If the Bailiff Calls

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There is no way of checking this number other than on the courts own system. They obviously do this to frustrate your efforts to see if they are genuine. Why are they ringing you when the bailiff is only 20 minutes away? The attendance is how they make their money. If they turn up, which I doubt, then check their identification, and call the Police to verify it if necessary.

IES provides training courses on various aspects of Enforcement, Land and property recovery, Debt recovery and Investigations. We offer a half day workshop that we can deliver for your staff regarding the debt recovery and enforcement process. This would help you understand how better to recover your money and how the enforcement process works.

London South Midlands North Toggle navigation menu Quality Bailiffs. Beware the Bailiff Scammers. The Plot The targeted business gets a call from a man.

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The procedure is somewhat different to how they describe it. County Court Bailiffs They are salaried civil servants who work for the county court. The name Jamie Waller will be familiar to some TV viewers. But, last year, his JBW Group failed in a high court bid to stop a Panorama investigation into debt recovery being broadcast.

Beware the Bailiff Scammers

It had tried to get an injunction after it learned of undercover filming of staff working for the company. Its website says it has operational offices in London, yet it said that Grant should travel miles from his south London flat to obtain his data. We asked The Information Commissioners Office if such a request from a bailiff is reasonable. Puzzling discrepancies emerged from the transcript provided by JBW and sent to the Guardian, and a transcription of the same recording made by the police and seen by the Guardian.

JBW stands by the transcript, which, it says, was listened to by a former policeman working for the group.

The trauma of the incident has left Grant feeling he can no longer stay in his home. It was a very traumatic time and I am yet to feel at peace. I got this place from the leaving care team but I think I need to leave and start again somewhere else.

A crackdown on bailiffs was ordered by ministers last year amid concern that the tactics used by some rogue operators — such as blagging their way into homes or lying and intimidation — were leaving householders confused about their rights. Research by the Money Advice Trust in found that the most commmon complaint was about bailiffs threatening to return with a locksmith.

The next biggest complaint was about lack of protection from the police.

With baillifs increasingly being used for council tax arrears, Citizens Advice said it is called on to help with around 1, bailiff problems a week. This simply serves to inflate an already unpayable debt.

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It can be difficult to tell who you are dealing with. Most bailiffs do both kinds of work, which is why they also choose to hold a licence with us. It comes down to the work they are performing at any given time. If they are enforcing a court order, they are a court-appointed bailiff. Check to see if a bailiff holds a licence with us.

Licensed bailiffs typically collect money that is owed as result of a contract. Read the Debt Collection and Repayment Regulation.