a personal note, by the end of the novel Kate finally has her cleansing. Jan 14, Corey rated it it was amazing. After reading this work, the first thought I have is: Mature. Not pornographic maturity. This book has the character, depth, solidity of a classic. The linguistic poise, beautiful depiction, and haunting plot masterfully weave two author's into one tale. Having read the first run of this book, I have come to delight in its refinement.

It has matured, becoming a gem worthy of any reader, from nearly any age. I highly recommend it to those looking to be thrilled, chilled, surprised, and stunned by After reading this work, the first thought I have is: Mature. I highly recommend it to those looking to be thrilled, chilled, surprised, and stunned by two literary geniuses presenting a compelling thought: If water is eternal, it has a tale to tell.

I would be willing to re-immerse myself into the watery depths of H2O and take the wild ride right back to the hidden source of all Kate's pain and problems, because at the end of the liquid tunnel is a truth unshakable that unhinges us to the core. Take the dare, take the plunge, and come out cleansed inside and out! H2O is a beautiful story waiting to be heard.

I look forward to another book in this vein by these daring authors who chose to voice themselves as one, and as two men speaking out of and, I feel, to the heart of a woman. Jan 02, Naomi rated it it was amazing. My first thought after finishing this book was WOW!! Although this book is a spiritual one it in no way tries to force religion onto you. I would also like to just say a big thank you to Brannon Hollingsworth for sending this to me for review.

Jan 27, Katie rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I don't really know if this contains spoilers, but I am going to hide it just in case. I feel like I should put a disclaimer on my review, but I am not really sure what it should be.

The way I read this book was VERY much colored by my own experiences and my own beliefs, which I feel I should tell you have led me down a path that is mostly separate from religion. I will also tell you, that while I am not religious I do feel I have a fairly decent grasp on Christianity. I have read, and do know th I don't really know if this contains spoilers, but I am going to hide it just in case.

I have read, and do know the bible, which you may see in my review. I have not chosen the path that I have without being as informed as I possibly can. I am not a Kate Pepper, though I do respect the way her character transformed for the most part. That being said, in this review I am just going to lay it all out there, everything that bothered me and everything that I thought was pleasing. Keep in mind my experience may not be your own.

I feel like with a book of this nature your reading experience is probably going to differ greatly from mine, because we most likely do not have the same experiences with the core issues being tackled in the novel. So, where do I even start? I guess I can start by saying that I did not dislike this book, despite the fact that it was a religious book. In fact my disconnect with religion was the one way I did feel like I related to Kate Pepper. I knew how the character would react every time someone mentioned a communication from some higher being. She was a really weak character for me.

She was written well, certainly believable, but she did not have any of the kick-buttness that I look for in my female protagonists. She allowed herself to be changed by Xavier, even though she knew that he was a supreme jerk. She was convinced that she had softness around her size two middle…because of him. Are you kidding me? I would LOVE to be a size two again. I could show her softness. She was always craving or needing a man in one way or another. No sweetie, those men were really the scumbags you felt like they were.

Why does her character have to blame herself, because she has suddenly found one guy who is worth a damn. It gets better. However, it is one that I sort of have a problem with. She spent so much time being a caregiver to herself. That was not the only time. Why is she not her own future?

Maybe I am just too modern, and not in touch with traditional gender roles. This just really rubbed me the wrong way, and believe me I tried and tried to get past it. I wanted so badly to like Kate Pepper. Now, these last two things have less to do with Kate as a character and more to do with generalizations about women as a whole.

Why does that bother me? I will never be married again, but I do genuinely feel that I can still be a complete woman. Am I saying that the story should have gone in the direction of her finding a way to accept salvation and save herself without the help of a man? Not necessarily. I just wish it had pointed out that it would have been okay had it gone that way. Was Kate Pepper not normal before? I also found the predictability of certain factors of the book such as names and images to be a little bothersome.

It was very traditionally religious. It just seemed like the role played by John in the book is a role similar to that of John in the bible. It felt too contrived for me, but I am a hard reader to please. I did not feel like I got to do any work as a reader.

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Water is directly related to Baptism, cleansing and rebirth. There are passages that were just plucked straight from the bible. But water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. Sound familiar? The reference to filthiness is definitely there. This one could have had a better correlation that I just missed, but the one I provide is close enough.

I was clean at last he had washed me. It did make me realize that Frye may have been onto something when writing about myths and archetypes, the next quote comes from The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. The archetype of pastoral images. In conclusion I will say, for someone in a different frame of mind than I was when I read the book this would probably be a great way to re-examine the word of God. It is really all pretty clever, suck the reader in with a tempting story and insert tons and tons of scripture. It is a creative and fun way to get the word of God out there, to have people actually receive the messages of Christianity.

The writing was really pretty lovely, even though I would have liked to have seen Kate Pepper more independent and I would have liked to do more of the deciphering-the-meaning work on my own. I also really had to suspend a lot of belief. It was wrapped up into such a nice and pretty little bow. It was hard for me to believe that after all she had been through during the course of the book she was able to just come out of it completely unscathed after being cleansed.

As I said before, I am a difficult reader to please, and the fact that the book was religious…well…it probably already started out with a strike against it for me, but I will say that I would recommend this book to certain people. I really loved the premise, and I can admire the work that was put into it. I guess I will leave it at that… Jan 04, Sheila rated it it was amazing. H2O is a powerful novel. Kate, a high powered executive, begins to have visions whenever water touches her. Her boyfriend, Xavier, who is also her boss, begins to question if she is loyal to him.

It seems as though she has these visions whenever there is a big event involving work. Kate is estranged from her parents and has only one friend. There is no one she can turn to and Xavier does not ca Wow! There is no one she can turn to and Xavier does not care whether she is okay or not, only that she is available to help him look good at work. What is it about these visions? Why does water set off the visions? Both deal with the love of Jesus in our lives.

Both tell of the love Jesus has for us and the acceptance He has for us. Each novel takes a different path to show us that love. Kate has to lose everything that she always placed her faith and trust in to find what is truly important in life. H2O is not my usual type of novel but I am so glad I read it. The story is so well told that I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. There are many layers to H2O. At first it felt like a romance with Kate and Xavier and their relationship. Kate seems like a smart woman and I could not figure out why she stayed with Xavier. He was a regular SOB.

There was no emotional connection between them. It has died and we are watching the burial of it. I had the feeling that Kate felt she deserved no better and that she was being punished for her past. This is when she begins to have the visions. She was at the end of her rope and needed something to help her to tie a knot at the end of that rope and hang on. She has virtually no support system. She has one friend, Andrea, from work. She begins to think about it and realizes Xavier is not giving it to her--love, support, caring.

Hiram, the owner of ISIP coffee shop, supports her. H2O then felt like a novel of discovery. Kate begins to find support and love in her world. Xavier does not provide these things. Because of the estrangement with her parents Kate does not allow them to support her nor does she share what is happening to her.

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But people that Kate never knew or noticed before come into her life and leave impressions upon her. Hiram often hires special needs people to work in his coffee shop. Candice is one of them. Candice opens her heart to Kate and when Kate really looks at Candice she sees love for her there. Meeting Liam causes Kate to think more about her grandfather and the things he taught her.

Liam and his family accept her into their world. When she is with Liam she forgets the high powered world she came from. H2O was also a novel of inspiration. She is either in it or is the water. As I read I would remember the Bible story both from New and Old Testaments and try to send thoughts to Kate as to which story it was and what happened. She never heard me. While Kate would remember the vision she did not make any connections that the stories had come from the Bible. She focused on the Radiant One, the man in white, the voice she heard but the face she could never see.

She always remembered the peace emanating from him. H2O then becomes a novel of growth. Kate eventually loses her job and hits bottom. She then meets someone on-line and begins a friendship. As she begins to divulge her problems the person listens and has answers but Kate pushes the answers away. The person stays with her, honoring her request not to bring religion into their relationship.

In order not to have the visions Kate stops doing anything with water. She truly wallows in filth until the day her toilet backs up and she has to call a plumber. When the plumber comes she is surprised by the fact that he does not look at her condo or her person in disgust. This is when Kate knows she needs to change her life. She takes small steps and meets a man whose non-judgment and unconditional love helps her to accept her visions and the lessons in them.

There are many more things that could be shared from H2O. This is a novel that needs to be read more than once. Each time something new will be discovered within these pages. View all 5 comments. Jan 25, Eva rated it really liked it Shelves: to-review , contemporary. I was really impressed with this book. I wasn't sure what to expect since I was not familiar with it prior to the author contacting me asking if I wanted to read and review it.

First off It has to be one of the best covers I have seen in a long time. Although "packaging" doesn't change the inside product -- it definitely makes an impact -- and the cover of H20 made me WANT to read the book. My rating is probably around 3. There were a few things th I was really impressed with this book. There were a few things that didn't sit well with me, but overall I really enjoyed reading H The plot is very original and the visual imagery is amazing. I was very impressed with how well the authors made Kate's "visions" come to life.

I felt like I was right there seeing and feeling everything she was They are intense, somewhat bizarre, and emotionally draining. What I didn't care for: Kate's personality wasn't as consistent as I would have liked. I also thought it was a bit unrealistic that she was such a strong, superstar kind of business woman yet had difficulties dealing with everyday life with it's emotions. I can understand her being emotionally challenged, but it went beyond that. Her personality traits just didn't jive for me. The differences were too extreme and since she didn't suffer from mental illness this didn't make a lot of sense to me.

There was just one other thing that I didn't make a lot of sense. Kate's personal relationship with Xavier. Holy smokes Xavier's personality bordered on sociopathic. He seemed truly evil the majority of the time. I would run as fast as I could to get away from him! I thought for a while that maybe Kate had a distorted view of him and therefore we were only seeing him through her eyes, but that wasn't the case since her co-worker made similar conclusions and remarks about him.

He was just too evil Character development gets 3 stars. Overall a fabulous book and I really enjoyed reading it. It isn't a genre I usually read and I was a little wary when I started reading, but I was quickly sucked into the storyline and couldn't put it down. View all 4 comments. Dec 18, Sandra "Jeanz" rated it liked it. So just as a great cover should do, this one draws you in. I don't really know why as it doesn't suggest so in the blurb, but I had thought this book would have some sort of paranormal elements to it For anyone that has read my review policy you will know I actually state I do not review religious books, however I asked one of the authors direct if I could review this book.

I have to say its not the easiest read but with a little perseverance it is well worth reading and quite enjoyable. The central character Kate Pepper works for her boyfriend Xavier, and lets just say Xavier is the type that takes Kate totally for granted and when anything goes wrong at home or at work she is the first in the firing line of insults and nastiness.

I think that Kate accepts this treatment as she doesn't believe she is worth anymore. Though even the quieter, less confident people can only be puched and trampled on for so long. Kate has a problem, she has these visions, they start infrequently and fairly mild so much so Xavier asks her if she's pregnant! The visions and fainting etc continue, Kate finally realises that the visions come to her every time she touches water, that's drinking, washing, and even getting caught in the rain!

I don't want to give away much more of the story but after hitting rock bottom, losing her job and boyfriend Kate turns to the one thing she knows Kate creates a program to search for others with her problem and possible help. Kate ends up internet chatting to someone who she presumes is a guy, though she doesn't actually know for sure. We get a deep insight into Kate's past a mistake she made before she left home. Will she ever come to terms with it? She comes into contact with people who wish to help her for nothing in return along her way.

As I said I did find parts of the book harder going than others, however I read all the book and I did enjoy Kate's life journey.

So would I recommend it? To the right person yes! Would I read it again? Probably not but then i do usually only read books once anyway. Feb 06, Dara rated it really liked it. H2O is an allegorical work of Christian fiction that I read in two sittings because it was so hard to put down! Kate, a successful business woman and sushi chef of growing renown, thinks she has everything she wants from life. Then she begins blacking out and having visions every time her skin comes into water, and her life begins to fall apart.

In her search for an explanation for her condition, she meets someone online who says there could be an alternate solution for her problem than just saying she's going insane: it could be a message from God to get her attention.

H2o the Novel (the Eternal Elements)

But that's not what Kate wants to hear. He wants to know you regardless of your past mistakes, and just wants you to accept Him.

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My only criticism for the book was that in the first chapter or so, I thought the dialogue felt forced this could be because I couldn't stand Xavier's character- good job on making me hate him! Both of these issues were confined to the first chapter, and the rest of the book flowed very smoothly. I especially loved the descriptions of Kate's visions. Having the Bible knowledge that I do, I was able to recognize each one.

In most of the visions, Kate became the water, which gave me a whole new perspective in these already familiar scenes from the Bible. As I read them, I felt like I was witnessing them firsthand. It was a beautiful feeling. Knowing that water is a symbol for the Holy Spirit made reading the book all the more enjoyable, thinking about the ways that the Spirit moves in people's lives to draw them to God. They are thirsty, trying to get satisfaction from everything apart from God, when Jesus is the only one who can fill up the void inside with His Living Water.

I want to say thank you to the author s for allowing me to read and review H2O. It was a pleasure! Jan 01, Georgette rated it it was amazing Shelves: unusual. Kate Pepper has a high-stress job, a creepy megalomaniac boyfriend named Xavier, an addiction to dark roast coffee, and even more disturbing- disturbing and unpredictable visions that come out of nowhere, taking away not only her peace of mind, but in several instances, also hurting her greatly, almost to the point of near death.

After Xavier and co-workers begin doubting her and making her question her own sanity, she realizes that all of these visions come to her when she's wet or in contact w Kate Pepper has a high-stress job, a creepy megalomaniac boyfriend named Xavier, an addiction to dark roast coffee, and even more disturbing- disturbing and unpredictable visions that come out of nowhere, taking away not only her peace of mind, but in several instances, also hurting her greatly, almost to the point of near death.

After Xavier and co-workers begin doubting her and making her question her own sanity, she realizes that all of these visions come to her when she's wet or in contact with water. Kate can't get a definitive diagnosis to save her life- which may be the case, if she doesn't figure out what's behind these visions. After losing control one too many times, Kate strikes up a friendship with an online friend, who ultimately ends up helping in more ways than I can say in the review without giving away much of the second half of the novel.

Kate's surrounded by a number of people- her idiot boyfriend Xavier, her friend Alison, the owner of her coffee shop haunt, Candice the waitress at the coffee shop- but not a single one can save her. By the end of the book, you're filled with sympathy for this character- you want her to be saved and be happy. Ultimately, the character gets what she deserves.

What can I say about this book? I can honestly say I have never read such an interesting concept for a book. I read a lot, and I read all genres, but I simply had a hard time putting this into a singular category. It was an easy book to read, and kept your attention the whole time, and had you questioning all sorts of things. Not bad things, mind you, but things that you should think about. I thought it was positively a great book, no question.

I will gladly pass it on and tell anyone that I enjoyed it thoroughly. Dec 21, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: christianfiction , forreview , forpleasure. This was an odd story, but it was also edgy and different, which I liked.

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The imagery of the ultimate healing and the need to be cleansed from sin was pretty vivid. I loved how the heroine, Kate, couldn't get any more lost, and how she had to become broken in order to finally see the sad truth of her existence. The authors showed her misery at the top of her game as well as the misery she experienced during her all-time low.

John was a great friend to her and probably the best example of Jesus i This was an odd story, but it was also edgy and different, which I liked. John was a great friend to her and probably the best example of Jesus in human form that she could have come across. Everyone needs a John in their life who listens and doesn't ask questions, unless they are hard hitting truths necessary for change.

Everyone needs Jesus. That's the point of the story, but it was delivered in a very creative way in this book. Sometimes the woman seemed a bit like a guy to me in the way she saw the world, but I suppose that had something to do with the fact that the authors were men. But overall, they did a great job portraying everyone's need for redemption. I liked the many visions Kate had and then seeing how they tied into many stories in the Scriptures. There seemed to be a purpose in each vision. Though I'm not much of a fantasy lover, I do enjoy a good allegory, and this novel was definitely allegorical in nature.

The best part of the story was probably Kate's realization that she would rather risk the visions and live a risky, but cleansed life, than to life in "safety," but have a dead, useless existence. That's some pretty powerful imagery. Well done! Jan 19, Shadia Hrichi rated it it was amazing.

H2O is riveting, edgy, and unabashedly raw. I was captivated from the start as Kate Pepper, a woman bent on control, fights to keep her stilettos firmly planted against the strengthening undertow of a buried secret. I was truly impressed at how the authors friends and brilliant novelists Austin Boyd H2O is riveting, edgy, and unabashedly raw. I was truly impressed at how the authors friends and brilliant novelists Austin Boyd and Brannon Hollingsworth captured the heart of a woman, especially her struggle between maintaining control and longing to be loved and cared for.

Feb 16, Tracy rated it it was amazing Shelves: goodreads-wins-read. I won this book from one of its authors, Brannon Hollingsworth. I was VERY impressed with this book. I immediately sympathized with it's main character, Kate Pepper and her struggles in the book. I detested Xavier,what a jerk! I was immediately taken in with her internet friend and how the story developed between the two of them. I am not the most religious person on the planet, and this book touches lightly on the subject but in a meaningful and though provoking way!

I I won this book from one of its authors, Brannon Hollingsworth. Jan 19, Aaron rated it it was amazing. I feel very fortunate to have won this books on the goodreads site. I had no idea what type of book H2O the Novel was when I began reading it. I was blown away by it! The Christian themed book is full of powerful images, deep and meaningful visions, and insights that can be both inspiring and somewhat troubling. Water and visions I have recommended this book to my friends and I will continue to suggest it.

Feb 11, Marilyn rated it it was amazing. This is a wonderful book that you will be compelled to read from start to end without wanting to stop. It is unlike any inspirational or spiritual book I have read. The idea of water playing such an important role in the book was ingenious. It is a sensational debut for Brannon Hollingsworth and I look for more great reads to come from Mr Hollingsworth.

Jan 02, Samantha Pol rated it it was amazing.

h2o the novel the eternal elements Manual

This book Though towards the end I felt refreshed and new! I was captured by the ending of the book, so it's definitively a must read till the end type of sorts! Even though I didn't capture the idea in the beginning that this was a spiritual book by the end I understood and loved it! I hope more people read H2O! Jan 23, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: religious-themes , review-requested , contemporary.

This book is very different from my usual fare but I was approached by one of the authors to do a review. Kate Pepper is a successful business woman, working for a company that provides in-seat video screens with underlying apps for airlines. She is also carrying on an affair with her boss. The book opens with Kate preparing a Sushi dinner for people her boss has invited. As she puts her hands under water, she is hit with the first of many visions and blacks out. His abysmal treatment of Kate seems to be common and it's very easy to dislike him.

Soon, every time Kate touches water, whether it be rain, tears or the shower, she has more visions. Someone or something is sending her messages. As she struggles to control what is happening to her, she loses her boyfriend if one could call him that, heartless and abusive as he is , her job and slowly but surely her grip on her sanity. Afraid to be labeled as crazy, she refuses to tell anyone the truth, instead reaching out across the internet to find a reason for the visions.

He becomes instrumental in Kate's acceptance of herself, her visions and the reason behind them. Kate has undergone a crisis at age 17 that combined with her disdain for her parents and her upbringing has taken her far away from God. Through the visions, which basically described events documented in the bible, though Kate doesn't really understand that until towards the end, Kate finds her voice again, her real voice, not the one of the scared young woman who fled her home and moved clear across the country. She begins to make friends, real friends. A young boy and his parents who are in the fishing business, a simple girl at the coffee shop she frequents, the coffee shop owner, and WRKRJC, her internet sounding board.

All the while, Kate struggles with what is happening to her, going so far as to foregoing water in any form to avoid further visions. She manages to go nearly 3 months without taking a shower, cleaning her house, drinking only coffee and juice, no tears, no rain, no fog, and basically barricades herself at home, her only connection to the outside world her phone and laptop. Non-judgmental and forgiving, John stands by her as her mother passes away, gently prodding Kate to listen to the Voice from the visions, worrying about her, helping her and just being there for her, which is in direct contrast to her previous relationship with her boss, and also the treatment she has experienced from other men.

At the core, this book is about faith. The authors skillfully insert key moments of the Bible into the visions, each one having to do with water of some sort. It becomes clear fairly early on that the message of this book is for Kate to find her way back to her faith. The struggles are realistically described, and the increasing desperation Kate experiences as she fights against the inevitable are very well laid out. I didn't much care for the constant tense changes. While the narrative is in the 1st person singular, the authors tend to switch the tense without an explanation.

Some of these may work, but a lot of them don't. I had to re-read quite a few sentences that jolted me right out of the narrative. This is not my kind of book, to be honest, though I did enjoy reading it. I wish I could believe the message the book is sending. Overall, I am giving this 3 stars. It's well written as a whole, but the tense changes were distracting. I received a free electronic copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Mar 29, Manoja K. I know I'm in the minority here, but this book was not what I expected. Given the title and what little I knew about the book, I thought the book was going to be about the visions, kind of like a minor paranormal-fantasy take but with a more realistic approach. I found that the book wasn't like that, but rather used these visions as a basis to preach christianity. Going in I was not aware that this was a Christian based book. If I had known that I probably would not have read it.

I don't like bo I know I'm in the minority here, but this book was not what I expected. I don't like books that preach religion, or look down on religions. But I will try and be objective Storyline wise, I found it too preachy for my taste. I found Kate to be a weak character who could not stand on her own and needed a man to take care of her. The listing you're looking for has ended. View original item.

Sell one like this. We found something similar. Boyd , Paperback Be the first to write a review. About this product. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Boyd , Paperback. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information H2O is a contemporary crossover women's novel that tells the story of Kate Pepper, a successful young business woman in Seattle whose life is suddenly--and strangely--turned upside down.

Unexplainable visions torment her every time she gets wet. Sinking into despair, frantic to avoid water at any cost, Kate ultimately finds romance and redemption through the advice of simple people who love her for who she is, not what she was. Kate Pepper has it all. Or rather, she thinks she has it all.

The Eternal Elements

Despite the perfect shell, there's something dark inside Kate. Terrible visions send her into a deep depression and her world crumbles. All her business savvy and elite connections don't make a difference; she has lost control.